News Briefs: Corey Stoll Is Headed to Homeland

By Tim Surette

Jun 04, 2014


... Who's excited for the fourth season of Homeland!?!?!? Just you, then? Okay. (I kid, I kid.) Personally, I can't wait to see what the show does without the romantic twist that made it so good in the first place, but one good step toward making Season 4 worth watching is hiring Corey Stoll, the drunken pill-popper from House of Cards' first season and the CDC scientist of FX's upcoming horror thriller The Strain. On Homeland, Stoll will guest-star as the CIA Chief of Station in Pakistan and since he'll only be around for a few episodes, the number of which isn't being divulged, there's no need to start worrying about his character on The Strain just yet. Also joining the Season 4 cast of Homeland is Laila Robins (Bored to Death), as U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Martha Boyd. She'll be a regular on the series. [Showtime via press release]


... Robert Downey Jr. is setting up a 1980s-set rehab drama at Showtime. The potential series would take place in 1983 at a Venice Beach substance abuse treatment facility, and it would be written by Justified's Gary Lennon. Downey Jr. isn't going to star, but given his history, he'll be able to let the creative team know what they're getting wrong and right with their portrayal of rehab. [Deadline]

... ABC Family is developing a new series from Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, because celebrities always get to cut in line at pitch meetings and it's just not fair! Rated P for Parenthood (GROAN) is a musical comedy (GROAN) about parents who feel more like kids than adults. Groan, right? [Deadline]


... The upcoming USA comedy Benched has booked three impressive guests for its debut season. Community alum Yvette Nicole Brown and Saturday Night Live veterans Chris Parnell and Molly Shannon will all drop by the series, which stars Eliza Coupe (Happy Endings) as a public defender who gets kicked out of her corporate attorney position after suffering a nervous breakdown. Brown will play a courtroom clerk, Shannon will play a judge, and Parnell will play an attorney. Benched is expected to air in early 2015. [USA via press release]

... Brian Dennehy (Tommy Boy) is joining Amazon's pilot Cocked, opposite True Blood's Sam Trammell. Trammell stars as a management consultant who gets pulled back into his father's gun-manufacturing business, and Dennehy will play the father. [Deadline]

... Cougar Town's Brian Van Holt has joined the cast of Syfy's Ascension, a six-hour miniseries about a group of people who are secretly sent into space to populate a new world. They depart in 1963, and then 50 years into their mission, someone is murdered on board their space bus and everything goes cuckoo crazy. Van Holt will play the space captain, and he'll be married to Tricia Helfer's character, so high five to Van Holt. [EW]

... Malin Akerman will reprise her role in HBO's revival of The Comback, the one-and-done Lisa Kudrow comedy that's being brought back to life after it was canceled in 2005. Akerman, who just came off a fantastic run on ABC's canceled comedy Trophy Wife, will once again play budding actress Juna Millken. [The Wrap]


... Wondering why Arya Stark cracked up when she and the Hound made it to the Eyrie and received some bad news? Actress Maisie Williams gives her take on the scene. [EW]


... This time, on Louie. Wait, Louie!? Yep, Louie. [Jezebel]


... What TV quotes and catchphrases do you use in real life? Kaitlin shared hers, and you should, too!

... How is 24: Live Another Day doing? Cory thought Monday's episode was a little nutty

... Cory also looked back at the last 10 years in television and handed out some awards to the best networks in terms of airing quality shows, taking risks, and more.

... There's a new extended trailer out for FX's The Strain and if the idea was to make the show seem very scary, then congrats! It worked. 

... There's also a trailer out Netflix's upcoming animated comedy BoJack Horseman, which stars Will Arnett and Aaron Paul in the voice cast, and even though the project sounded awesome when it was first announced, now I'm not so sure about it.

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  • Writerpatrick Jun 05, 2014

    A 1980s rehab--for those recovering from the 70s.

  • mrjimmyjames Jun 04, 2014

    Glad to see Stoll finally shaved the pornstache off.

  • JT_Kirk Jun 04, 2014

    I've been wondering if was going to talk about that rapey scene on Louie, or anything about that run at all. It wasn't meant to be conveying rape, but that's how it came off. No matter the intent, Louie still had a scene where his character tries to drag a woman off to have sex with her, then forces her into a tiny ball in the corner of his hallway where he refuses to let her leave until he's gotten some token satisfaction. This was a mess and a misstep, and needed to be dealt with in this episode.

    This whole season has felt like Louis CK cinematically masturbating, like he's entered his pompous Woody Allen phase but with less insight. Nearly every character has spoken with his voice, even Amia the foreigner, to the point where it's narcissism, and having Pamela - a caricature of a personality but a voice from another person none the less - not go in for the same stuff Amia did 2 episodes prior doesn't have the impact it would have otherwise because it's cartoonish and stupid and ends up as a sexual assault - ironic given another cartoonish sexual assault was part of the season premiere, and Louie isn't let off the hook there either, except he is as the aren't any true repercussions in following episodes. Pamela and Amia are different people because Amia wasn't truly a person, her character was a fantasy, and having that play out with Pamela ended in something uncomfortable on multiple levels.

  • JT_Kirk Jun 04, 2014

    How did they go from posh Malibu rehabs for RDJ to sleazy Venice rehabs? He's not going to have a clue what it's like, they are night and day despite being separated by just a few dozen miles.

    On Benched, I would like to be impressed by those gets, but they're pretty easy gets, not the toughest lot to cast.

  • MarlboroMagpi Jun 04, 2014

    I had the same thinking about Louie last night. I guess in the end it was more of a sympathetic kiss on the part of Pamela. It seems this season of Louie give us something to talk about every week.

    Corey Stoll was wonderful on House of Cards and great to see him on TV again.

  • ChocolateBabz Jun 04, 2014

    Will Homeland now carry the tagline 'based on a true story'? What? Too soon?

  • Writerpatrick Jun 04, 2014

    A Kelly Ripa musical makes me want to scream -- in terror! A sitcom with her and her husband would be bad enough, but making it a musical ruins the upstanding tradition of TV musicals.

  • AndreaMcCooey Jun 04, 2014

    I wish Robert Downey Jr was back on my TV screen. His show sounds somewhat interesting though.

    I'm pretty sure I'm done with Homeland, though.

    Other casting news: According to Sidereel, Nathaniel Buzolic is heading to The Originals! (But only in flashback form). Link:

  • current Jun 04, 2014

    Yes to Corey Stoll. Oh fuck no, to a self-indulgent Robert Downey Jr. project.
    That courtroom dramedy sounds about as bad as needing an aneurysm to enjoy it.
    SyFy makes some creaky dramas but a 1960 'secret' space mission? Why the fuck? And characters (which I say lightly) trapped on board with a killer, just over spills with newness. Unless there's some of them in red uniforms, dodgy sets and phasers then count me out.
    GoT scene needed explaining, really?

  • Adokensan Jun 04, 2014

    I can't wait for the Comeback to come back! (No pun intended) I recently discovered the first season, and it was absolutely hilarious.

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