Hostages Episode 12: The Cost of Living

By Syrinx2

Dec 11, 2013

AHHHHH! I hit back space by accident. And! The post was no more...

But, I'm not tied to a chair awaiting execution.

This episode held no big reveals. No surprise deaths and no bed chamber pillow talk. Eh, yes it did. Pillow talk we got!

Vanessa Moore plays out to be the spider queen some of us expected. Cute!

The big thing this episode was Brian calling Nina Carlisle and telling on her husband.

Not much else worth reporting.

That being said we suffered no plot holes!


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  • ElisaDiaz Dec 15, 2013

    Hi there! I have just catched up in the last two episodes, trying to prepare for the end of this... I had the same problem with one of my reviews that I wrote directly on the browser, never again!

    I am still trying to recover from the whole Ellen and Duncan kissing from the prior episode - WTF? Well, I'll see it as the sign of Stockholm syndrom sublimation. I am happy that the ethics issue with killing a fellow (or a few) to save another has come back somehow and I liked the process of Ellen realizing that she's lost herself in all the action. That was the good point of the episode. The rest was rather uninteresting to me. Now it is confirmed that Samantha is the biggest bad we know and that she's even going to get rid of her lover. And Nina knows the whole story. Why did they have to write this show so wrong? It could have been so great. The atmosphere and the actors are still fine. But there are a lot of pieces that just won't click, all because of trying to extend the story more than they should. A lot more.

  • Syrinx2 Dec 15, 2013

    Yes, Vanessa Moore is the top dog. At least so far. Not Samantha, right?

  • ElisaDiaz Dec 15, 2013

    haha you are right, sorry, Samantha seemed like a good name LOL

  • frisil Dec 12, 2013

    If you are using firefox, go to about:config and find the browser.backspace_action key which will be 0. Set a to 1 and this will never happen again. Okay, you can't use backspace to go back to the previeous webpage anymore, but then again who does?

  • Rolamb Dec 12, 2013

    That didn't seem to be my problem, but Ive changed it anyway. Thanks.

  • Syrinx2 Dec 12, 2013

    Thanks! Super!

  • Syrinx2 Dec 12, 2013

    Works just great! Thanks a bunch!

  • frisil Dec 12, 2013

    As people seem to be interested in this here's a little more info: Setting the key to 0 uses backspace to go back to the website visited before -and discard edits in the process :(

    setting it to 1 (most useful imo) you can use backspace to quickly scroll up one screen and shift+backspace to quickly scroll down. Very useful for long blogs.

    setting the key to 2 will disable backspace as a function key for good, it will only be backspace in editing, nothing more.

    Your choice - that's what I love free software for!

  • panteha Dec 12, 2013

    WOW... watch out for the QUEEN BITCH samantha...
    lol... shes conquers and shes trying to get rid of her lover...
    not sure if i would call that cute though...
    people on this show keep changing their mind like their knickers...

  • jessicakroeber Dec 11, 2013

    Did you delete your post by accident? Do you still have the text saved anywhere? We would love to see it! You can go back in and edit your post to paste it back in if you still have it!

  • Syrinx2 Dec 11, 2013

    I´ll flesh out the post, later tonight. This is saved here, after all.

  • Syrinx2 Dec 11, 2013

    No, I wrote it on the fly in the post manager/editor. When I was correcting an error I must have hovered over the browser address or something. Beats me.
    That happens a lot!

    I guess I should start drafting my posts and transfer them later. (Am doing that with the collabarative posts with Rolamb.)

  • Rolamb Dec 12, 2013

    It is the reason why I write all my/our posts in Word or, Google docs for our collaboration (thanks for pointing me in that direction). I lose comments many times when I try to look up something for the comment and by accident use the same window/frame to look it up. I always hurry back, but off course all my ramblings have gone.....

  • Syrinx2 Dec 12, 2013

    Watch Frisil´s comment. It works!

  • jessicakroeber Dec 11, 2013

    Yeah, I've had it happen a time or two, as well. Lately I've been making sure I copy my text periodically if I'm doing a long post.