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    Color me sufficiently disappointed

    By mmmshuddup, Dec 21, 2012

    While it was emotional as any series finale would or should be, it was annoying unoriginal. I don't mean that it should have been original to stand out amongst all other TV shows, but rather original compared to other episodes of House! I mean, they reused a lot of elements that were played out since season five. I found the lack of Cuddy to be extremely upsetting.

    I stopped watching this show after season 7 (I should have stopped after the first episode of season 6, though), only to come back and watch the finale. There were elements of the episode that were interesting and well-done such as PART of what they did with House and Wilson and the motorcycles (spoiler). However, the fact that Wilson got cancer was really annoying. I mean, it's so easy for a show to score points with that cop-out. If it's down in the ratings well there's an easy remedy, just give someone cancer and a sad death episode and voila!

    The funeral scene was pretty neat anyway. I don't know. I mean how did this show go from being some of the best ANYTHING on TV in the first few seasons just being dried up and tired? Bummer. It's just like I said in an episode review for season 6 or 7, they spent way too much time with the storyline about House being semi-open and accepting of his situation being all introspective and what not. There were moments here and there in the older episodes but that's all it was. Moments. For the most part, the show while being serious was very funny and clever. Ever since the end of season 5 it's just been depressing.

    I'm rambling. I think you get my point. That's where the writers went wrong. Goodbye House.moreless

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  • 8.5


    By gericom, Sep 18, 2012

    Ok so the finale of this awesome show was kinda cool but had its flaws, yada yada yada, see everybody else. I don't want to go into detail regarding the "errors" because that's not the point and doing so is actually a bit annoying, but one thing just weirds me out so I have to mention it:

    Why did House plan to fake his own death by switching dental records beforehand, only to then actually almost die by overdosing(?) on (maybe) heroin, after which he changed his mind again to come back to life... Did he plan to die or not?!?

    Why did he even TAKE Heroin in a burning building in the first place, if he had switched dental records with a junkie anyway? Just for fun? And why did the patient (if it was him - but where else would House get someone's dental records?) die in the burning building? House had just saved him, he didn't have to die! Did he still WANT to die?! Why?!

    Did House just accidentally overdose(?!?!), did then somehow decide against dying subconsciously, only to go ahead with his original fake-death-plan?

    It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me: This whole hallucination thing seemed a little forced...

    And since it was his subconsiousness: No Cuddy in his brain? Are you serious?! That's the least plausible thing and probably due to some contract crap... Fail. Personally, I would have loved to see Cuddy again.

    Whatever, still enjoyed the episode but... meh.moreless

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    The Perfect Ending!

    By altaleh, Jul 31, 2012

    First, the Ending was the best I ever seen for a Drama Series. What an Ending for House! and he still ass although James is about to die!

    what a turn of events at the ending! he die and hes not dead, typical house who love to keep the mystery and puzzles going!

    A good touch is to bring most of the cast in one episodes, its touching to see everyone with house and crying for him.

    To end it with House and James on the road is the best ending ever even that I didn't the thing about James Dieing! but still the two friends their last moments together alone is awesome.

    And again, the best ending ever for a drama series :Dmoreless

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    Landed right in the sharks mouth

    By ActiveSparkles, Jul 14, 2012

    What a terrible episode to end the House story on. It gave nothing, no resolution, no closure. Just poor from the start to the end.

    More hallucinations? Great way to rehash a done story and make it even more dull than it was on its last outting.

    House is in a fire! and seemingly has the ability to breath smoke for 20 minutes while he argues with the cameo appearances of everyone from his past who didnt have more sense.

    And back to a House staple of questioning everyones motives, and then having them question his motives. .and then he can question their motives for questioning his motives.

    Dull, uneventful, shocking, boring? Pick one, they all sum up the finale pretty well. House and Wilson ride off into the sunset after a poorly executed fake funeral. (BTW, if he escaped the fire laden building, who the hell was the guy Wilson saw at the window just before the building collapsed? because there is no way in hell THAT guy snuck out the back.)

    I am glad it is over, because it has been on a downward spiral for the past 3 years. Hugh Laurie deserves better, because he crafted a person in House that I, as a viewer, wanted to take a journey with. The writers however decided that the show would end with House exactly where he was when we joined him.moreless

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    Expected Better.

    By Sami5118, Jul 12, 2012

    This series finale was definitely disappointing. It felt more like a regular episode than a series finale and it seemed unbelievable that he would actually survive in a fire that long without dying of smoke inhalation or something related to that; and there was no way he had time to escape through the back of the building and still get out unscathed. I think they could have pulled off something better, but given the way the last few seasons were going, it wasn't much of a surprise that this episode was a disappointment.moreless

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  • 9.0


    By Mike_Schmidt, Jun 23, 2012

    The series ended on a hopeful and clever note - within character and the general tone; gracious and not written with the same sophistry of the mid-series rubbish.

    Of course "Bones" would never have been fooled e.g. the lack of wear on the "good leg" after years of a debilitating affliction or the lack of wear on a displaced pelvis and so on... dentistry - pshaw!

    Everyone dies - just like "everyone lies" is a bit of a mantra

    The only/best friend "exit stage left" of House and Wilson was touching... kudos for a more creative ending than so many other series and a great rally from some mid-series faults.moreless

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  • 6.5

    #822 'Everybody Dies'

    By Edie70, Jun 14, 2012

    Well, I've just caught up on the series finale. Haven't been a regular watcher for about 3 years (although I watched those Candice Bergen episodes online last season). The finale seemed uneventful ... felt boring in the first half, picked up some steam in it's second half. It was nice to see Jennifer Morrison, Sela Ward, Kal Penn, Anne Dudek and even Amber Tamblyn back. I just felt cheated by the writers at the very end. Wanted House to die, wanted that to be his real funeral. I still think this show should've ended two years ago back when people still cared. Huge props to Mr. Laurie for giving life to such a unique and iconic character of Dr. Gregory House. He made him feel real even in the most unrealistic situations. (6.5/10)moreless

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  • 9.5

    End of a great series

    By giggs92, Jun 05, 2012

    I have loved this show from the start and I really liked the ending; very Sherlock Holmes with the fake death. I shall miss House a lot as it was unique in having an unpleasant leading character who was actual made likeable by the great acting of Hugh Laurie and the scripts. I shall miss this show a lot.

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    Goodbye Dr. House we will miss you

    By mcabbyforever, Jun 04, 2012

    Great way to end the series with the Wilson/House bromance. I knew they had to kill him off to end it but I love how House got out safe and only tells Wilson. Was sweet and so very House sticking to his own rules. Giving Chase the team was nice as it let them stay together. It was a nice end to a good series. Goodbye Dr. Gregory House.

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    Everybody Dies

    By thefanof, Jun 02, 2012

    Not much of a twist that House did not die in the end. But it probably would have meant more had he died.

    We got to see the return of two of my favorite actresses, Olivia Wilde and Jennifer Morrison, and we had a ride off into the sunset, literally, for House and Wilson.

    It was well-done, but how do you say goodbye to this show? I am not sure if I am ready for that. At least they went out gracefully. Not too overly emotional, but fitting to satisfy us until we find our next TV obsession.moreless

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