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    eye of the beholder

    By FredDawes1776, Jul 20, 2013

    Good action story le great good ending

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    This series = My love

    By NeveyB, Nov 24, 2012

    This series is the best thing have ever happened to my life <3

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    Set in an alternate timeline where the events of the movie are the beginning of The Gathering, not the end, this show opens up and explores the possiblilities of the world invented in the first movie.

    By MagellanTheCat, Jul 28, 2010

    Unlike the movies, in the TV show we get to see female immortals, immortals with glasses, immortals with spych and mental problems, and a secret society of mortals who watch what immortals do. We get to see how immortals have subtly and not-so-subtly affected the history and development of the human race.

    Unfortunately, they didn't know when to stop. When the creativity was stale, when they lost their good sworc choreographer, they just kept going until they ground the show into the dirt.

    Seasons 1-3 are pretty good. Season 4 isn't, and season 5 is horriblly awful beyond words. For some reason, the number of comedy episodes went from 0-1 to 50% or more. The quality of the swordfights went from decent-to-great to uninspiring-to-lackluster. The easy way to spot when they lose their swordmaster: all the fights are filmed with two characters wearing all black, against a black background, with minimal lighting, all so you can't actuallly see what's going on.

    The Last episode of season 3 is called "Finale". I strongly recommend you stop there.moreless

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  • 8.5

    This is one of the greatest sci-fi television shows of all-time bar none. Christopher Lambert played an impressive Highlander in the movies, but I truly feel that Adrian Paul was born to play this role.

    By CansisKid, Jul 19, 2009

    The show took a little time to mature and find itself during the first season, but I think really found its identity during the latter half of the second season. The show hit its prime during seasons 3-5, but peaked/jumped the shark in the season 5 finale. Season 6 was the final season, and it was disgustingly awful. Pitiful would be an understatement. Reason being, is that the season was shortened from 22 episodes to 13. That was ok, but there were several episodes that really didn't even star Duncan MacLeod (the main character) in them at all! The producers were using the final season episodes as auditions for a female Highlander spin-off. So, the episodes would feature Duncan for about 3 minutes, and would spend the other 49 minutes on one episode story arcs involving random female leads. The worst part of it all, is that after butchering the final season of what was an amazing Sci-Fi series... they didn't even cast any of those female actors to play in the spin-off. They used a recurring character that had been on the show since the first season! So, basically, they butchered the last season of Highlander in the end for nothing. There were 3 or 4 good episodes in season 6... the rest sucked big time! I HIGHLY recommend picking up this series, and watching it through season 5. You might as well just ignore season 6, and pretend it never existed. Season 1 - good, Season 2 - getting better, Seasons 3-5 - awesome, Season 6 - A worse hatchet job than Sliders final seasonmoreless

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  • 8.5

    When it was good it was very, very good. You know the rest.

    By saturday93, Sep 05, 2008

    The television show did *not* make the error of the second Highlander movie, that is: forgetting about all the nifty history and characterization of the first film and going for sci fi garbage shots of electricity. The show picked up right where the first film left, with a somewhat tortured hero and all of history (or at least four hundred years) to play in. Duncan MacLeod was never my favourite character but he was the central role needed to showcase all the other points of view and moralities of the other characters, many of whom were very complex and interesting. My favourite of these is Methos, but Joe, Darius, and Fitzcairn were all fine to watch.

    Some of the best episodes stemmed from questions of what is right and wrong, whether we can change, whether we can (or should) be forgiven and forgive ourselves, and of course how many jokes can you make about being older and wiser and where do they stick that sword when it isn't being used, anyway? There was enough heart to this show that even when it was scraping bottom (eg. some of the last season episodes when they were experimenting with other immortals to see if they could make a spin-off) it muddled through without sucking.

    It has been finished for a decade but I still meet people who continue to adore the series. Let's just not talk about the new movies, though.moreless

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  • 8.5

    Highlander was my favourite action show when i was about 11 or 12 years old. What i liked about the show were the scenes of duncan going back in the past. And also the swordfights were excellent and entertaining.

    By baskok, Jul 31, 2008

    Highlander was my favourite action show when i was about 11 or 12 years old. What i liked about the show were the scenes of duncan going back in the past. And also the swordfights were excellent and entertaining.Duncan is immortal until his head is cut of. He must fights others like him to receive their energy. They are bound by the rule not to fight on sacred ground. The intro song made by queen is also very cool. One of the best i've ever seen on tv. If you never have watched this show. Then i can recommend it to you.moreless

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  • 9.6

    Immortals walk among us. They don't know what they are until they die the first time. Then they learn to take the heads of other Immortals for their power. Our hero is Duncan McCloud born on the Highland of Scotland, hes 400 years old. Soundtrack by Queen

    By Avestriel, Jul 23, 2008

    This is one of my favorite Sci-Fi shows of all time starring Adrian Paul who is definitely one of the sexiest men ever and is actually also a model for the covers of romance novels. My absolute favorite though is the character of Methos, who doesn't show up until around the third season. Methos is played by Peter Wingfield who was also an Olympic Trampoline Champion. Methos is the oldest living immortal, and he got that way basically out of cleverness and something I'd hate to call cowardice. He would just say he knows when to walk away. Duncan, however, never walks away from a fight and is challenged quite often. There is a lot of really fantastic swordplay in this show. Adrian Paul really does know kung fu and there's much choreography and intricate fight scenes. The show moves back and forth between Paris, France - and New Jersey, US. Though much of it was filmed in Canada. I wish the character of Tessa had lasted longer, and although I didn't like her in the beginning in the end I couldn't imagine the show without the character Amanda. They got very creative with set design and costuming - as there is a flashback to some historic moment in Duncan's 400 year life span in every episode.moreless

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  • 9.6

    Great show...

    By CaptainHarkness, Jul 15, 2008

    This would have to be one of the greatest tv shows of all time. It's basically a spin-off from the movie starring Christopher Lambert. What a great spin-off it is too. Adrian Paul does very well in his roll of Duncan Macleod. My favorite season would have to be seasons 3, 4, and 5. It just seemed like there was more fight scenes in the later seasons. I can't say whether or not I like season 6 because I haven't seen any of it yet. This shopw introduced so many likable characters like Joe Dawson, Amanda, Richie, and one of my personal favorites Methos. This show even had a spin-off with Amanda as the main character. It only lasted the one season but it would have been good to see more from it. I would like to see this show back on the air. The movie Endgame was really good but I didn't like The Source at all.moreless

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  • 8.3

    A briliant show involving swords, lightning, a thunderbird and so much more...

    By RodrigoJansen, Jul 07, 2008

    Highlander is a classic show from the 90s that incorporates sword fights, immortality, thunderbird, beheading, transfer of power and lightning ... sounds pretty cool to me. The episodes are basically telling an overall story usually with an epic battle at the end of them. I wouldn't consider it a master piece of writing or acting, however, the show is very entertaining, and if you are interested in the genre you were probably hooked on this show in the early 90s. In the first episode Christopher Lambert does a cameo to help explain the story and get the series started. Overall a simple but entertaining show, and as usual, I'd reccomend it.moreless

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