High School Reunion

Episode 105

Season 1, Ep 5, Aired 2/9/03
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  • Day 11 And the End is Drawing Near Mike Richards (the host) calls the group together. He tells them they have something special in store for some of them. 24 hour hall passes. They just need to sign up for them as a couple and then bids them farewell and leaves. Back at the house They have all dubbed the passes as the Sex Pass Summer invites Jeff who refuses. (Not sure if either of them were for real or not) The Popular Girls discuss the passes Maya says her and Ben have been touch and go since their date. She isn't sure if he's interested. (Of course he is! He's just shy) They are all excited about the passes Elsewhere, Dave gets his nerve up to ask Holly. She accepts and says she would love to spend more time with Dave. They kiss as the others look on and then clap. WOOHOOOO Holly and Dave are signing up! Jeff almost acts like he might ask Amy, but then goes off in a different direction and doesn't. Jason goes to find Patricia who is still with the Pop girls. He gives her a rose and she accepts. (Although she tells us she's not sure why she did) Ben in with the guys, tells them he wants to ask Maya, but being the procrastinator that he is, decides he will after he showers....which turns out to be a problem because Dan P (jock) heads to Maya to ask her out. She seems almost unsure, but knows that she likes Dan and would have a good time. (I don't think she wanted to hurt his feelings) Ben finally gets the nerve up (with Maurice making a strong argument to do it) after he realizes that he's too late..Dan already asked her. They think she needs flowers! That'll do the trick. Tim finds a horribly large arrangement that is on a wall unit and hands it to Ben. Ben goes and finds Maya and she tells him what happened with Dan. She thinks that after Patricia accepted to go with Jason, Dan asked her just to get out of the house. She tells Ben she'll go and undo the date with Dan. (WOOHOOO! Ben is your man!) In a shocking move...Natasha asks Dan (the player). Did we expect this, well, doh, yeah. She thinks they will have fun while Dan really isn't sure if she realizes that he's thinking long term. (OOOOH, NOOO, it's becoming clear, the engagement will be them.) Maya finds Ben and the date is on! They will be going on the 24 hour pass! In the meantime, Patricia has had second thoughts about accepting Jason's request for the date. She tells him she doesn't think romantic about him at all. (Jason's feelings are hurt and he tells the camera, Good guys finish last..awww....) Everyone gather! Mike calls the group together again to make the big announcement! It's going to be PROM night! There is 9 guys and 8 girls, so someone will be going to the prom stag. Jeff thinks it will be him, but Mike says he'll be his date. Hall passes will go to Ben and Maya, Dan and Natasha and Holly and Dave. Chris isn't sure what the deal is with Ben and Maya, they are both pretty quiet. Nicole and Jeff share the same sentiment about Natasha and Dave, they'll have sex Holly talks to the camera saying that she didn't know Dave in high school, but he's a great guy and really enjoying getting to know him Back to the Prom discussion Summer and Tim had a history in high school. Summer was really disappointed that Tim didn't ask her and has never really forgiven him for that. He didn't realize how important it was to her. (Awwww....) Sex Passes..I mean..Hall Passes The couples leave the house and start arriving at the hotels. The rooms are great, but all share one thing in common....One bed. Dave and Holly go on a picnic. They seem to really enjoy their outing and spending time together. Back at the House The Anti-24 hour pass people get to go on an outing themselves. Bike riding complete with cute little jumpsuits and helmets. Everyone seemed to have a great time as they rode down about 10 miles getting to see beautiful sights and even rode in the clouds. They think they are having a better time than the Sex date group (AKA, the 24 Hall pass people). Over at Sex Central Natasha and Dan get to go horseback riding. Dan is really getting hung up on Natasha. She's starting to have doubts if she can believe what he's saying. The Bike Ride ends They all appeared to enjoy the ride, but now they are at a lodge and having more fun away from the house. Summer standing off alone gets a nice surprise from Tim. He brings her a nice flower and asks if she will go to the prom with him. (awwww...) She accepts and Tim tells the camera that he wants them to have a beautiful time. All back together, they toast the fun they are having. Summer yells about loving Hawaii. (Actually she yells quite often...not sure whey they said that Sarah was loud...she's not made too much ruckus) Back with the dates Dave and Holly only seem to enjoy their time more every time we see them together. He asks her to prom after giving her flowers and she accepts. Two prom dates set. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH Summer yells (does that surprise us?) She has another note from the mystery person! She starts suspecting Tim, since he was the person who found this one, but the guys say he was with them the entire time. She takes the note and puts it in her scrapbook. Date time again Ben thinks that the relationship he and Maya have is up in the air. He's just not sure. He invites her to the prom and she accepts (date confirmation number 3). She is curious about the relationship and if it will work and talks of a kiss that might happen. Over at sex central, Dan and Natasha do more kissing and getting to know you's. Dan tells Natasha he's not opened up to anyone like he has her. She's remembered she has a boyfriend again. (Happens at least once an episode, guess the time was right) Dan still thinks that their relationship will work, even when he thinks of her and her boyfriend. Back at the house The non hall pass group are bored. Ending the date evening Dave and Holly walk on the beach. Dave tells Holly that meeting her was one of the greatest surprises ever. She gets embarrassed and they share a kiss. Ben and Maya complete their evening laying on the beach. He makes his move and kisses her and she seems a little put off by it. (not sure if I'm reading this wrong or not) They talk about things and head back to their room. Maya says they'll evaluate what happened with the kiss after they get some sleep. Things are much better for Dave than Ben. Holly tells the camera that he's perfect. (Awww....and to think they called him the bully) GET OUT! Natasha and Dan head back to their room. She tells the camera that she's open to whatever happens (boyfriend amnesia again). The two of them share a kiss and Dan asks the camera crew to leave....... Next time on High School Reunion The 24 hour Hall Pass holders return home, Natasha asks Dan if he's going to tell anyone what happened, Naughty By Nature perform at the prom, Summer's mystery person is revealed and someone gets engaged. Written By: Pammi, TVRules.netmoreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Summer Zandrew

    Herself "The Flirt"

  • Dan Barbato

    Himself "The Player"

  • Holly Herckis

    Herself "The Shy Girl"

  • Jason Goodman

    Himself "The Pipsqueak"

  • Natasha Desai

    Herself "The Popular Girl"

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    • The Sunday Showing recieved 3.4 Million Viewers - RANK 105

    • The Thursday Showing got 1.3 Million viewers

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