FX Orders the Middle-East Drama Tyrant to Series

By Tim Surette

Dec 11, 2013

Everyone wants the next Homeland! Correction, everyone wants the quality of Season 1 of Homeland but the ratings of Season 3 of Homeland. FX might get the next Homeland because it's getting a show straight from the tap. The network today placed a series order for Tyrant, from Israeli drama Prisoners of War creator Gideon Raff (pictured above, far left, with fellow Homeland producers Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa). Prisoners of War was the show that Homeland was based on. 

Tyrant follows the son of a Middle Eastern dictator who returns home after 20 years of living in the United States with a host family. Once back in his home country, he gets caught up in the political and family turmoil there. The ensemble cast includes Adam Rayner, Jennifer Finnigan, Justin Kirk, Jordana Spiro, Anne Winters, Noah Silver, and a name I will never get sick of typing, Fares Fares.

FX has committed to at least 10 episodes, and no premiere date has been set. But given the production timetable, this would probably be late 2014 at the earliest. Homeland executive producer Howard Gordon is also on board to executive produce Tyrant.

FX looks to be full of promising new dramas, with Fargo (Spring 2014) and The Strain (July 2014) joining Tyrant. Well that settles it, FX is the best.

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  • Ralike Dec 12, 2013

    LETS SEE it sounds interesting

  • ted2332 Dec 12, 2013

    Tyrant sounds interesting.
    Hopefully the bomb goes off at the end of season one with this one.

  • sleepy-sonic Dec 12, 2013

    I smell PC bullshit

  • Abo_Malek Dec 12, 2013

    But where is going to be set, Syria(my home and the worst place for freedom in the whole world, and 50 years worth of dictatorship(and something called Tadmor Prison), or is it going to be Egypt(not so violent dictator), or Lybia(a hilarious dictator), or somewhere new??

  • MystyRose0 Dec 12, 2013

    It's all about Justified.

  • Genesistt Dec 12, 2013

    Ok, this sounds terrible!

  • filmstu2005 Dec 12, 2013

    Fx has the Tv shows

  • vicbjones Dec 12, 2013

    Do you really think networks care about the quality as long as they get the ratings?

  • terminaltrip421 Dec 12, 2013

    I know you all like The Americans, but I think it sucks. The Bridge while not nearly as strong as I had hoped I find more watchable than The Americans at least.Hopefully one of these new series will actually be solid.

  • filmstu2005 Dec 12, 2013

    The Bridge was weak. Flip flopped on the issues, was never very straightforward with its intentions, and never quite found itself. After episode 10, the episode that culminated the whole serial killer plot, I couldnt even stomach the last two. That episode was TERRIBLE. Count me disinterested.

    The Americans, on the other hand, shows great potential and was actually much more enjoyable.

  • reklameguru Dec 12, 2013

    "FX looks to be full of promising new dramas, with Fargo (Spring 2014) and The Strain(July 2014) joining Tyrant. Well that settles it, FX is the best."

    Yes Tim, but that is because of Justified! Can`t wait....

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