Highway Patrol

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  • Ralph Neal: There's lotsa traffic for this time of morning, we'll have to keep running all the way. Can you make it? Jeff Parker: Just give me a second to rest this leg. The slug missed the bone alright but it feels like it's still in there. (Ralph Neal proceeds to punch out Jeff Parker and takes off alone)

  • Chief Dan Mathews: Go back to your office, at two PM I am going to send over a valise, it will be empty. Mr. Ferris: Mr. Mathews, what are we going to do? Chief Dan Mathews: We are going to pay them the one hundred thousand dollars ransom, Mr. Ferris, but we are going to pay them our way.

  • Harry Brent: It wasn't my fault. Chief Dan Mathews: Yes it is! If you had control of the car this would not have happened. I wish I could feel sorry for you, I really wish I could. Officer Johnson: Poor guy, he still has the traffic court to face. Chief Dan Mathews: Yeah, but he already has his punishment, he has a life time of living with himself.

  • Chief Dan Mathews(Pointing at the highway map): Look at this stretch of highway, in two weeks we have had 4 fatals, seven injuries and fourteen or fifteen fender benders. If this keeps up we will run out of people before fins.

  • Chief Dan Mathews: You were afraid to gamble on the law, Joe. Well, the law is not afraid to gamble on you. I'm coming in.

  • Patrolman Wilson: Is there a leak in Sheriff Bishop's department? Chief Dan Mathews: No, he has checked his men to his own satisfaction. His problem is he's living in a community where most people don't realize gambling is against the laws of this state. He can't do anything without it getting out, that's why I don't want Sheriff Bishop to know I'm there until I'm there.

  • Coroner: He died instantaneous, the cause of death was an occipital fracture occurring... Patrolman Garvey(interrupting): How do you spell it doc? Coroner: O double C I P I T A L...it means the back of the head, occurring when the deceased was... Patrolman Garvey(interrupting again): The back of the head? Maybe I'm filling out the wrong form doc, the guy went through the windshield...forward!

  • Doctor Taylor: You know everything now, Mr. Mathews. I ask you, did we do wrong? Chief Dan Mathews: You broke the law. There will have to be a hearing. The laws are made and administered by people like yourselves, they are human beings.

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Notes (13)

  • Robert Wesley was a pseudonym that Gene Roddenberry used to write screenplays under while working as a police officer for the Los Angeles Police Department because the department had strict rules about their officers having second jobs. This is the first of five scripts that Gene Roddenberry, as Robert Wesley, wrote for the series.

  • This episode was co-written by Donald Brinkley, who was one of the regular directors for the show.

  • Actor Emil Sitka was known as the "Fourth Stooge" referring to the famous "Three Stooges". He appeared in over seventy-five of "The Three Stooges" two-reels shorts and in all six of their feature films.

  • It was because of his work in this episode, that helicopter pilot Bob Gilbreath would be recommended for his SAG card by director Herb Strock. Gilbreath would go on to be one of the helo pilots and technical adviser for the hit series The Whirlybirds. Gilbreath died in a helicopter crash in 1961 at the age of 35.

  • Clint Eastwood is seen here in one of his earliest screen appearances, playing a small part as one of the "good" motorcyclists that get run out of town.

  • Season Two's debut episode introduces its revised program dedication and technical advice acknowledgment opening credit, a change that would endure throughout the series' remaining years.

  • Writer credited as William L. Driskell.

  • Premier episode for season two of Highway Patrol.

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Trivia (30)

  • This is the only episode in which Broderick Crawford does not give a driving safety tip in his parting shot scene before the closing credits.

  • This is the only episode of the series where a lieutenant is utilized.

  • Before passing a slow moving truck on the highway, a close up of Harry Brent's car speedometer clearly shows two thousand, forty eight, point 5 miles on the odometer. After Harry passes the truck the speedometer close up shows two thousand, forty eight, point 0 miles on the odometer, less mileage than before passing the truck.

  • After the first criminal is shot in the back and nearly dies, there is never any blood seen on his back, his clothing, the bed he is lying on, or when Mathews turns him completely around after breaking down the door to his bungalow. When the second criminal is shot and Mathews is seen checking him out to see if he's still alive, again, no blood or bullet wound is ever seen.

  • During the final scene of this episode, a Highway Patrolman is seen dangling from a helicopter and then finally drops into the bed of a truck. This stunt was actually performed on camera by the main helicopter pilot himself, Bob Gilbreath.

  • Screenplay for this episode was originally credited to Robert Wesley, which was a pseudonym Gene Roddenberry used.

  • The license tag number on the suspect's car that Mathews calls into dispatch is 2X49010.

  • The address number on Siddon's house is 1233.

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