Episode 4 - 2:45 PM

By ElisaDiaz

Oct 15, 2013

The Sanders family realizes, as we do, that the hostage situation is not very well planned anymore. They decide to try and escape to Canada. At the end of the episode, we don't get to know if they make it or not. What do you think? Will Ellen try to save the kids at least? Will they make it?

Carlisle gets assigned by the FBI and Secret Services to the disappearance of the nurse that was killed a couple of episodes ago (and which body has not been found). Apparently after a recommendation from the White House, that seems to be from people related to the assasination plot. On the private side, his wife seems to be awake and talking now, but she has decided not to continue with the cancer treatments. Does this affect the story and the assasination plot anyhow? And when he's talking to his wife about a doctor that works with experimental treatments... is he referring to Ellen?? Now I'm lost.

As a new thing, in this episode we have flashbacks! So whatever the motives for everything, it seems we will get to know them through those flashbacks. No significant ones in this episode, though. Did you like to have the flashbacks?

The whole story was stressing more than anything else. At least for me... did you like it better? I found the husband particularly annoying in this episode, despite the fact that he played the hero and all.
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  • Syrinx2 Oct 19, 2013

    OK, lets face it - if we take the title of the show Hostages and analyze it for a few moments. It if I´m interpreting the English language correctly, would mean that there are more than one hostage. Of this I´m pretty sure.
    If there´s one group of hostages that would be referred to as the hostages implying that particular group of hostages - presumably mentioned in the pilot of the show.
    The use of hostages as a title could mean that there are different groups of hostages. This could shed some light on all things happening that makes no real sense in this show.

    1. Why Duncan Carlisle is at her wife´s ward when he should be either running for his life or making a seroious attempt to kill the president. I mean Plan A has obviously fallen apart. Who in their right mind has no back up plan? The reason for that must be that he´s ordered to take out the President in a specific manner. Or else his family will die. Same premise as he´s given the Sanders.
    2. The motley jagged team of hostage takers must all be on the job under duress. None of them seem to be working with a clear directive or faith. The hostage takers act as erratic as the Sanders - on impulse it would seem.
    3. The mistress will most probably be in working with Carlisle. That´s my guess. There´s some sort of leverage there too.
    Regarding the escaping across the border, I´d vote for escaping without dear dad. He´s been trying to do what´s tight and will pay the consequences - if he hadn´t been a major cast member. Had he be named Sean Bean he´d be dead already, right?

    The whole postponed POTUS surgery is not making any sense. That´s an indication that the Secret Service is actually the real bad guys using Carlisle & Co as scape goats.

    Just my two cents. Nothing new, nothing ground breaking.

  • ElisaDiaz Oct 19, 2013

    Hey, thank you for this analysis! Don't know how much of it would actually be true, but it is all possible, and gives some things to consider. I have thought about the "hostages" title used in a larger sense too, as you said. Like Carlisle is also a "hostage" of somebody else, or even like the "hostage" situation has something to do with the president himself not being legitimate or something. I don't know what to think of this show, since the premise is simple and boring even, but then they come with small twist that one didn't expect. So that keeps us expecting more... but will there be more?

  • hurtlocker10 Oct 17, 2013

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  • ElisaDiaz Oct 17, 2013

    :) I will keep watching for the time being, although i don't know for how long - as you see, not a lot of people interested, although I am sure there would be more people if there was a proper review by the website.

    It's true that the teenagers are not as bad as other teenagers in other shows. It is a petty that they decided to engage with school gansters or get pregnant, because really, it seems it is impossible to get uneventful teenagers these days.

  • Llostris Oct 16, 2013

    "Hostages" is getting ridiculous. If Ellen takes the children back to the house - I'll stop watching - cause only an idiot would do that. Children go first - always.

    And she has to go back cause otherwise there will be no more hostages and the show will end (IMO that wouldn't be such a bad idea)

    The husband is so annoying. Ellen should let him die.

  • Llostris Oct 16, 2013

    At this point the only reasonable option for Ellen is to board the Montreal Bus along with kids and call police - tell them that FBI agent Duncan Carlisle is in her house and that he just shot her husband. If they send SWAT team and an ambulance there is a chance to save the husband. Also Ellen should tell the police that FBI agent Duncan Carlisle wanted her to kill the president. That's it.

  • ElisaDiaz Oct 16, 2013

    I think like you. I think probably they would get sabotaged in their scape by some Secret Service or FBI People that are actually involved in the assasination plot, but still, they should take the children out and leave the husband behind. I'm sorry to say, but if I was in that situation, that is what I would do. No doubt. And that's clear for the husband too, since he played the hero card for that purpose. Let's hope that the resolution is at least a bit reasonable, because I might stop watching if it's not!

  • Llostris Oct 16, 2013

    I totally agree with you. If I were on Ellen's place I would take the children and ran away. No matter how much you love your spouse your first priority should always be getting your children out of harm's way. That's the basic rule of motherhood.

  • hurtlocker10 Oct 17, 2013

    Completely agreed. There's no way any half decent Mother would take the kids back just for the GPS chips to be reinserted and then they're back to square one. Also, if Ellen and the husband didn't have a "no matter what happens" talk, that's probably the most bat shit crazy thing to happen so far.