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  • 3.5

    Just Read

    By Thefishslayer, Jul 31, 2014

    I like this show. It is not a bad show. What puts it so low on my rating? How about that animated episode!

    Let's just see what is wrong with it.

    -Bad Animation

    -Confusing story line

    -Rip-off of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

    -Rip-offed The Walking Dead

    -Rip-offed Labron James

    -Bad Batman reference

    -and other crap I don't want to talk about

    Now what is wrong with the rest of the episodes?

    -Bad sex jokes

    -Sometimes bland

    -just confusing sometimesmoreless

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  • 1.0

    Might as well call it Sluts in Cleveland

    By LaserAlloy, Jul 05, 2014

    I am so sick of all the sex jokes in this show. Most of them aren't even funny. It's just the main cast acting like tramps and then trying to put a funny spin on it.

    News flash, writers. These kind of jokes require good timing and actual clever dialogue to make it work. Get a freaking clue!

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  • 2.0

    disappointed in story line

    By joanie1054, May 15, 2014

    First I LOVE this show. That being said I am seriously dissappointed in the whole Melanie brain tumor/radiation storyline. I know you are a comedy not a health show. But women REALLY going through radiation for a BRAIN tumor lose their hair- most of the time permanently- because the radiation burns the follicles. To play this line and be so untrue to the many people dying or disfigured is an insult! And not at all funny Knock it off

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  • 10

    #1 TV Show

    By vishmikanirman, Jan 26, 2014

    So Looking forward for the Next Season can't wait to see you girls. <3 your work and make me laugh everytime I watch Hot In Cleveland. <3 you all keep up the great #1 TV SHOW IN MY LIST.

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  • 6.0

    I don't like it.

    By muzzyterri, Jan 23, 2014

    I think that the show sticks I'd tried to watch it once and I didn't that was funny at all a show that makes fun of people should be taken off the air the people can't act at all .

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  • 10

    Marriage in the works

    By budsue11, Sep 07, 2013

    What's going to happen between Alec and Melanie? Marriage maybe, or breakup! We'll have to see because no one is saying anything about the future of Alec and Melanie. June 19th I definitely will be watching since it is my favorite tv show. You go girls!!

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  • 7.5

    This Show Needs To Be on ABC!

    By JaneKnight, Sep 03, 2013

    Hot In Cleveland would be a perfect complement to Modern Family on Wednesday night's ABC schedule. It's time that TV Land finally let go of the golden goose and give Hot In Cleveland a shot at being on a Big Four network.

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  • 10

    8-21-213 episode

    By 95080694, Aug 22, 2013

    liked last nights episode. put joy with dr. greenlee; they make a great couple. hope he stays on the show. golden girls part 2. this show rocks.

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  • 1.0

    Golden Girls 2

    By ReedH, Jul 22, 2013

    This show is so lame, and the jokes are so silly. It makes me wonder who is sleeping with who.

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