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  • S 26 : Ep 125

    Episode 5785

    Aired 7/12/13

  • S 26 : Ep 124

    Episode 5784

    Aired 7/11/13

  • S 26 : Ep 123

    Episode 5783

    Aired 7/10/13

  • S 26 : Ep 122

    Episode 5782

    Aired 7/9/13

  • S 26 : Ep 121

    Episode 5781

    Aired 7/8/13

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  • Robert Mammone

    Sid Walker

  • Marcus Graham

    Harvey Ryan

  • Georgie Parker

    Roo Stewart

  • Ada Nicodemou

    Leah Patterson-Baker

  • Tasma Walton

    Jade Montgomery

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  • Home and Away is an Australian series that has been in production since January 1988. It was originally centered around Pippa and Tom Fletcher and the children that they foster, set in the small coastal fictional town, Summer Bay, just north of "the city" - Sydney. Now, however, this classic Australian soap depicts the trials and tribulations, plus the romances, arguments, successes and failures of the people of this town, only one of whom have lived there for the last 22 years, Alf Stewart.moreless

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  • Quotes (31)

    • Kane: "Do I look like a Kangaroo?!"

    • Colleen: "If I was thinking of getting a present for you, what kind of thing would you like?" Max: "Don't worry..." Henry: "A new Playstation 2 would be cool." Max: "Yeah, but that would be too expensive." Colleen: "Playstation 2... What's that, exactly? Some sort of train set?"

    • Irene: "No bloke's worth your tears and the one that is would never make you cry."

    • Jade: "Life's too short not to have some fun!"

    • Henry: "If he starts singing, we're out of here."

    • Scott: "Are you sure you should be taking advice from me in the relationship department?" Robbie: "No way! But that's not what I'm after."

    • Robbie: "I'm not going to give up, you know! And you know why? Because I love you. And I don't care how much of a dork I have to be to prove it!"

    • Robbie: "I will gladly sacrifice my dignity for love!"

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    Notes (337)

    • This episode takes place between "Episode 3394" and "Episode 3395".

    • This exclusive video and DVD-only episode will never be broadcast on television.

    • Music: "Good In My Head" by Anika Moa

    • This exclusive video and DVD-only episode will never be broadcast on television.

    • Released on video and DVD on October 28, 2003.

    • This episode takes place some time between "Episode 3606" and "Episode 3613".

    • Geoff Campbell (Lincoln Lewis) has finally been added to the opening credits, 55 episodes after his sister, and 78 episodes after their first appearance.

    • First appearance of Morag Bellingham (Cornelia Frances).

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    Trivia (16)

    • Last appearance of Daria Ellis (Tamra Williams).

    • Robbie Hunter (Jason Smith) and Kane Phillips (Sam Atwell) have been added to the opening credits.

    • Louise Crane-Bowes won the 2005 Awgie Award for writing this episode.

    • The time period that takes place in this episode takes place six weeks after the time period of the previous episode.

    • This episode marks the final appearances of Sam Atwell & Christie Hayes in the roles of Kane Phillips & Kirsty Sutherland Phillips.

    • As Peter and his fellow officer were discussing how they just want to throw Marc in gaol, the board behind them already has pictures of Marc's burnt out car, and Marc's death is written onto the stalker tracking board, yet they don't know of Marc's death yet, nor the fact that he isn't the stalker they are looking for.

    • Mike Perjanik’s piano peice dubbed "Bobby's Theme" was used as an underscore in this episode to the speeches at Alf's party. It was previously only used for important scenes featuring, or about, the character of Bobby. It was used right up until her death and then never heard again until Episode 4000.

    • Ben Unwin (Jesse McGregor) has been removed from the opening credits.

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    Allusions (4)

    • Robbie: "She's got more secrets than an episode of Lost"
      A quick reference to hit Channel 7 show Lost, which is well known for having a lot of secrets.

    • Certificates It would be impossible for Kim to access and view his parents marriage and birth certificates online (or order them) due to the privacy laws in Australia. The marriage certificate would only be able to be ordered by Hyde. Kim's mother's birth certificate would still be sealed as they are only available after a person has been dead for a set period of time, death must be proved on the form.

    • Factual Error: Safety deposit boxes require you have the key and as a rule only one is issued. There is no way the company would have allowed Hyde into the box without the key - even if he had ID.

    • Advance Pay: When Amanda asked Hyde for an advance he said it had nothing to do with him, but that is not technically correct. If the pay for an employee is delayed through the public school system, the school itself can advance the money and then is reimbursed by the employee when their pay comes through.

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