Hong Kong Phooey

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  • City Zoo Sign: City zoo, no pets allowed.

  • (Sarge finds a party hat and noisemaker in place of his hat and whistle) Sarge: What am I supposed to do, tickle the cat burglar 'till he surrenders? (He leaves the room wearing the party hat, blowing on the noisemaker)

  • Hong Kong Phooey: I gotta remember to bong the gong before I float the boat!

  • (Hong Kong Phooey ends up in a lions' cage) Lion Tamer: It's the great Hong Kong Phooey! Hong Kong Phooey: Don't tell me! (He points to the lion chasing him) Tell your lion!

  • Hong Kong Phooey: There she is Spot, the most valuable painting in the world: The Mona Pizza.

  • Rosemary: Hello, hello, police headquarters. This is your charming cutie constable Rosemary. Oh, hi Gloria. Are you going to the Hong Kong Phooey Fan Club meeting tonight?

  • Lady: What an honor it is to have my expensive hat destroyed by the magnificent Hong Kong Phoey!

  • Hong Kong Phoey: Now, faithful Spot, watch me apprehend the notorious green thumb!

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Trivia (2)

  • Scatman Crothers, Hong Kong Phooey's voice actor, also sang the opening theme song for the show.

  • In this episode, Penry is painting the wall next to a painting of Sarge. However, later in the episode, it shows the same wall and the paint he had applied earlier is missing.

Allusions (3)

  • The Giggler seems to be based on Batman's villain, the Joker.

  • The Mona Pizza is a parody of the Mona Lisa.

  • Goldfisher is a parody of the James Bond movie "Goldfinger".