High School Reunion

Episode 104

Season 1, Ep 4, Aired 2/2/03
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  • Day Eight: Rumor Mill The host comes to the house and gathers them together. They get to set straight some high school rumors or rumors floating around the house. At a house there is a podium set up for them to ask questions without a name attached to who wrote the question. They can go there anytime (it appears to write and submit a question until they are called back together). Payback Natasha and Patricia discuss the whole Summer pulling down Dan's pants thing that happened the night before. (They were all drinking and getting wild and Summer with Tim and another decided to play a joke on Dan who had fallen asleep ;-) in the living room. They ended the joke when they realized that Dan didn't have underwear on under his pants and didn't remove them) Back to the girls, Patricia thinks that the note Summer received has made her confidence level increase. Natasha does not like it one bit and vows to pay her back. (While they are talking, Nicole, who has a problem with Natasha for making time with Dan listens at the door and reports back to Summer) Those High School clicks come back While it's not 1992, the old clicks from way back then start surfacing. Summer confirms that the girls (Patricia, Natasha, Maya) seem very exclusive and Patricia confirms that they enjoy hanging out. What to do to annoy the others Patricia, Natasha and Maya have an idea. They will host a party for the boys (funny that they still call them that). They won't invite the other girls. The price of admission for the free drinks they will serve the boys will be a compliment paid to each of them. Oh, one other requirement, they have to wrap a towel around their waist. (The idea only gets more cheesy) Natasha just can't resist telling Dan. He thinks it will be fun, Patricia encourages the whole party. Hall Pass Maya receives the first hall pass. She admits that she dated very little in high school even though she was the homecoming queen and president of the student council. She enjoyed her time with Ben the night before, and would like to see what would develop with that relationship. She writes an invitation on an apple and Ben reads it and accepts. Summer gets pass number two. She's glad she'll be getting out of the house. Summer, the flirt, naturally wants to have a good time on her hall pass date, so she decides that she would have the most fun with Dan. (OH boy, this won't be good...but will be fun to watch) She goes downstairs to invite him, with Nasasha looking on and he accepts. Natasha tells the camera that she was surprised by her decision, since they have been spending time together. (Hmm..I recall you jumping on Dan as soon as Nicole dated him, but I know that's different) Natasha also comments that if she gets a pass, maybe she won't ask Dan. (yeah right) Summer goes off to her room to get ready for the date. Time to visit and ask some questions for the Rumor Mill that will happen later One from Dan: Summer, I heard something about you and a teacher Getting ready The guys both are get ready. Dan is looking forward to it. Ben is nervous. Maya wants to have a good time. Summer is getting ready. When she comes down the stairs and gets a couple whistles, the look that Natasha has isn't one of joy. As Summer and Dan leave, Natasha is worried how far the date will go. She reminds us that he kissed Nicole on the first date (and doesn't mention he's been kissing her ever since) On the ride, Dan and Summer talk about what will happen. Summer comes clean with Dan that Nicole told her to expect a kiss from him. (He doesn't say he will and doesn't say they won't) They arrive and have drinks (never saw food). They seemed to have a good time, Summer saying there was a lot of depth to Dan and Dan saying she was a great conversationalist. At home, Natasha is just miserable. Ben and Maya watch the sunset. Both are nervous, never dating much in High School. They seem to be hitting a comfort level with one another. Summer and Dan leave the bar and head to a place to dance. Dan tells the camera that Summer is fun and interesting. Ben and Maya have a blast once they got past that first few minutes of what they are calling their first date. They finish dinner and head to the dance place with Summer and Ben. Back at the house, Let's play a game Patricia suggests Truth Or Dare. The game turns to Dave and Holly. Dave ends up taking the dare and gets to give Holly a kiss. (They seem to still be on a good note since their Hall Pass Date) Dave gets to do the next question and ends up trying to get another kiss. (Good for you Dave!) The Gig is up...the girls know about the party for the "boys" Amy somehow gets the scoop on the party. She then tells Nicole about the whole thing from the inviting only the "boys" to the compliment part. You've got to be kidding me, Nicole keeps saying. She decides that she'll go ask. She goes to find Patricia and is told, yes, it is. Nicole warns of the reaction that they will get. Patricia calls Natasha up and tells her that the others know. Natasha doesn't think it should be hurtful or a problem since it wasn't a secret. (That's pretty funny, since it was) Nicole leaves saying I dunno. Dancing The group all hook up and end up having a blast on the dance floor. Ben is naturally nervous since Maya is a professional dancer. He does great. Back at home The gang sits around pondering the lengthy date. Natasha and the other Dan discuss the time, it's been over six hours. The dates return home and seem to have had a great time. Dan goes up to visit Natasha who is in the bed. She gets all gushy that he came up to visit her. (He tells the camera how much he likes Natasha and wouldn't disrespect her by doing something on the date) Day Nine: You are cordially invited to.... Back to the party, the girls go and put invitations out to the boys. The other girls (non party invitees) are calling it childish. Maya suggest they add to the party by having a "Fashionably Late" party for the other girls. (That didn't help the feelings of the others at all) Jeff has a rumor mill question. Did Maya get caught doing it in the Denny's parking lot. One for Dan, did he kiss a guy in college. Time to tell all in the Rumor Mill The person asked the question will sit in the hot seat to answer questions asked. First up: Jeff Is it true that you never dated, ever? Jeff is cracking up. He says that chicks don't dig him. He's a friend, not a date. Next up: Holly Host asks if she's heard any rumors? She says no. He asks her if she was a virgin when she graduated from High School. She says it was true Dan B Is it true that you've fallen head over heels for Natasha? Although head over heels is not a term he'd use, he's had a great time with Natasha. They ask Natasha and she stumbles but says she has too. Dan B Did you kiss Summer on the Hall Pass? No, he thinks someone is trying to get something going. Next: Ben He gets in the hot seat and looks very nervous. Question: Are you really a millionaire? Ben hesitates, but says yes, he's really a millionaire. Maya says (to the camera) that the only thing that makes him more attractive about that revelation is he's humbled by it. The masked man strikes again Summer has received one anonymous note from an admirer. This time it's a photo album and strike number two. She is excited and wants to find out who it is. They tried to check the handwriting of Tim to see if it was him and can't decide. There are two guys it could be, Natasha deduces. Tim or Maurice, then remembers Chris hasn't been on a hall pass date and it is possibly him too. I originally thought it might be Tim, but Chris seemed to have a look on his face, and I think it might be him now! Party time! While the guys lose their clothes and don their towels, the outsider girls aren't wild about the whole late party. Chris is the one guy who does not attend (that we saw). Ben starts the compliments and the party is on! Drinking Martini's never looked so fun. (hey, guys in towels, can't beat that) Downstairs with the others It doesn't look like they are moving to get ready or plan on attending. Upstairs, Natasha calls the others lame for not attending. Maya and the two others decide to head downstairs to find out if they are going to show up. Summer tells the camera they were read the riot act, but most of them head up the stairs. Nicole says she has issues (but does go up), while Patricia is enjoying the experience and while others have had enough, she's ready to stay. Written By: Pammi, TVRules.netmoreless

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  • Summer Zandrew

    Herself "The Flirt"

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    Himself "The Player"

  • Holly Herckis

    Herself "The Shy Girl"

  • Jason Goodman

    Himself "The Pipsqueak"

  • Natasha Desai

    Herself "The Popular Girl"

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