Holmes in New Orleans

Closing In

Season 1, Ep 3, Aired 4/23/09
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  • Episode Description
  • As the deadline draws closer, Mike directs his team's efforts to completing the roof of Gloria's house. Without that protection from the near-constant rain, Mike will not be able to make his deadline.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Damon Bennett

    Himself - Site Foreman

  • Pete Kettlewell

  • Michael Quast

  • Matt Antonacci

    Himself - Construction Crew

  • Michelle Metivier

    Series Producer

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (3)

    • Mike Holmes Jr.: I need to be here. I need to do this. I need to help make a difference.

    • Mike Holmes: There's a lot of talk going around about... oh, everyone gettin' excited; there's gonna be fines coming in from the government; "Either they cut their grass or there's going to be so much fine per day." Well, this whole area's a jungle. And instead of actually helping the people by coming in and cutting the freakin' grass, they actually started to FINE them...this was three weeks ago...five hundred dollars per day for not cutting their grass.

    • Brad Pitt: (discussing the rebuilding of the Lower Ninth Ward) This was a place that by all of our intelligence was least likely to come back. These were people who suffered great injustice and great indignity and they were really the last to get addressed.

    Trivia (5)

    • The following people appeared in this episode to either assist in the construction effort or to recount what life has been like in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina: Candice Bua - Construction Hopeful Neal and Debra Dupar - Lower Ninth Ward Residents Brian Grabert - L. Jackson Jr. Inc. (Framers) Herbert Kennedy - Assured Plumbing Ajamu Kitwana - Director of Homeowner Services; The Make It Right Foundation Gertrude LeBlanc - Lower Ninth Ward Resident Donna Tally - Housing Counselling Manager; The Make It Right Foundation Stuart Waits - Army Corps of Engineers John Williams - Executive Architect; The Make It Right Foundation Andrew Wood - Construction Producer; The Holmes Group

    • Stuart Waits from the Army Corps of Engineers explained to Mike how the storm walls are being rebuilt to withstand the storm surge that caused the previous wall to fail.

    • Carpenter Pete Lundy had to leave the job site for a few days since his family was gathering to commemorate what would have been his brother's 24th birthday. Sadly, he had passed away three months earlier.

    • Mike discovered (to his disgust) that the government was threatening to fine the owners of the desvastated homes $500 oer day if they did not cut their grass. This order came from the same government that relocated all of the homeowners to the four corners of the country while their homes were supposed to be rebuilt... but weren't.

    • It was revealed that one of the main reasons why the Ninth Ward was not receiving any government help was that no one was moving back into the area. The reason why no one was moving back into the area is because they weren't getting any government help.

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