Countdown to How I Met Your Mother's Series Finale: The Best of Barney Stinson

By Kaitlin Thomas

Mar 27, 2014

Even though How I Met Your Mother is technically the story of Ted Mosby and how he first encountered the woman who bore his children, without Marshall, Lily, Barney, and Robin as supporting players, the series would simply be a collection of Ted's most pretentious moments, interspersed with sweet romantic gestures toward all the wrong women. Without Robin to tell him when he's being a douche, or without Barney roping him into harebrained schemes, who knows how Ted's life might've turned out! Each of How I Met Your Mother's core characters has played a pivotal role not only in Ted's life, but in the series overall. So as the end of the show inches closer, we've decided to relive some their funniest and most memorable moments. We've already brought you the best of Marshall and Lily, and now it's time to tackle the most legendary HIMYM character of all: Barney Stinson! 

How do you begin to describe Barney Stinson? It's widely known in HIMYM circles that Barney was originally supposed to be a Jack Black-esque gent who fancied himself a ladies' man, but Neil Patrick Harris ended up winning the part and Barney became a lovable horndog who looked much better shirtless. Sure, Barney hasn't always been the best influence on Ted; like, remember the time they were arrested for attempting to lick the Liberty Bell? Or the time they—wait, most of Barney's ideas have been ridiculous, and historically, they've ended badly for Ted or Barney or both. But Barney has always been the life of the party, and the gang could always count on him to make them laugh or feel better whenever they were feeling down. He's That Guy, the one who can and will say or do anything, even if it crosses the line. Lily always let him know when he'd gone too far, and Ted was always his best friend and usually his partner in crime, but it wasn't until he fell in love with Robin in Season 4 that we saw any real character growth. Barney's feelings for Robin were the emotional reminder that Barney is a real person with real feelings, and that made fans love him more. Even when HIMYM wasn't at its best, Barney was always there with a joke, a new scheme, or well-timed crack about Ted to make everything seem worthwhile. It's hard to choose Barney's best moments considering that his sole mission in life has always been to make everything he does awesome and legendary, but I've gathered up a few of my favorites. 

Laser Tag!

His "Get Psyched" mix

High fives!

The video resume 

Barney's apartment

The Playbook

Future Ted and Future Barney harmonize on "The Longest TIme"

Barney's various history lessons

"I love Tacos"

Sick Barney

Most importantly: Barney's love of suits

Honorable mentions: 

The proposal, the rehearsal dinner, I'm awesome, puppies, and about a floppity jillion other things. 



What makes YOUR list of favorite Barney Stinson moments?

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  • Bloodangel Mar 31, 2014

    His scared reactions to the Slap Bet, the Bro Code, so many to choose from

  • danmat101 Mar 30, 2014

    Barney Stinson is a book full of quotes and catchphrases. I just cannot pick one.

  • Nerdnot Mar 29, 2014

    I loved the jealous/mad Barney when Robin and Ted had that roommates with benefits thing going on.

  • hihun36 Mar 29, 2014


  • Vamps Mar 28, 2014

    His robot play is another good one

  • mog253 Mar 28, 2014

    For the Longest Time is how I feel right now about this show. I'm really enjoying these lists. I also love when Barney behaves naive, like when they find James's father and all those moments when he get emotional.

  • tobsh Mar 28, 2014

    Notice how almost all of your top picks are from early seasons? Stings a little in the heart region...

  • hithereyall Mar 28, 2014

    Minor note: Ted and Barney didn't get arrested for trying to lick the Liberty Bell. They were detained by airport security for leaving suspicious luggage at the airport in New York, which they then show Barney doing repeatedly. They are let go and eventually make it to the Liberty Bell and lick it as is noted by Ted who tells a girl at McLaren's later that it tasted like "freedom"

  • joford86 Mar 28, 2014

    not a how i met your mother moment per say but their external friendship this what make the show feel so real! And why i also love NPH

  • dodge_hickey Mar 28, 2014

    I've always had a hard time deciding between Barney and Marshall.

    Although I tuned out before Christmas (plan to watch the series when it ends) there is no denying it will be missed.

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