Homicide: Life on the Street

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  • Lewis: The way you squeeze a buck, Washington thinks you're Martha.

  • Felton: The guy thinks he's smarter than everybody else 'cause he listens to Emmylou Harris.

  • Felton: What's with the ties he wears? Howard: Who? Felton: Pembleton. Howard: Enough already with Pembleton. Felton: A pink tie with a polo player. A polo player. This is a black homicide cop what's he got to do with a polo player? Lewis: It'd be like you wearing a tie with a brain on it.

  • Lt. Giardello: The box, where we match wits against the cities master criminals. There's one of the masters. Bayliss: Oh. Lt. Giardello: The fishbowl. Wherere said criminals reflect on the error of thier ways. The board. Open cases are in red, closed cases are in black. You look up there you know exactly where you stand, about how many things in life can you say that, huh?

  • Munch: Don't you ever again lie to me like I'm Montel Williams. I am not Montel Williams. I am not Montel Williams!

  • Munch: We're murder police. Go rob someone else.

  • Munch: The Billiard Brothers showed up to the morgue with more holes in them than Augusta National.

  • Crosetti: That's the problem with this job; ain't got nothing to do with life.

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Notes (279)

  • Original UK airdate Monday November 15th 1993 10pm Channel 4.

  • The final case in Simon's book (double stabbing on December 31) provides the source material for the one Bolander and Munch are working on at the hospital.

  • Bayliss and the Adena Watson case parallels Det. Pellegrini and the Latoyna Kim Wallace case covered in David Simon's book "Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets," which this series is based upon. Pellegrini's case still remains unsolved to this day.

  • The show premiered in the coveted post-Superbowl time slot. Barry Levinson won the Emmy Award for "Outstanding Directing in a Drama Series" for this episode.

  • Dr Blythe (played by Wendy Hughes) says she's from Sydney, Australia. Ms Hughes is from Melbourne, Australia.

  • Lewis and his Calpurnia Church case parallels that of Det. Waltenmeyer and his case against Geraldine Parrish as covered in David Simon's book.

  • Crosetti and the shooting of Thormann (resulting in blindness) parallels that of Det. McLarney's and the shooting of Off. Gene Cassidy as covered in David Simon's book.

  • Mel Proctor, at least during this time was a play by play announcer for the Baltimore Orioles. Since he hasn't appeared on the series since episode #32, he is probably doing play by play in another market.

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Trivia (41)

  • When Richard Belzer later appeared Det. John Munch in The X Files Season 5 episode "Unusual Suspects," he reuses the "I am not Montel Williams!," substituting Geraldo Rivera for Williams.

  • When Pembleton and Bayliss are grilling Risely, there is a point where the camera is doing a 180 degree turn and in the mirror behind the detectives you can see two of the camera crew for the show.

  • As noted with the first episode the Adena Watson case was based on the real life murder of a young girl named LaTonya Wallace. The "Fish Man" was the real suspect. After months of a painfully difficult investigation, Det. Tom Pelligrini (whom the Bayliss character was based on) called in a professional interviewer to help him take a last run at the Fish Man. For a moment, the Fish Man waivers as Pelligrini thinks that he's finally broken through the wall of truth. Then the old man steels his eyes and repeats that he didn't kill her. Pelligrini knew the case was lost. He kept in touch with Wallace's family over the years. When he made himself move on emotionally, he carefully packed away the case file material. The Fish Man, like the Araber, died without standing trial.

  • Pembleton says he is not married when James Hill asks him. However, his wife Mary will be written into the series very shortly.

  • The song that Linda and Detective Bolander play at the end of this episode is Handel's Passacaglia.

  • I don't believe that last goof was a goof. Gee says that he feels that Pembleton is worth the $100,000 the city payed for him. I'm sure that the total cost was $200,000, but the suit was filed against Pembleton AND Megan Russert. I believe Gee assumes that the city payed $100,000 for Pembleton and $100,000 for Russert. So it would make sense why he only includes half the settlement when he talks to Frank in the Box.

  • After the preliminary hearing, Weaver says that the city will settle Wilgis' lawsuit for $200,000. However, later in the squadroom, Gee tells Pembleton that the city feels it is worth $100,000 to clear up the suit and keep him on the job.

  • The "body" that water patrol pulls out of the water has quite a bit of hair on top of his head to be a realistic Crosetti.

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Allusions (33)

  • Elmore Leonard is a writer who began to specialize in crime fiction and suspense thrillers. Many of his works have been adapted as motion pictures or TV movies.

  • Augusta National located in the American city of Augusta, Georgia, is one of the most storied and exclusive golf clubs in the world.

  • Munch: Don't you ever again lie to me like I'm Montel Williams. I am not Montel Williams. I am not Montel Williams! Montel Williams is a syndicated talk show host, who is a Baltimore native.

  • Title: "And the Rockets Dead Glare" An allusion to the line in the U.S. National Anthem: "And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air…"

  • Isaiah Washington's character in this episode is named Lane Staley. This is seemingly a reference to the band Alice in Chains whose lead singer is named Layne Staley.

  • The Producers: The landlady's line "I'm the concierge…" is lifted almost word for word from this 1968 comedy film.

  • Munch: Say what you will about Judas, but he had his good points. He is referring to the Apostle Judas from The Bible who betrayed Jesus and delivered Him into the hands of his murderers.

  • Angela's boss, Ed, names her previous boyfriend as Chris Novoselic. Krist Novoselic (pronounced Chris Novoselic) is the name of the bass player of Nirvana. There are several suspects throughout the series, including this one, who are named after 'grunge' musicians.

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