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  • 9.5

    Season 4 deserves a 4 rating. I wish it ended at season 3.

    By misonostufato, 3 days ago

    This show was about plot twists and super acting. Non of these are in Homeland anymore. Season 4 is incredibly boring and the powerful, strong acting of the past it's just a nice memory.

    I gave it almost 10 because the first two seasons are simply perfect. Season 3 is weak but still enjoyable. Season 4 is a disaster. I fell asleep several times trying to watch it.

    This is the usual networks' greed, trying to squeeze as much money as they can from a show and ruining everything instead.

    PLEASE KILL IT!moreless

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  • 10


    By StewartParrin, Dec 10, 2014

    This season is probably the best so far, absolutley love it, especially episode 9 and 10.

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  • 3.0

    Oh Brody Where Art Thou?

    By LarrySchadler, Dec 02, 2014

    A no Brody Homeland is like 2&1/2 men without Charlie Sheen; it's not the same show. Brody was the proverbial ticking bomb under the table that made everything important while giving all the other characters context. Now Carrie is just another CIA thug carrying out clandestine black ops; no reason to care about her crazy world without Brody and their tragic love affair. I'm curious if the Homeland writers would have created a Gilligan's Island and then removed Gilligan? Or maybe create the Hogan's Hero's show and then eliminate Colonel Hogan? It would seem self evident that eliminating a nuclear character would be a bad thing but apparently not according to the wisdom of the Homeland writers Alex Gansa & Meredith Stiehm; that's why they make the big bucks. What's season 4's big death? That would be even more brilliant writing; how do they come up with this riveting stuff? It is simply not the same show so perhaps a new name like "Carrie & the Gangs Further Adventures in Lebanon" or "Bipolar Carrie & Others Doing Stuff". It really doesn't matter, just as a post Brody Homeland doesn't matter, is void and in fact fails to exist.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Episode 9 made up for everything

    By sovandeulv, Nov 25, 2014

    It has been a dead man walking season up until now, but with episode 9 all is forgiven! This fast paced sprint of an episode felt like watching 24 in the old days.

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  • 2.0

    Where has the Real Carrie gone?

    By perrykincy, Nov 18, 2014

    Shades of Scandal. Great talent, great acting, great writing. The writers leave and the talent can't carry these new episodes.

    Carrie was a brilliant but flawed protaganist last few seasons. She knew something that the others didn't and followed it through in her sometimes brilliant sometimes tragic way. Now she is simply tragic. She knows nothing, can't keep herself together, and should have long ago been relieved and sent home for cause.

    My DVR has been turned off as far as this show goes. Waiting for Justified to start its last Season.moreless

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  • 10

    One of the best spy shows out there

    By sremnes, Nov 16, 2014

    Second to 24 this is the best spy show ever. Very different but With great acting etc. Love Claire Danes in this role. The senator is also great, Soul is awsome, what an Incredible story.

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  • 1.0

    So dull and boring

    By gster, Nov 16, 2014

    Everything just drags on and on without any excitement, haven't seen such a boring show in a long long time

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  • 4.0

    Not so sure about it

    By dougoaten, Nov 03, 2014

    I still don't know if I like the "new" Homeland. I couldn't wait for the next episode in the previous seasons, but now I am watching it to see i it catches up again. If anything, it's too full of cliches and rather dull, sort of dragging along (despite drone attacks etc). I'll still keep trying to see if it picks up speed or at least my interest

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  • 8.5

    Best season

    By robertparvo, Nov 02, 2014

    Back to basic spy/die story... Much better

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  • 5.0

    revenge needs to be sweet....

    By ansaar99, Oct 07, 2014

    "Its play time boys", whooosh bang, 30 people dead, "Yeehaa. wrap up the ps3 boys, game over". Lets have a .... happy birthday to you........

    Anything less than the Aayan (remaining wedding survivor) blowing Carries brains all over the sidewalk will be unacceptable. But, thats not going to happen....

    The start of season 4 may have attempted to show that there are some in the CIA/Millitary who simply dont care about murdering non-Americans. But im sure the subtle justifications will start to creep in episode by episode. By the end of the Season, everyone will be feeling like Carrie in episode 1


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