How I Met Your Mother


Season 2, Ep 13, Aired 1/22/07
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  • Episode Description
  • When Ted is constantly insulted by his former boss, who is now working for him on a project, he is told to fire the man, but he finds that a hard thing to do. Meanwhile, Barney offers Lily a lot of money to paint a nude portrait of him.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Alyson Hannigan

    Lily Aldrin

  • Bob Saget

    Voice of Ted, 2030

  • Cobie Smulders

    Robin Scherbatsky

  • Jason Segel

    Marshall Eriksen

  • Josh Radnor

    Ted Mosby

  • Fan Reviews (12)
  • Ted and his old boss

    By Lostindharma, Aug 20, 2012

  • Ted must fire his former boss and the others find a nude painting of Marshall.

    By pudgebyrd722, May 07, 2012

  • Ted has to fire Hammond. The gang finds a nude painting of Marshall.

    By Jon_MW_14, Aug 14, 2011

  • Great episode

    By Neuroticheart, Jun 14, 2010

  • funny.

    By slutty_pumpkin, May 14, 2007

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  • Quotes (9)

    • Marshall: We're together, and 'it doesn't seem right' is just gonna drop trou for you.
      Lily: It's just this kid, Hunter, from my arts...
      Marshall: The kid with the frisbee and the soul patch? He's so cool and mysterious. And he's a little bit of a jerk, just enough so you think that maybe you can change him.

    • Barney: Hey, guys! Guess what I got? A new dart! Robin: Oh wow, a new dart! Ted: Hey, that new dart is great! Robin: I did not know you were such a fan of "new dart", Barney! Barney: Oh yes, Robyn, I just love "nude art"...‚ÄĚnude art" Barney: [after an awkward stare from Marshall] "nude art"! [laughs] Marshall: You found the painting, didn't you?

    • Lily: (trying to paint Barney with a sword in his hand) I don't think your sword will fit. Barney: I get that a lot.

    • Barney: (seeing his nude painting) She left out my little Barney! Barney jr., my barnana. Little barnacle....

    • Barney: You have been blessed with a wonderful gift. Lily: Thank you. Barney: I meant me.

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    Notes (4)

    • The German episode title is "Säulen der Menschheit", meaning "Pillars of Mankind". The French title is "En cher et en nu", meaning "Expensive and Nude" (which is a play on words because "cher" is pronounced the same as "chair" and the phrase "en chair et en os" is a common idiom meaning "in the flesh (and bone)"). The Italian title is "Il colonnato", meaning "The Colonnade".

    • International Airdates: Czech Republic: January 26, 2010 on Prima COOL

    • Music: Ben Lee "Whatever It Is" (at the beginning of the episode during the flashback)

    • This episode aired on January 22 instead of the episode titled "Monday Night Football" which was scheduled for that evening.

    Allusions (1)

    • When the group asks "Who's the boss?" they all answer with characters from the TV show Who's the Boss?, starring Tony Danza. Tony, Angie, and Mona (Barney's answer) were the main characters.

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