News Briefs: Carter Bays Denies Reports That How I Met Your Dad Is Still Alive

By Kaitlin Thomas

Jul 11, 2014


...  UPDATE: How I Met Your Mother co-creator Carter Bays has taken to Twitter to refute an earlier report from TV Line that claimed the How I Met Your Dad pilot was being redeveloped for next season. "I don't know why I keep reading articles about this, but since nobody bothers asking us: We are really, truly not working on HIMYD anymore," he said. Look, I don't want to take all the credit here, this was really a group effort. Well done, guys! [Carter Bays' Twitter]

20th Century Fox refuses to let the How I Met Your Mother's spin-off How I Met Your Dad die; it's like the studio is Ted and the show is Ted's love for Robin. The project is now being redevelop after CBS passed on it in May because HIMYM co-creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays are committed to keeping the franchise alive at all costs. Should the show move forward, it will be with a new cast, as the original How I Met Your Dad actors' contracts expired last month. Guys, I think we all know how I feel about this, so let's bypass all the keyboard-smashing, swearing, and Lesbian Robin jokes and just skip to the part where we offer suggestions to fix this. HOW DO WE STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING? [TV Line]


... Syfy has ordered a pilot based on Lev Grossman's popular book series The Magicians. The potential series hails from Sera Gamble (who's responsible for Baby getting the shaft for a few years on Supernatural—UGH) and John McNamara (Prime Suspect), and it's a one-hour drama following 20-somethings who, while studying magic in New York, discover that the magical fantasy world they once read about as children is real and poses a grave danger to humanity. [Syfy via press release]

... The Halle Berry-starring sci-fi drama Extant debuted last night and its ratings were not quite out of this world. The series premiere pulled in a 1.6 among adults 18-49 and drew 9.58 million viewers, which isn't bad—but compared to last summer's Under the Dome premiere (3.3, 13.53 million viewers), it's nothing to write home from the space station about. [Variety]

... As announced via Stan's verified Facebook page (seriously), South Park will return for Season 18 with brand-new episodes on Wednesday, September 24. [Stan's Facebook Page]

... You've already seen the first teaser (featuring a very familiar voice) for Doctor Who's eighth season, and now we have the first image of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor in the Season 8 premiere. What do you think? This is just begging for a caption, right?


... Lifetime has ordered a new drama pilot based on Jean M. Auel’s Earth’s Children series of books. The first book, The Clan Of The Cave Bear, is set in prehistory more than 25,000 years ago when Neanderthals banged their heads on rocks and shared the Earth with early modern humans who were probably developing the first IKEA. Ron Howard and Brian Grazer have signed on to executive produce the project alongside Allison Shearmur (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire). [Lifetime]

... Rumors have been swirling for days, but it's now official because Twitter says so: Rosie O'Donnell is returning to The View. And I say: Who cares? [ABC's Twitter]

... Lifetime has released the first image of former America's Next Top Model contestant Yaya DaCosta in character as Whitney Houston, from the upcoming biopic creatively titled Whitney Houston. Angela Bassett is directing the film, which is scheduled to premiere in 2015. Clicketyy-click the link to check her out as Whitney on the 1987 album cover for Whitney! Whitney! [EW]


... Lucy Griffiths (True Blood) is departing NBC's new comic book series Constantine. Griffiths played Liv in the series based on the Hellblazer comics; the character is introduced in the pilot and was supposed to play a pivotal role in the battle between good and evil. NBC has opted to move in another direction with the show, and Griffiths' character is being written out in favor of Zed, a different character from the comics who becomes John's righthand woman. [THR]

... Elementary is beefing up its ranks for Season 3! Gina Gershon (Rescue Me) has joined the cast as Elana March, a socialite who Joan suspects is running a drug cartel—and I believe that was a nixed Gossip Girl storyline, actually. Also joining the series this season is English actress Ophelia Lovibond as Kitty Winter, Sherlock’s new protégé. [TV Guide]

