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  • S 2 : Ep 6

    North America

    Aired 10/1/99

  • S 2 : Ep 5


    Aired 9/24/99

  • S 2 : Ep 4

    Big Fat Baby Theatre

    Aired 3/31/00

  • S 2 : Ep 3


    Aired 3/24/00

  • S 2 : Ep 2

    Heroes of Truth and Justice

    Aired 1/17/00

  • Cast & Crew
  • Frank Welker

    Father Time/Fetch

  • Jeff Bennett

    Lucky Bob/Napoleon

  • Rob Paulsen


  • Tress MacNeille

    Toast/Pepper Mills/World's Oldest Woman

  • Cree Summer

    Aka Pella and Various Others

  • show Description
  • Histeria was the short-lived animated show on Kids' WB! The show was a cartoon look at one of the most boring subjects of all: History. This show takes that boring subject and molds it into entertainment while still teaching the viewers something. This show was hilarious with its off-the-wall and slapstick comedy takes on the Civil War, the American Revolution, and many many more. Never before has President Washington been in such a compromising position as when the Histeria gang comes along! Histeria! had 52 episodes. Though this show lived a short but enjoyable run, it was canceled due to low ratings, which were more or less caused by hype in the new show Pok√©mon which was a much cheaper show to produce and had a much bigger following. Characters Father Time - Based on the mythological figure, he is pretty much the ringleader of the cast, as he is usually introducing the sketches. He is very very old and doesn't like to be reminded of it. Big Fat Baby - A baby with a bad habit of stinking up the place. The kids frequently ask historical celebrities to change Big Fat Baby's diaper, saying that the last time he had a clean diaper was before something that happened a long time ago. He is a parody of Baby New Year, because the sketches always begin with a shot of him wearing a ribbon dictating whatever year it takes place in. Miss Information - Usually shown leading three unnamed adults and two kids around, this ditzy tour guide believes the whole world is a museum she works for and often gets her facts wrong. World's Oldest Woman - An old lady who apparently pre-dated everything and tries to date every man she meets Loud Kiddington - The leader of the Kid Chorus, so named for his constant shouting. He often reenacts loud moments in history. Fetch - Loud's talking dog who loves chasing after his tennis ball. He bares an interesting resemblance to Hunter from Road Rovers. Charity Bazaar - A clinically depressed blonde girl ("I'm not happy") who is willing to take a stand for animal rights. Froggo - The Kid Chorus' frog-voiced inventor, who often borrows things to use for his inventions. Aka Pella - A sassy African-American girl. Pepper Mills - An obsessive autograph hound who is always mistaking historical figures for pop cultural celebrities. Toast - Pepper's absent-minded boyfriend who is completely sunburnt and hosts a talk show titled Ask Me If I Care. Cho-Cho - A Chinese girl who likes to persuade people into buying whatever it is she's selling them, ranging from candy to magazine subscriptions, and won't stop badgering them until they agree to her demands. Lucky Bob - Cho-Cho's mentally handicapped assistant (and possible boyfriend), who frequently quotes Ed McMahon's catchphrases. Pule Houser - An overweight kid who is always taking damage or whining about something. Susanna Susquahanna - A Native American girl with a big gap between her front teeth, which gives a humongous lisp that makes it difficult for her to say even her own name correctly. Bill Straitman - A no-nonsense interviewer. Mr. Smartypants - A genius who is incredibly shy and hides his face in his pants. Chit Chatterson - A crazy salesman of some sort. Lydia Karaoke - A network censor for The WB who tries to make sure the show doesn't overstep the network boundaries. Sammy Melman - A smarmy network executive. Nostradamus - The famous historical soothsayer, depicted as speaking like Jerry Lewis and constantly telling people to shut up.moreless

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  • Quotes (118)

    • Froggo: Excuse me, mister, can I borrow a large cantaloupe and a stick of gum? Thomas: What on Earth are you going to do with those? Froggo: Hey, you've got your inventions, I've got mine. Okay, pal?

    • Thomas Eddison: Loud, I can't have you kids here today. I'm having trouble coming up with a new idea for my next invention, and I need quiet to think. Loud: BE QUIET, EVERYBODY! UNCLE THOMAS IS TRYING TO THINK!! Thomas Eddison: Thank you. Loud: YOU'RE WELCOME!

    • Pepper: Excuse me, mister, can I have your autograph? Abraham Lincoln: Sure thing, little lady. Pepper: Hey, you're not Lurch!

