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Adult Swim (ended 2004)
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  • S 4 : Ep 13

    Focus Grill

    Aired 4/4/04

  • S 4 : Ep 12

    Temporary Blindness

    Aired 3/28/04

  • S 4 : Ep 11

    Definite Possible Murder

    Aired 3/21/04

  • S 4 : Ep 10

    Cho & The Adventures Of Amy Lee

    Aired 3/14/04

  • S 4 : Ep 9

    Those Bitches Tried To Cheat Me

    Aired 3/7/04

  • Cast & Crew
  • H. Jon Benjamin

    Jason Penopolis, Coach John McGuirk, Perry, Various

  • Loren Bouchard

    Josie Small, Phone Voice, Various (Uncredited)

  • Paula Poundstone

    Paula Small (1999)

  • Brendon Small

    Brendon Small, Dwayne, Walter, Ken & Junior Addleburg, Various

  • Melissa Bardin Galsky

    Melissa Robbins, Various

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  • show Description
  • Home Movies is a show about Brendon Small, a kid raised in a single parent home. He also directs his own home-made movies with best friends Jason and Melissa. It is made by Soup2Nuts using Squigglevision in the first season, and Flash in the second season and up.Home Movies was a short lived series on UPN in 1999, until Cartoon Network picked it up. It ran from 2001-2004 for three more seasons as part of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming block before it was finally cancelled in 2004. DVD Releases Season 1: 13 episodes - November 16, 2004 Season 2: 13 episodes - May 31, 2005 Season 3: 13 episodes - November 15, 2005 Season 4: 13 episodes - May 16, 2006moreless

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  • Quotes (295)

    • Paula: I like to go out with a chip on my shoulder. Like 'How dare he ask me out?'

    • Brendon: I'm not playing, though. I'm sitting in the sandbox. This is where I come to reflect on things.

    • Coach: It's like going to a market because I got drunk one night. Don't live like me, Brendon, play soccer.

    • McGuirk: Look at my arm right there, see that? I got that when I was 18 yrs old. I'll tell you something, I regret it because this tattoo don't come off. I have a tattoo of a cow's head because i love that cheese. So I want the cow, I go in there I'm a little drunk and I say give me that cow head from that cheese i love that cheese. Now I have a cow, a cheese cow on my arm Brendon. Don't get a tattoo, that's what I'm telling you. Play soccer.

    • Brendon: I think I love you. McGuirk: I swear to God I'm gonna come down on you on Monday. It's gonna be like a freakin' hurricane.

    • Paula: You don't sound great. McGuirk: I've been crying. That's all, but it's not about anything, it's just a, sometimes I'll get up, and I'll be a yeah. and I'll cry. Brendon: Should I have gotten off the phone yet guys? McGuirk: Hang up the phone, Brendon! Paula: Get off the phone! Oh my gosh... That boy's a genius.

    • Coach McGuirk: You can tell me whether you’re being condescending to me whenever we speak and, if you say “yes”, I’m going to beat you up right here in the faculty lounge. And if you say “no”, I’m going to say “fine”. Mr. Lynch: Ok. Coach McGuirk: All right. Are you being condescending right now? Mr. Lynch: Hmm.

    • (They are acting in a movie. Jason is being "shot".) Jason: Ahh! Maybe you should look at yourself before you take it out on me. I'm just one monster and when I'm gone, you'll remember me! Ooow! Oww! And then, you'll have to look at yourselves, and own up to what you've done. For isn't every man a monster? Brendon: I guess he's right! I guess we're all-- Jason: You're damn right I'm right! Brendon: Yeah, yeah. I know! Jason: Stop shooting! Brendon: Ok! Hey guys! Jason: Don't you realize that if you stop now I might be able to get surgery?! Brendon: Uhh, yeah I'm going to tell them hold on. Jason: Tell the guy that's shooting to stop shooting! Brendon: Who's shooting?! Jason: Oh for God's sakes, tell 'em to stop! Brendon: I'm trying! Jason: I mean hello! Brendon: I know! Jason: Do you have any control of your people?! Brendon: Who's shooting?!? Please stop! Jason: Ah, forget it, leave me alone. I'll just die!

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    Notes (247)

    • This is the only UPN-produced episode to feature Erik.

    • Tom Snyder (owner of Soup2Nuts) helped with writing on this episode.

    • This episode was not mapped in the slightest; the plot developed through improvisation between the actors.

    • Brendon's Films: The Dark Side of the Law part 1 and 2.

    • You may notice the show looks rather odd. This is because the first season was filmed in the famous "squiggle-vision" that many of the Soup2Nuts shows used to be animated in.

    • Due to the fact that most of the script was improvised, much of the cast and crew were given writer credits.

    • This is the only episode before syndication where we see the opening with Brendon running around the house.

    • The show premiered on UPN, Monday April 26th, at 8:30PM. It would remain there for the rest of the time it was on UPN.

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    Trivia (121)

    • It appears that while McGuirk and Paula are talking on the phone, McGuirk is drawing a picture of Paula with hearts around the drawing.

    • This was originally supposed to be Coach McGuirk's only big apperance in the show, but H. Jon Benjamin and Brendon Small played off each other so well while recording, they wrote McGuirk into the series at large.

    • Perry has blonde hair in this episode (the pilot). This is the only time Perry is ever shown as a blonde, as opposed to his usual orange hair.

    • Right before Erik asks if 'that guy just give me the finger?', that guy flips Erik off.

    • Brendon’s attitude towards McGuirk (“big fat crappy Irish guy”, “McGuirk the jerk”) is totally out of character with the rest of the series.

    • Despite the fact that the characters are designed to almost have complete body suits as their clothing, McGurk has been animated with a dress shirt. But wait, he still has the soccer uniform on underneath. What the...?

    • Loni, whose featured in the episode Yoko, has a cameo appearance ribbing Brendon with other classmates after his first public speech in class.

    • "In the second scene, we see behind Melissa's head a homework assignment written on the board. It says "Pages 35-48 Questions 1-5, 7-9, 1-3, 8-8." No, that is not a 3, it is 8-8. Does this lesson plan make any sense to anyone?" Well, it's fourteen pages, so it could be like 1-5 on x amount of pages, 7-9 on a different set with 6 in between 5 and 7 of course, then starts over on another few pages with 1-3, with 4-7 on there also but not assigned. Then 8-8 is just number 8. That's a possible explination, anyway...

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    Allusions (100)

    • Mission: Impossible: The music being heard during the red wire/blue wire scene in Dark Side of the Law sounds similar to the TV show/movie's theme.

    • ...And Justice for All: After Brendin gets hurt on the field, he says 'This whole sport's out of order!' This is a tribute to Al Pacino's 'This whole court's out of ofder!'

    • Red/Blue Wire: The Red or Blue wire cliche' is an old classic started by the movie Dark Side of the Law.

    • Freebird: When Brendon says "Play Freebird!", it is a reference to the song "Freebird!" by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

    • Brendon: Where did you hear that? Jason: Martin Scorsese's book.
      A funny reference to the Martin Scorsese book "On Filmmaking."

    • Brendon: (Singing) Loving you, is easy cos your beautiful...
      A funny reference to the song "Loving You" by Minnie Riperton.

    • Brendon: I was going to get that plant over there, but it looks like it needs too much attention.
      A funny reference to the movie and musical Little Shop Of Horrors.

    • Brendon's Film: When Animals Eat Other Animals
      The film Brendon makes at the pet store is based around the FOX series "When Animals Attack."

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    By Raven77, Jan 26, 2014

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