How I Met Your Mother: 5 Things We Want to See Before the Show Ends

By Kaitlin Thomas

Feb 10, 2014

Nine seasons is a pipe dream for any new TV show, let alone one with as unusual a premise as How I Met Your Mother had when it premiered on CBS in 2005. Not only was it a multi-camera comedy that filmed without a studio audience, but it was—as my Season 1 DVD set has reminded me—"a love story in reverse." Ted Mosby's search for the titular Mother as told through a series of flashbacks might seem like a completely normal idea in 2014, but at the time it was a risky move for TV show created by two guys who'd never made one before. 

A lot has changed since How I Met Your Mother premiered, and after a short hiatus for the Winter Olympics, the series will kick off its final stretch of episodes on Monday, February 24. At this point we're only a few hours away from Robin and Barney's wedding—and, of course, to Ted actually, physically, literally meeting the Mother of Penny and Luke. That means it's crunch time when comes to tying up lingering plot threads. So far this season, we've seen plenty of familiar faces return, including Marvin, Stella, Cindy, Victoria, and Ted's mom, and we've enjoyed plenty of callbacks to gags like the Naked Man, Gazzola's pizza, zitch dog, Puzzles, and the Proclaimers. We've even discovered what it is that Barney actually does for a living. But since How I Met Your Mother co-creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas have promised to wrap up every single thing they possibly could before the series signs off forever, here are five things I want to see happen before the end of the series finale on Monday, March 31

1. C'mon Barney, "Suit up!"

Barney's catchphrases have become a large part of our popular culture, and most people think of "legendary" and all of its "wait for it" glory when they think of Barney's contribution to the world. But because Season 9 opened with Barney telling Robin he no longer needed to wait for it because he's got her, I'd rather like to see How I Met Your Mother bring back some of Barney's other familiar lines, like "Suit up!" It's been awhile since he uttered those words, and considering he's getting married soon, there's a perfect opportunity for one last delivery of the phrase.

2. While Ted is meeting THE Mother, can we meet Robin's? Also: Where the heck is her sister?

We've met Robin's father, played brilliantly by Ray Wise (is there anything Ray Wise has done that can't be described as brilliant?), but we have yet to meet her estranged mother. To be honest, I never gave much thought to meeting Robin's mother before Robin said in "The Lighthouse" that she wouldn't be attending the wedding. Given how few times Robin's mentioned her mother over the years, I'd almost completely forgotten about her, and hadn't even considered we'd meet her at the wedding. But considering how frequently her absence has come up during the wedding weekend, I'd be very surprised if she didn't appear before the series signs off for good.

And speaking of Robin's family: Where's Katie? Robin's little sister visited New York in Season 2 and hasn't been heard from since. Did she die? Is she in Witness Protection somewhere in Pennsylvania? What gives, HIMYM writers? Lucy Hale is obviously very busy as a regular cast member on Pretty Little Liars, and she's now attempting a music career, but it simply doesn't make sense that Robin's sister isn't at her wedding.

3. Won't you join me waving a lighter for one last Robin Sparkles encore?

This is an easy one, and the way I see it, you can never have too much Robin Sparkles. Another music video would be overkill, but another, simpler appearance from Robin's popstar alter ego would be a great way to tie up the series, especially, if say, she came out at the reception. At a press event in January, series co-creator Carter Bays said the was a lot of live music coming up, and while I'm pretty certain he was referring to Cristin Milioti's performance of "La Vie en Rose," I'm also not ruling out any other cast performances just yet. 

4. Keep the callbacks—and tie-in websites—coming

There've been so many good ones already, including eating a sandwich, pausing a fight, the idea that nothing good happens after 2am, "Bang-Bang-Bangity-Bang," and the recent return (and passing on) of the Playbook, but there are still a few more that I'd like to see. It might be tough for the writers to squeeze them all in given how quickly we're approaching the actual wedding ceremony, but in a perfect world, here are the jokes I'd like to see HIMYM return to in its last few episodes: the Swarley nickname, Teddy Westside, the doppelgängers, lawyered, interventions, and Bob Barker. And while we're at it, how about one last tie-in website, too? There's only been one so far this season (, and I sure am going to miss the,, and jokes once the series signs off. There's not a show on TV that does a website tie-in better than How I Met Your Mother

5. Slap it to me, one final time

This is obviously a given for most fans. And personally, I'd call it a make-or-break moment. The Slap Bet is How I Met Your Mother's longest-running gag, and one of its best. Whether or not you liked the recent "Slasgiving 3: Slappoinment in Slapmarra" is beside the point. The final slap is important to the series' mythology. Bays remained tight-lipped when I asked him about the final slap in January, and while I can see the merits of leaving that last slap hanging in order to let fans envision it however they choose, I do think the Slap Bet is one storyline that needs to be wrapped up, whether it happens in the present timeline or in a flash-forward to the year 2030. As a longtime fan, seeing the final slap is non-negotiable to me.

