The Dropouts

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Quotes (5)

  • Hochstetter: You men are all assigned here. Until we catch those traitors, Stalag 13 will be under Gestapo control. No one in or out without my permission. Klink: What about me? Hochstetter: You may come and go as you please, Kommandant. Hopefully, you will go.

  • Hogan: You should lay off that liverwurst, Schultz, it's softening your brain!

  • (Attempting to distract the guard, points to the sky and cups his ear upward) Newkirk: Hey, Schultzie? Schultz: What is it? Newkirk: Schultz, listen! Schultz: I don't hear anything. Newkirk: I know; it's been like that all day!

  • Klink: I assure you I shall give the Gestapo my complete cooperation, Major Hochstetter. Hochstetter: Ja, even that will not discourage me.

  • (Carter has just screwed up) Carter: How do you figure that? Hogan: Easy. You just blew World War II.

Notes (5)

  • This marks the only appearance from Gordon Pinsett.
    Gordon Pinsett has 128 credits dating back to 1960.


  • This episode marks the fifth of six appearances by Chris Anders.

  • This episode marks the fifth of five appearances by Ben Wright.

  • This episode appears fourth on the VHS collection's "Major Hochstetter" volume.

  • This episode marks the eighth of eight unrelated appearances by John Stephenson.

Trivia (1)

  • This is the second episode which deals in detail with "heavy water," a compound used in atomic research and warfare.