    • Ivar the Boneless: My brothers and I are leaving on a six-month loot and pillage of England, and we're looking for a ship with a savage continent. Sven Chatterson: Well, Boney, you've come to the right place! I've just the thing - one of our big, BIG sellers! On sale today only, we call it the terrifying King of the Jungle! (reveals a ship with a kitten figurehead) Ivar: It's a kitty! Sven: No, it's a ferocious jungle cat! ROARR! Ivar: It's a kitty! I can't invade England with a kitty on the front of my boat! Sven: Are you kidding? This thing will strike terror in their souls! It will send people running! Ivar: Only if they're allergic to kitties. I need something fierce! Sven: He's fierce! Ivar: He's smiling! Sven: No he's not! Ivar: That's one of those inscrutible little kitty smiles! Sven: No, he's thinking! Ivar: (sarcastically) Oh, thinking! Great! "Here come the Vikings, they're going to think us to death! Oh, my brain's filled with thoughts! Run for your lives!" Sven: Now now, Boneless baby, look at those eyes! They say, "I'm angry!" They say, "I'm dangerous!" They say-- Ivar: They say, "Meow," he's a happy little kitten! Sven: I happen to know he's not the least bit happy. He's actually rather sad. Ivar: Oh, even better! "Run everyone! Here come the Sad Kitty Vikings! Look out or we'll depress you! Ooooh!" Sven: I'm sensing the jungle cat look is not you. Ivar: No DUH! What else do you have? Sven: Okay, you want something fierce? Ivar: Well, that's the concept! Something that'll strike fear and make entire nations surrender and bow to us! Sven: I have just what you're looking for - the dreaded dragon! (reveals a figurehead of a duckling) Ivar: No, that's not a dragon. Sven: Sure it is; a fire-breathing dragon! ROARR! Ivar: No it's not, it's a duckie! Sven: Excuse me! Hello? A duckie? Earth to Boneless! That's a fire-breathing dragon! Ivar: With a beak and feathers?! Sven: Have you ever seen a real dragon? Ivar: No. Sven: They have beaks and feathers! Ivar: Not on my ship, they don't! Sven: Fair enough. But wait! We have a new design that just came in! We call it, Leader of the Wolfpack! (reveals a figurehead of a puppy) Whaddaya think? Ivar: I think you're deranged. Sven: Whaat?! Ivar: It's a puppy! Sven: No, it's a woluf! Howling at the moon! AH-OOOOOH! Ivar: It's a newborn puppy who's just done a naughty! Look, I don't think you're grasping the concept here. I want to soar over the waves with a ferocious figurehead on my ship! Sven: Soar, yes! How about a hawk, vicious, sweeping down for the kill? Ivar: Now you're talking! Sven: There ya go! (reveals a figurehead of a butterfly) Ivar: Hmm. Doesn't exactly resemble a hawk, does it? Sven: Sure that's a hawk all right, streaking through the sky! HAWWK! HAWWK! Ivar: Don't hawks have sharp talons, you know, CLAWS? Sven: Not always. Ivar: I think they do! Sven: They trim their claws! Ivar: What?! Sven: For special occasions, they trim them! Ivar: No they don't! Sven: Sure, for formal occasions! Ivar: Oh stop! It's not a hawk at all!
      Sven: Yes it is! Ivar: It's a butterfly! Sven: No! Ivar: Yes, a pretty butterfly, fluttering across the water! Sven: Hmm, hmm... I don't see it. Ivar: There's nothing scary here at all, is there? Sven: Well... Ivar: It's like all your ship's figureheads are being designed by a three-year-old! Sven: Oh, that's just not true! Ivar: No? Sven: No! Actually, I don't think he's over twelve months. (camera pans to reveal a Big Fat Baby designing figureheads)

    • Pepper: Excuse me, sir, can I please have your autograph? George Washington: Well sure, young lady. Anything for a fan. (signs) Here you go. Pepper: (screams) Thank you! Hey, you're not Michael Jackson!

    • Pepper: Excuse me, sir, can I please have your autograph? George Washington: Well sure, young lady. Anything for a fan. (signs) Here you go. Pepper: (screams) Thank you! Hey, you're not Michael Jackson!

    • Aka: Big Fat Baby needs a change. Rene Descartes: (sniffs) Hoo-whee! When was the last time this kid got a new diaper? Aka: Remember when humans first discovered fire? Rene Descartes: Oui. Aka: Before that.

