Ski Sick / Claw and Order / Janice Jealous

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Quotes (7)

  • Yumi: Yeah, and not just because of that I ate that whole Double n' Joey Pizza in one go. (Burps)

  • Yumi: Welcome, geeks. Thanks for taking a break from your visiting night of... not doing anything.

  • (After a concert, they're both freezing) Yumi: Thank you, Winter Wonderland! Ami: St-t-stay c-c-cool...

  • Geek: They're as cool as the pythagorean therom.

  • (Ami and Yumi in an avalanche) Yumi: Ami, I'm sorry. I should've practice more before trying something like this. Ami: No, I'm sorry. I should've helped you like a real friend. Yumi: You are a real friend. My best friend! Ami: And you're mine!

  • Ami: Great! We're stranded in the middle of nowhere, because you had to prove you can ski without learning how. Yumi: You made me take a lesson with little kids and monkeys! Ami: I was trying to help! Yumi: WELL, YOU DIDN'T!!! (echoes, causing an avalanche)

  • Yumi: Wait, I don't need a lesson. This is so easy, a monkey can do it. (falls onto the snow; monkey on a snowboard does big air over fallen Yumi) Show off.

Notes (25)

  • A scene from Janice Jealous was left out of the episode. The scene was of Chad love struck at Janice.

  • E-Rock, a member of Renegade Animation, is seen in this episode as the "geek" with the purple shirt.

  • The giant squid and the Statue of Liberty from Team Teen can be seen on one of the posters.

  • A dude holding a spear can be seen in the line at the beginning of Janice Jealous.

  • A viking can be seen in the line at the beginning of Janice Jealous.

  • A girl holding a guitar in the shape of a heart can be seen in the line at the beginning of "Janice Jealous".

  • First time we see King Chad wearing a tuxedo.

  • First time we see Ami wearing a wedding dress.

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Trivia (2)

  • The birds in the bird cages at the pet shop disppear in the following scene.

  • The voice for the character "Janice" is not listed in the credits.

Allusions (4)

  • Chair: Lazy Man Recliner A play on the La-Z-Boy line of reclining chairs.

  • Name: Pet Boys A pun on the auto parts store named Pep Boys.

  • Episode Title: Ski Sick A pun on the phrase sea sick.

  • Episode Title: Claw and Order This is a parody of the phrase and the title of the longest running crime series on air, Law and Order.