However, for everything I want to see revisited or explained by series end, there's one mystery that I think should remain unsolved: the Pineapple Incident. Some things are just better left to the imagination. 

What's on your HIMYM end-of-days wishlist? What questions do you want to see answered (or be left unanswered)?

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  • fodorzsofia5 Mar 07, 2014

    I want to see a romantic scene between Robin and Barney, and Ted and the Mother.I would to see Robin's mother making omlette, and a finally prank of the whole band.But make it smashing!:&

  • fodorzsofia5 Mar 07, 2014

    And i want to see finally the MacLaren's!!!

  • Coodookie Feb 22, 2014

    Just watched 'Milk' from season 1. I completely forgot about Ted's perfect match from the dating service. Maybe I've forgotten more (like if he already found out who it was) but would love to see the mother be that girl. He skipped out on that date for Robin and would have met her 8 years earlier if that's the case.

  • mjmorrison88 Feb 20, 2014

    This season has been half way fulfilling so far, with getting info about the mother and what she has been up too, Barneys line of employment, the penultimate slap, but there are a few answers i want and things i would like to see before the series wraps this spring heres my list (no particular order):

    1. Robins Mother: just because she called and told our favorite canadian american she couldnt make in my eyes does me we wont see her before her daughter walks down the aisle.

    2. When (where) will the final slap takes place: now that the show has wisely gotten the 1st of the final 2 slaps out of the way (loved that B2M commemorated the event) i find it interesting when the conclusion of the slap bet will take place. i feel it could happen in 3 places, a) right before the wedding (although Marshalls son Marvin has a cool middle name, i feel like he wants to repay barney for putting him in the predicament to name his offspring that what better way for payback than right before his walk downt he aisle) b) the wedding reception (this will just be funny and the least suspecting of the 3 i named) c) in the year 2030 (i feel that once Future Ted concludes his tale we will see the gang come in and join the future pal and we will see Marshall deliver that slap in from of all loved ones.

    3. a robin Sparkles number- like the article says i dont want another music video but i would love to see present day Robin perform her one and biggest hit before the show ends

    4. Catchphrases: this is weird until i read this list i hadnt realized that i havent heard many of the shows signature one liners. I know the gang is focused on the pending nuptuals but we need to hear those catchphrases one last time.

    Although i along with many fans want to know where the infamous pineapple from the season one episode came from but u have now come to the point where i dont want to know. Bays and Thomas have said we will more than likely never know do to Future Ted aleady claiming the fruits origins are unknown its law now and the creators claiming its their biggest regret from the show. Im fine with this as i feel besides all the things that make this series memorable the mystery of the pineapple will make it legendary in the realms of tv classics

  • russsporleder Feb 16, 2014

    i want to know victoria ends up happy. i love her

  • JellyC99 Feb 12, 2014

    I read somewhere that the sister will be bac. I think its in the last ep.

  • tamaracassill Feb 12, 2014

    That thing with Robins sister always annoyed me! See thats why I stopped watching Tv shows like Desperate Houswives: Susan looks for her dad (for aaaages) finds him, 2 episodes later he is gone and she NEVER EVER even said a word about him again - I hate that, is it sooo hard to think about that?
    Anyway HIMYM isnt like that - normally everything comes up again so why the hell did Robin never ever say anything about her again? Just like: "oh sorry Im late I was just on the phone with my sister" - thats all i wanted

  • Spoontown Feb 12, 2014

    I still have the first 2 series on DVD, sometimes when I see them I get sad for how the series turned out, not watched it in 2 years but I might watch the last episode, just because the final scene was filmed back when it was decent so it might actually be OK. The mother is either dead or they are divorced but she was still his 'true' love or some crap like that!

  • DanieelJamesCourt Feb 12, 2014

    I want barneys Playbook !

  • PuckRock33 Feb 12, 2014

    I would like to see Ted telling Marshall & Barney about meeting the mother and all Barney asks is "Boobs"

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