    • Pepper: (screams) It's you! I love you! I'm your biggest fan! (screams) Everything about you is so cooly-cool! Oh, can I have your autograph? Rene Descartes: Uhhh... okay. Pepper: Hey, you're not Frank Zappa!

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    Notes (13)

    • First appearance of Sammy Melman.

    • First appearance of Susanna Susquahanna.

    • After this episode's initial airing, Warner Bros. received complaints from the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, claiming that the Spanish Inquisition game show sketch at the beginning, "Convert or Die!", was teaching children to reject Catholicism. Because of this, in reruns, that sketch was replaced with a newly-made one in which the kids think General Custer is running a custard stand, but restored when the episode was featured on In2TV.

    • The Asian boy's name, Kip Ling, is given in this episode.

    • This episode is also credited as "The Legion of Superwriters".

    • The last two sketches of this episode (Froggo reading "The Lamb" and the "Mary Had a Little Lamp" parody) are both based around the controversy of "Dolly" the first sheep to be cloned.

    • Loud's advertising spots throughout this episode are a parody of the advertisements featuring car dealer Cal Worthington, who was also parodied (albeit less directly) in the Tiny Toons episode "The Son of the Wacko World of Sports".

    • Running Gag: Loud Kiddington keep saying if he can't make a deal, Fetch will eat an animal's stool sample.

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    Trivia (22)

    • In the "It's Called Histeria!" intro, when the characters are running from the giant Big Fat Baby, there appears to be two Charity Bazaars.

    • During the Gold Rush song, Father Time can be seen watching Animaniacs (Yakko Warner appears on the TV).

    • Bugs Bunny makes the first of several Looney Tunes cameos at the end of the episode.

    • The "Matching Wits" sketch marks the first appearance of the romantic relationship between Miss Information and Mr. Smartypants.

    • It seems rather odd that they would play Loud Kiddington's character jingle right before a sketch he barely appears in (the Lady Godiva sketch).

    • Bugs Bunny makes a cameo during "The Invasion Song", accompanied by the hillbillies from the Looney Tunes short "Hillbilly Hare".

    • Nostradamus' mouth doesn't move when he says, "Round and round she goes; where she stops, Nostradamus knows!"

    • The crowd shots during the "Academy of Greece Awards" sketch continually mess with the characters' placement. Early on in the sketch, Father Time is sitting between Loud Kiddington and Cho-Cho, and Crooked-Mouth Boy is sitting behind World's Oldest Woman, while Kip Ling sits behind Bill Straitman. Also, for some reason, Charity Bazaar is colored with Bow-Haired Girl's color scheme. When Loud mocks Rene Descartes, we can see that Father Time has disappeared entirely, and Cho-Cho is now sitting next to Loud. When Confucious confuses the audience, Crooked-Mouth Boy is seen sitting next to Aka Pella, despite the fact that he was behind World's Oldest Woman earlier. Near the end of the sketch, Charity appears to be reverting back to her own color scheme, except for her hair, which is now colored pitch black. Meanwhile, Kip is now sitting behind Loud, only to end up back behind Bill when Socrates confuses the audience. And this is to say nothing of the fact that Aka, Kip, Crooked-Mouth Boy, and Bow-Haired Girl somehow manage to change into green-colored versions of their outfits before coming onstage for the Philosophy song.

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    Allusions (54)

    • The "Telephone Zone" was a play on the television show The Twilight Zone.

    • Leif Ericson's portrayal is based off of Arnold Schwarzenegger, right down to the voice.

    • The intro to this episode is a parody of the intro to "The Addams Family."

    • The "Renaissance Man" sketch is an obvious spoof of the 1960s "Batman" series (which, ironically, is NOT owned by Warner Bros.).

    • The "Civil War" song is a parody of the opening of The Brady Bunch.

    • The game show Pepper takes part in is in reference to the game show Pyramid.

    • Dick Clarkenkhamen is a reference to entertainer Dick Clark.

    • The Egyptian musical "Cats" is a reference to the 1980 musical of the same name.

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  • Crazy funny!!! It's edutainment!

    By WaffleFalafel, Nov 29, 2007

  • This Show actually helped me in my history class! And it was funny too!

    By OrangeOctopi, Nov 23, 2007

  • The greatest way to learn about history!

    By EddyBob15, May 10, 2007

  • Making fun of history never failed like this.

    By YHuntressEarth, Nov 23, 2006

  • Histeria put the fun in both funny and History.

    By lightning_kf, Sep 18, 2006

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