Hill Street Blues

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    The quintessential cop show

    By jawsthecabbie, Jan 08, 2009

    There is a very, very special place in my heart for this ground breaking, all time classic cop show. One of the best ever, and even though my own opinion that truth is stranger than fiction and is a recurring theme in my own writing, Hill Street Blues always did it's very best to make this point with every episode even though it was a work of fiction in itself. Alot of really great actors cut their teeth on this series and made names for themselves in this series, and it was a spring board for some very impressive careers in the years that came after the phenomenom known as Hill Street Blues. There is a place of honor for this series in my own personal video collection. What great memories this show brings back and always will!moreless

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    It is one of best shows ever.

    By brain57, Feb 03, 2008

    It has everything. People who we can all associate with. The stories were always keeping up with the times. The everyday struggles of different people and how their lives interact through everyday routine. It made you go through an emotional roller coaster every week. The characters were awesome. I especially loved Belker. The way he treated the trash he cleaned off the streets. He acted the way toward criminals that we all like to see. All the actors were excellent. the way sgt. Esterhaus said "Let's be careful out there". It was always nice to her those words. Now when I watch the show, it's like visiting an old friend.moreless

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    Really best cop show that set the bar of other shows!

    By JPPT1974, Oct 17, 2007

    This show set the bar for other cops shows like NYPD Blue, Law & Order, and Homicide:Life on the Street. As it had great acting and writing. Along with an awesome ensemble cast. Led by the great Daniel J Travotti as the long-suffering but level-headed Captain Frank Furillo. As the cops battle both their professional and personal lives. While trying to bring the criminals down. Really loved Bruce Weltz's cop as he barked at the criminals as he was really cool. While future NYPD star Dennis Franz was on there. The show dealt with problems head on and come as you are type of shows that you just don't see these days.moreless

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    Fantastic show

    By halfaulkner, Sep 13, 2007

    Characters from this show are forever etched in my mind. The writers crafted such a wonderful collection of personalities--I doubt if they will ever be matched. I rarely send my crews out to a job site without first reminding them "Hey, let's be careful out there." Every now and then I pick up something too heavy and yell "Bobby, I think I done herniated myself!" My kids poo pooed the show as a relic from the 80's until they got me a season collection for Christmas. I made them sit down and watch a couple of episodes with me. They're hooked too. Our Hill Street collection is one of the few we travel with. Vacation, family visit, whatever, pop it in the player and you're wide awake and entertained for at least an hour!moreless

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    Hill Street Blues is set in “Any City” and “Any Police Department”. The show was a fictional place that brought you to the action... and even closer to the emotions and hardships of the officers at Hill Street Station.

    By johnie226, Jul 02, 2006

    Hill Street Blues is a timeless show and still the pinnacle of police dramas. There will never be another show like it. Of this television series, most importantly,was the honesty and integrity that we witnessed in such an unscrupulous community. The lives of the men and women of this police precinct became important to us. The success and failures of the characters we bonded with brought elation... and sadness. We were allowed to ride along as silent partners of the “street cops”, and to be a fly on the wall behind the closed doors where the most important and private conversations were held. As Sergeant Phil Esterhaus might have said “As it were, Hill Street Blues is as close to perfect as mere mortals can get”.moreless

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    One of the best cop shows ever.

    By LostShield, Jun 27, 2006

    This show was named from the police station that was situated on Hill St. This is another one of my favorite cops shows. It had a big cast so things stayed pretty fresh. One of NBC's great shows from their classic Thursday Night line up. So many of those shows have made a great impact on American TV and life. The best of the cast was probably Denis Franz as Norman "Norm" Buntz. It was a classic role. My favorite episode was when he knocked the guy out of the window as he was tied up on a chair. I always thought it was kind of funny that there was a cop with the last name of Hill. I wonder if it was supose to have a special meaning?moreless

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    This show was a bout a bunch of men showing us how hard it was to be a cop or detective

    By Durtle, Jun 25, 2006

    This show was showing us how hard it was to be a cop or detective they where trying to solve all types of crimes and they always stuck together and helped each other some times the show was really trying to hit some of the real life crimes that we encountered every day and then some times the personal problems where aired to show how human cops are it was a pretty good show

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    Great cop Drama.

    By SammyJ131, May 05, 2006

    This is another one of my favorite cops shows. It would have to rank right up behind "The Shield" I would say. It had a lot of people wich kept thing pretty fresh. One of NBC's great show from their classic Thursday Night line up. So many of those shows have made a great impact on American TV and life. I loved Michael Warren as Bobby Hill, he was an ex basketball player. Ed Marinaro was really good and he was an ex football player. The best was maybe Denis Franz as Norman "Norm" Buntz. It was a classic role. I loved the episode when he knocked the guy out of the window as he was tied up on a chair.moreless

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    Classic cop show, one of the first TV dramas to use the now-common technique of simultaneous multi-episode story arcs.

    By emerdavid, Feb 18, 2006

    A show very much of its time -- the 1980's -- "Hill Street Blues" set the bar for many TV shows that followed, from "NYPD Blue" to "Lost" and "Desperate Housewives". It took the cop-show format and expanded it in a number of ways. First it introduced a large ensemble cast, which necessitated many different storylines to feature them all. Next it allowed stories to span episodes, even entire seasons, allowing a slow buildup of incidents to culminate in dramatically powerful conclusions. Finally, it featured emotions, relationships and personal lives as strongly as the police action, creating a balance of elements of plot, character, setting, and theme.moreless

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