Hogan's Double Life

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Quotes (3)

  • (Hogan is on the verge of being identified as a saboteur)) Baker: I'd say you're in a spot, sir. Hogan: It's a spot I wouldn't wish on a leopard... it's a joke, fellas.

  • Klink: Hogan, I was wondering if you were aware of the fact that this is a prison camp. Hogan: (laughing) Well, if it isn't, you're wasting a lot of guards and barbed wire fences!

  • LeBeau: I talk a lot when I drink. Newkirk: Yeah, but all you ever say is "Who's buyin'?"

Notes (5)

  • This marks the only appearance of the character actor Malachi Throne.
    Malachi Throne had 103 acting credits from film and television dating back to the early 1950's.


  • This episode marks the eighth of eight largely-unrelated appearances by Dick Wilson.

  • This episode marks the eighth of eight unrelated appearances by David Frank.

  • This episode marks the seventh of seven unrelated appearances by John Hoyt.

  • This episode appears fourth on the VHS collection's "Dual Roles" volume.

Trivia (1)

  • LeBeau uses a pair of coffee cans with hidden binoculars to spy on Klink. This method of surveillance has not before, and never is again, used in the series.