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  • Dr. Cuddy: (walking into House's office) Hey! Did you drop acid? House: Why would I do that? Dr. Cuddy: To annoy me. Or maybe because you're miserable, or because you want to self-destruct. Pick one.

  • House: Why is it so dark in here? It's a beautiful day outside. Open the shades, let the sun shine in. Dr. Cameron: It's nighttime. House: It's still Tuesday, right?

  • House: (to the parents) He has a cigarette burn on his wrist. Also a fading nicotine stain between two fingers. Bad news, your son has a filthy, unhealthy habit. Good news, he's trying to quit. Bad news, quitting is killing him. Good news, I can cure him. Bad news... no, that's the end of it.

  • House: I didn't know people actually read emails--the delete button is so conveniently located.

  • Dr. Wilson: (talking to House) Foolproof plan, by the way. Either his meds would work and you'd be in psychic pain because von Evil is going to be rich; or they wouldn't, and you got to be in agony all day. Perfect lose-lose situation. Very you.

  • Dr. Foreman: Hey, if you feel chest pain, you need to let me know. Verapamil can cause congestive heart failure. House: Nothing can hurt my heart.

  • Dr. Foreman: Why didn't you take the patient to radiology, get an MRA? House: Obviously I was doing something illegal. Using nuclear imaging would have raised questions.

  • House: (to anesthesiologist) God you're good! You're putting me to sleep!

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Notes (3)

  • This episode was nominated for a Emmy Award for Outstanding Art Direction for a Single-Camera Series.

  • International Air Dates: The Netherlands: March 29, 2007 on SBS 6
    The Czech republic: June 11, 2007 on TV Nova

  • The song during House's hallucinations was Get Miles by the band Gomez.

Trivia (5)

  • When House is in the bathroom taking a shower after dropping what appears to be a very high amount of acid, the camera focuses on House's eyes. Since LSD produces mydriasis (enlargement of the pupils), House's pupils should be dilated but instead they're normal size.

  • While House and the others are watching the patient being treated for his burns, House comments that they need the help of a "Belgian doc named Einthoven." He's referring to Willem Einthoven, who was Dutch, not Belgian.

  • When the patient was set on fire due to the accident, he fell chest-first towards the ground, which should have killed the fire, and thus the chest should have taken minimal damage - but during the scene where the doctors are washing his body with cold water to get rid of the residuals, you can see that his whole chest area is badly burned.

  • The title on the cover of the Indian medical journal House reads in the beginning as translated means Neuro Science - New Delhi (the Indian Capital). The phrase he reads from the dictionary and says later to Dr. Weber - "teri maa kee" - translates to "your mother's..." - pretty the beginning of a curse phrase.

  • It's common in most TV shows and movies showing a crash, but...the pipes that Adam crash into at the beginning must have been soaked with gasoline - they burst into flame the second he hits them.

Allusions (1)

  • Dr. Wilson: Doctor Jekyll, I presume? They found a half-eaten sheep in the zoo, and the police want to ask you a few questions. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was a story by Robert Louis Stevenson, originally published in 1886. In the tale, Dr. Jekyll, a peaceful man, created a potion that unleashed his "evil side", the murderous Mr. Hyde. Since its publication, the term "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" has come into colloquial use, to refer to the good and evil parts of a person.