High Spirits with Shirley Ghostman

Episode Five

Season 1, Ep 5, Aired 3/29/05
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  • Shirley shows the audience a drawing of Sheba which a viewer has sent in. Shirley points out that nowhere in the show's title is Sheba's name mentioned. He stresses the show is not a double act and sets fire to the drawing with a lighter. Shirley announces that Sheba won't be joining Shirley on the spirit side. He was forced to send the Alsatian away as she bit a baby's face off in heaven. Shirley touches objects given to him from people and gets a psychic impression of the history of the object. At Spirit Academy Shirley has detected an evil spirit. He channels it and it's revealed the spirit killed his victims by defecating in their mouths. Shirley takes the contestants on a ghost hunt around the grounds to set the spirit free. Chrissy is booted out of Spirit Academy as the eliminations continue. Shirley's psychic abilities are fading fast without Sheba's help and he shouts at a member of the audience. The Paranormalists: Shirley's lager swigging apprentice Colin Reynolds, (Marc playing another character) unleashes his shape shifting show - Human Zoo, on an audience of all ages in a club. Shirley Vs The Sceptics: Shirley confronts Wendy Grossman, founder of The Skeptic Magazine. Shirley meets his match in Wendy and resorts to personal insults to save face. Shirley proclaims he has won another battle with the Sceptics but Wendy brands him delusional. Shirley asks the audience for shushy in order to channel Adam, from Adam and Eve. Shirley is confident he can perform without Sheba but the channelling doesn't work. Shirley is reduced to tears and asks the audience to give him time and to stop laughing at him. M is for Mind as another letter of the psychic A – Z is revealed. Shirley performs ‘A Little More Shirley Ghostman', a song channelled through him by Elvis Presley. The song sounds just like ‘A Little Less conversation'. Shirley finishes the show by riding away on a small Unicorn.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Patrick Stewart


  • Marc Wootton

    Shirley Ghostman

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    • Shirley: And remember, if you don't believe Sheba will bite your face off. Spook to ya' later!

    • Shirley: Ladies and gentlemen please open your brains and join me, as we try to bring the normal and the abnormal just that little bit further together. Shirley: Talking of stars, out of space sounds like my kind of place. A massive Milky Way, loads of Galaxies and even a Mars. Shirley: You're not giving me much to go on are you? Just a magnifying glass.

    • Shirley: Oh for fu… bloody hell, please! All right? I'm just trying.

    • Shirley: They didn't know what IBS was. Now it's got a name, irritable bowel syndrome.

    • Shirley: You killed me Tamlin, with your messy arse.

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    Notes (1)

    • Wendy Grossman has written an extremely detailed piece on her participation in High Spirits With Shirley Ghostman which can be found online.

    Allusions (2)

    • Shirley: And you know that fire? It turns into the fire of London.
      Shirley is referring to the great fire of 1666 which destroyed a large area of London.

    • Shirley: Tens and units?
      This is a method of doing mathematics.

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