... You can add Ali Larter to the list of actors who won't be reprising their roles for Heroes: Reborn. The actress, who played multiple characters on the original series, says she's too busy with TNT's upcoming Legends right now to do other projects. Plus, who wants to say yes to show that dissed Hayden Panettiere? [TV Guide]

... Major Crimes has cast Ryan Kennedy (Defiance) as Ricky Raydor, the son of Mary McDonnell's Captain Sharon Raydor. He's a Stanford graduate and a software engineer on the verge of his first buyout. He'll appear in this season's ninth episode, titled “Sweet Revenge,” and he'll have a few choice words for his mom regarding the possible adoption of her ward. [TV Line]


... Vulture has examined those pesky things we like to call ratings and the weird phenomena of DVR time-shifting. To find out which of your favorite shows perform well belatedly (like Orphan Black), check out the link! [Vulture]

... You've got to hand it to Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss! They sneakily slipped a coded Doctor Who message into the credits of Sherlock. [Radio Times]


... The first footage from Sleepy Hollow Season 2 has arrived!

... Fox has announced fall premiere dates for Gotham, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and more. Click to find out when little Batman will see his parents get killed!

... El Rey has already renewed its soccer n' spies drama Matador for Season 2 even though it doesn't premiere until next week.

... Not wanting to be left out of the early renewals game, Cinemax has renewed Steven Soderbergh's The Knick, which Tim is super duper crazy excited for, ahead of the show's August debut. 

... The Emmy nominations were announced this morning, and they are even more maddening than usual. Here's the full list of nominees, and here's Tim's take on this year's snubs, stupidity, and (pleasant) surprises

... Even though the Emmys don't know who Tatiana Maslany is or what an Orphan Black is, BBC America knows and has (finally!) cloned the series for Season 3.

... As expected, Glee's final season has officially been shortened—and pretty dramatically, too. 

... The CW is keeping it in the family by adding former Tomorrow People star Robbie Amell (cousin of Arrow's Stephen Amell) to The Flash

... George R.R. Martin has issued a big "F*ck you" to people who think he won't finish the Game of Thrones books.

... But don't worry, HBO promises its committed to finishing the epic tale, so by my calculations Maisie Williams should be around menopause when the series ends. 

... A familiar face is returning to Once Upon a Time.

... There's a new trailer out for Sharknado 2: The Second One, and it is ridiculous and full of terrible dialogue and Big Apple pride, as well as bunch of celebrity cameos. 

... Here's the first teaser for Sons of Anarchy's final season. What does it all mean?

... Boardwalk Empire's final season now has a premiere date.

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  • IvanMay Jul 31, 2014

    When is south park resuming new episodes? im 13 and i wanna see it!

  • pyrofox1313 Jul 12, 2014

    "It's a one-hour drama following 20-somethings who, while studying magic in New York, discover that the magical fantasy world they once read about as children is real and poses a grave danger to humanity."

    This sounds like a dark version of Narnia. I don't know whether to be excited or just hate the series on principle.

  • Taccado Jul 11, 2014

    - Shame about Lucy Griffiths. I liked her in the Constantine pilot, and I was expecting to see more of her. But I guess that Zed character is the kind of tougher woman that TV shows rather go with nowadays.
    - Gina Gershon on Elementary? Nice. I just watched Cleaners (a Crackle original series) a few days ago, and one of the few reasons why I watched it was because of Gina. Also, I can't deny that the memory of her in Bound still warms my heart.

  • Placebo_obecalP Jul 11, 2014

    HIMYF + Dead = thank fuck for that.

  • JT_Kirk Jul 11, 2014

    Capaldi reminds me of Hugh Laurie in that shot, hair and expression. Here's a caption for ya...

    Doctor: Oh how I wish you actually were Victorian-era Clara, she was whip-smart and brave and daring and had a slant on things, not like you, you boring Mary Sue.
    Clara: Eh, what's that, Doctor? I didn't catch what you were muttering.
    Doctor: I was just saying 'this is another fine mess I've gotten us into,' dear.

  • kanniballl Jul 11, 2014

    I have to agree. Victorian-Clara was heller smart, about as clever as the Doctor himself I'd say.

