High School Reunion

Episode 103

Season 1, Ep 3, Aired 1/19/03
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  • Day Five: Rise and shine The kitchen seems to be the place all great ideas are made in the house. During this episode, it is not any different. This time the idea is breakfast in bed for Holly (the shy girl). Well, not just breakfast in bed, but it will be delivered naked. Tim and Summer seem to be enjoying this newest idea. Tim is the designated naked guy. He gets the tray and heads into her room. She is shocked, but seems to get a kick out of it. Holly tells the camera they all thought she was conservative in High School. (Others to the camera commenting on her Playboy pictures describe her as HOT!) Dave is bound and determined to ask Holly out if he gets a Hall Pass. On the beach hanging out. Ben is just being Ben. Ben says he's going with nice. Ben says that nice guys finish last. (awww...) To the camera, Natalie says that when Ben is around her he has a lot of nervous energy. Ben just wants to gain some respect from his former classmates. Boxing Gear Arrives The guys are all excited as boxing gear arrives. They pick up the gloves and headgear and play around with them. Smacking each other in the heads, pretend sparring. Jason wants to find the two people who might have had a grudge and set up a match. To the camera, Ben tells about a time in HS when Dave spit on him. He's never forgotten or forgiven it. Jason must have figured it out because it's time to rumble. (he said so) Let's get ready to rumble (hmm..two rumbles in two weeks..) Ben and Dave gear up and get into a made up ring. Jason will be the referee and Patricia has the GONG/bell. Dave comes out immediately swinging. Ben takes over and it whacking Dave. They are now both whacking the hell out of each other. They look pretty intense. ACK...Dave hit Ben and knocked him down and out of their made up ring. Fight over Ben thinks that he gained some respect from Dave after getting in there with him. Maya tells the camera that Ben has come a long way, and is getting in his groove. Hall passes arrive This week the hall passes are given to Holly and to Jeff Jeff puts on a tie and heads downstairs (where everyone is) to ask Patricia . He thinks they have had a good time and wants to go out with her. She is in the kitchen and he asks her if she would go on a hike with him in the rainforest. She accepts and being the joker that he is, he asks her to then make him breakfast. The rest of the members laugh and he heads upstairs. Holly and her Hall pass is something a little different. No, the date isn't different, but she doesn't know who to ask. She decides to put all the names in a hat and draw. Well, that would have worked, except, Dave wants to go out with her and forms his own plan. He goes down to the area everyone is and asks her to pick him, his plea so to speak. She accepts and the dates are set. (She tells the camera she was very impressed with him doing that) Holly will go with Dave and Jeff will go with Patricia. Patricia thinks they will have a good time and Jeff thinks that Dave just might be the guy to lighten up Holly. Date time Looks like this is a group date. They all hike into the forest and to a beautiful waterfall. They strip down to their suits and all hop in the water. (Well, not Holly...she climbs in) Back at the house Maya says that Ben in the yearbook looked like a little boy. They have it off, she says to the cameras. Ben says that he didn't know her, but the others seem to, so she must have been popular. He also says she has a great sense of humor. Back to the date They are all swimming and having a great time. Patricia tells the camera that Jeff can make her laugh at just about anything. He could be a friend. Hally is glad that she and Dave got to spend some time together. He's satisfied, he tells us. Jeff says that he will keep Patricia in the rotation of girls, but wants them all. (Joker until the end, lol) The Romance of Natalie and Dan Summer talks about the two of them. Possible Romance. Natalie and Dan on the beach talking. They hung around in the same click in HS, but never really spent much time together, Dave tells us. Dan does worry though about her having to return home to her real life and boyfriend of seven months. (aww, he's growing on me) Day Six-In comes the Host Mike Richards, the host comes into the house bright and early to wake the house guests up. GONG... Today there is an activity. The guys and girls will go on separate places. They girls will go snorkeling and the guys will go deep