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    The worst show ever.

    By duality_236, Apr 08, 2010

    Hong Kong Phooey a truer title has never been written keyword phooey.Let me begin with the fact the in in this show Hong Kong Phooey never solved anything it was always his cat that caught the bad guy. That is what made HKP the wosrt hero ever he would jump into a file cabinet in order to change into his Hkp outfit. The writers tried to pull this show of as being funny or something but because of the bad characters bad voices bad art it just ended up looking like something that you not recommend to your worst enemy. Everyone out there stay as far away from this show as possible if you watch this show your brain cells will fry you have all been warned.moreless

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    I loved this show as a kid.

    By _Flutterlight_, Nov 06, 2009

    My grandmother, (now passed), started taping this show for my brother and me when we were little, because she liked Hong Kong Phooey's name, and the fact that Spot was a cat with stripes. My family didn't have cable, so my brother and I were totally dependant on my grandma's tapes for cartoons.

    We loved this show, and watched probally every episode of it. I remember thinking that the fight scenes were hilarious, and I loved the theme song.

    Nowadays, I probally wouldn't enjoy the cartoon as much as I did when I was younger. It's ver much a child's show, but the fond memories are still there.moreless

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    Hong Kong Phooey was a short-lived, but great show.

    By scotchex2, Oct 03, 2008

    Hong Kong Phooey was a short-lived, but great show. Like all great cartoons, it had a great theme song. Hong Kong Phooey, #1 super-guy! What a perfect opening line.

    Realistically, the animation wasn't that great. It was quite limited, in fact. But the character designs were solid and the basic premise funny.

    For those not familiar Hong Kong Phooey is an anthropomorphic dog janitor who, with his cat Spot, fought crime. Hong Kong would use elaborate and ineffective karate moves to stop criminals while, behind the scenes, Spot would do something actually useful. Hong Kong never realized that it was really Spot who saved the day.

    Next to the theme song, the best part was Hong Kong's voice, done by Scatman Cruthers. What a distinctive voice that man had.

    Hong Kong Phooey had a good gimmick and was one of the better cartoons from the 1970s. It's theme song has been especially enduring.moreless

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    One of my favorite Hanna-Barbera cartoons from the 1970's

    By D-LinkUK, May 28, 2007

    Hong Kong Phooey is another one of my Hanna-Barbera favorites! This series is about a mild mannered janitor Penry who works at a police station commanded by Sergent Flint. When ever there is crime around Penry jumps into a file cabinet and comes out as Hanna-Barbera's number one super guy, Hong Kong Phooey who is a martial arts superhero! This show got 16 episodes in 1 Season. This show deserved more than 1 season and 16 episodes! Plus one thing I thought was cool about this Hong Kong Phooey was his martial arts moves and how he knocks the bad guys. Plus I thought the whole way Penry changes into Hong Kong Phooey was funny when he goes into a file cabinet and then he is Hong Kong Phooey.moreless

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    Not very entertaining!

    By teenagersrule15, Mar 03, 2007

    Im sorry to all of you "Hong Kong Phooey fans" but this show is seriously dull! I mean i used to like this show when i was like 7(and most likely because i had no idea what was going on)but now it actually hurts to watch it. And im not putting that whole "i was 7 thing" to say its immature or anything like that but its just the storyline is pointless,its the same,and basically just pathetic! And to think i was considering to buy this nonsense! Dont get me wrong i like the comedy in how the cat really saves the day,hong kong phooey's confident personality,and even some of the characters(like the fat cop)but the stories just aren't interesting enough to keep someone my age occupied! I think it was designed to reach an audience of 4-12 year olds but definetly not teenagers!moreless

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    I love this cartoon!

    By trayce13, Jun 29, 2006

    This was one of my all-time faves. This show was so funny and Scatman Crothers just has the best voice. I really wish that this show was still on. Or at least in a dvd set so I could get it. I think the younger generation would get a kick out of this show. Phooey and his cat Spot in the car. Way too funny.Loved when he would drive into the filecabinet. It was funnt how he would refer to his textbook, The Hong Kong book of Kung Fu. Just one of those great cartoons that you can sit and watch over and over again smiling the entire time. Truly a classic.moreless

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