    Even future Dalek-Clara was super smart. She was able to hold onto herself and override the Daleks.

    Contemporary-Clara... yawn. While she's cute and everything, I really miss the super-smart Clara from the other two depictions. I mean, we at least had Hacker-Clara for a few minutes but I guess those abilities went away.

  • JT_Kirk Jul 12, 2014

    Yeah, Dalek Clara, aka "Oswin", was interesting too, totally. Victorian Clara had a double life and she had an outlook that said "it's smaller on the outside", accepting the TARDIS's interior as the normal, that was fascinating. Modern Clara doesn't do anything like that, she just follows the Doctor and has no insight or personal interests, she's just there looking pretty, it's so aggrivating.

  • mog253 Jul 12, 2014

    I do admit that she does has insight like recognizing that the warrior doctor hadn't done it yet, and her main personal interest seems to be to keep trying to make a sufle and fail(that was a bad catchphrase to shove into our throats) , but the point still stands: she's not as interesting as her failed sufle copies. Which is a real shame. They were pretty awesome and she is just bland.

  • mog253 Jul 12, 2014

    Oh she's cute alright. I want to smother her for her cuteness. Can we get to the new companion in an episode? that would be lovely.

  • JT_Kirk Jul 11, 2014

    Ugh, NBC changing Constantine already, that's strike 2 after some word from the set in Georgia suggested that there were serious behind-the-scenes production issues in the pilot we have been hidden from thus far.

  • vicbjones Jul 11, 2014

    Sounds like The Bionic Woman and Law & Order: L.A. all over again. This seems like the kind of stuff that should be settled between the production of the pilot and the first episode.

  • Sanity_Bleeds Jul 11, 2014

    - So, I was fairly excited about the news about The Magicians, until I read Syfy was involved, now I'm incredibly depressed. That really isn't the sort of story Syfy has any friggin idea how to tell and will likely just waste money on bullshit CGI while losing all substance the stories had.


    - Ophelia Lovibond, you WILL have my viewership!

    - Thank God no Ali Larter on Heroes Reborn! She was the absolute worst character in a list of horrible characters on a show that went horribly wrong and got even more horrible when she came back on it!

  • csinner Jul 11, 2014

    "...the studio is Ted and the show is Ted's love for Robin..."

    Nailed it. The show just needs to pull a mother and die. (Coming from someone that LOVED the mother.)

  • kevbuffylost108 Jul 11, 2014

    I have watched Supernatural for 9 years and I have no idea what this statement means:
    "Sera Gamble (who's responsible for Baby getting the shaft for a few years on Supernatural—UGH)"
    Is Kaitlin taking a dig at Sera Gamble for ruining Supernatural??

  • Kaonn7 Jul 11, 2014

    While it could be construed as that I personally think it was more about how the Impala was taken off the show for a bit due to the Leviathan storyline and other plots. Hence Baby referring to the Impala. Could be wrong though.

  • Sanity_Bleeds Jul 11, 2014

    Pretty sure when Kripke pulled out anybody left with all the pieces was pretty much doomed to ridicule and harsh criticism.

  • JosephCecil Jul 11, 2014

    In retrospect, I kinda hate most of Gamble's seasons. Far FAR too much gay subtext (it's funny, to a degree, but the Wincest fanwank of those season is pretty outrageous). I enjoy the ribbings from Crowley, but it was too overpowering in those years.

  • Sanity_Bleeds Jul 11, 2014

    I never really saw the gay subtext on Supernatural, I just think A LOT of people really wanted to see it and just looked for it in the most ridiculously ambiguous ways possible.

  • kanniballl Jul 11, 2014

    They should let How I Met Your Father just die already.

    The original show was a nice enough idea in the beginning, but it wore out its welcome and made the premise a bit tired by dragging it out. But its solid cast is what propped it up during the lows.

    Here... they're trying to resurrect the tired premise with a new cast that might not be as solid or successful.

    If it gets picked up, it will probably make it to a 2nd season if for no reason than the network will be too stubborn to admit it was a mistake.

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