sea fishing. They all seem pleased and all head to pack and get ready. Patricia says it will be refreshing to get away from the house and away from the guys. When they get out on the boat, they start talking. Amy says they were talking about having fun and old rumors that they could remember from high school, who dated who etc. Jason they discovered was hitting on them all. (hmm...so are the rest of the guys, from what I can see...but anyway) The girls decide the guys will miss them more than they are missing the guys. (yet all they do is talk about the guys LOL) Summer tells the camera that she is worried the guys are out there doing the same thing. Nope..We go to the fishing trip to find them competing for the prize. Well, Jeff came up with this plan (undoubtably in the kitchen) about whoever caught the biggest fish won Maya. Chris says the testosterone got pretty high when the fish started biting. Ben has the big one Ben hooked the granddaddy of fishes. He worked and battled a swordfish looking thing and finally got it in. Ben says he is surprised he gained the respect that he did by getting the fish in. Back at home The girls arrive and Summer finds a note on her pillow. It is from someone that remains a mystery. An admirer. She thinks it might be from either Tim or Maurice (hmm...do we ever see him??) Maya tells the camera that it's nice to get something like that as they all ponder who it could be. Guys are home! Ben comes carrying and tossing the big one on the floor. Jeff says that he is now the man of the house, the stud for the fish. Ben gets a knife and starts to cut up the beast. Ben is having a blast with this whole thing. The girls all swoon over him when he shows them his fishing boo boo. BONUS Hall Pass Dave gets a surprise hall pass. He tells Dan P he already knows who he'll pick (LOL, Holly no doubt) while they are cutting up Ben's fish. He finishes up and head upstairs to find Holly. She accepts but asks if he will wash off the fish guts. He tells her he'll be ready in ten minutes. Somewhere in the house...maybe the kitchen Summer, Chris, Patricia corner Ben. What's going on with you and Maya, Patricia asks with them all wanting to hear the answer. Jeff thinks that Ben has been waiting to make his move until now. BAM-Ben makes his move Ben and Maya spend a little time together on the patio. They talk and seem to really enjoy each other. Maya tells us that Ben has turned into Prince Charming. He's good to his friends/family and is now successful..great. Ben tells us there is a spark and interest on both sides They head to the hammock. (Yippeeee, he's getting the girl!) Hall Pass Date Dave is nervous this time. Holly didn't know Dave in HS, but has heard what the others have said about him. They arrive at a spa. They will both be giving the other a massage. (oh boy) Back at the house...they are partying like its 1992 They comment it is like being back in HS. They are running around just having a blast. Jumping on beds, you name it....but with drinks. Clothes are coming off, jumping in the ocean, skinny dipping, big party night. Summer tried to steal Dan G's clothes and ended up being grabbed and tossed in the ocean with Dan. Back on the date Dave tells us he never in his wildest imagination dreamed his HSR would end up like this (rubbing down Holly who is laying on a table) At home Nicole thinks she is living in a house of freaks. (They show Summer and Patricia running around doing something...it's sort of chaos) Dan G fell asleep on the couch. Tim, Ben and Summer decide it would be tons of fun to remove his clothes so he'd wake up naked on the couch and wonder what happened. They start stripping him down, but they end up in hysterics laughing when they realize he had no underwear on. So much for that. Summer thinks Dan would get a kick out of the fact that they spent time entertaining themselves with him. Date Part Two Holly and Dave move to the second part of their date. A romantic dinner under a tent on the beach. Holly is curious about Dave and if he's changed since he was in High School. She thinks he is a very caring guy. They seem to have a good time. She is a great girl, he tells us..smart and funny. Written by: Pammi, TVRules.netmoreless

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  • Summer Zandrew

    Herself "The Flirt"

  • Dan Barbato

    Himself "The Player"

  • Holly Herckis

    Herself "The Shy Girl"

  • Jason Goodman

    Himself "The Pipsqueak"

  • Natasha Desai

    Herself "The Popular Girl"

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