One of Those Days

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  • Peter: How’s ‘Bobby-joe and Gillian’ doing? Sophie: Oh, I think Shakespeare’s probably turning cartwheels in his grave.

  • Peter: So they want you to come home and help take care of things. Shelby: Take care of things. Like, uh, emptying bedpans for the man that abused me? Cooking for the man that abused me? Cleaning for the man…?

  • Marc: I had some business on the west coast and you’re nearby. Thought I’d come by and see you. What? Peter: Nothing. It’s just, uh, that’s exactly what Dad said when he came here. Marc: At least I’m not gonna die on you.

  • Sophie (talking about the play): What sex? Ezra: Um, it’s implied sex. Very tasteful. Sophie: Let’s read through it. I wanna see how implied is implied.

  • Sophie: I have endometriosis. Do you know what that is? Daisy: I’m a woman. I know everything that can go wrong with us.

  • Peter: I see. So why would you come 3000 miles when a phone call from your lawyer would of done the same job. Marc: ‘Cause I didn’t think that a phone call could possibly convey how ticked off I am.

  • Ezra: Listen, Kat. I’ve worked really hard on this play, and let me tell you something; calling upon the muse, it isn’t easy, believe me. Daisy: Oh, the torment of an artist. Katherine: How about the guilt of a plagiarist?

  • Ezra: I never read it, okay? I mean Romeo and Juliet. I never read it in high school. I was sorta absent that month, a little rehab problem.

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  • TRIVIA: The opening quote for this episode - "You don't lie in a world all alone. Your brother is here too." -Albert Schweitzer