How I Met Your Mother


Season 8, Ep 1, Aired 9/24/12
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  • Episode Description
  • On the day of her wedding to Barney, Robin suffers a panic attack. To help with her anxiety, she calls upon Ted to tell her a story and calm her nerves.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Josh Radnor

    Ted Mosby

  • Neil Patrick Harris

    Barney Stinson

  • Jason Segel

    Marshall Eriksen

  • Alyson Hannigan

    Lily Aldrin

  • Cobie Smulders

    Robin Scherbatsky

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  • himym

    By JosephYates, Mar 07, 2015

  • awesome

    By danielolsen98, Aug 09, 2014

  • Not Far Enough Away

    By tarafan2, Oct 11, 2013

  • A great start to a season that was "all over the place" most of the times...

    By chris_friends, May 29, 2013

  • Pretty funny!

    By amazing_race, Jan 31, 2013

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  • Quotes (1)

    • Barney Stinson: “Seven years ago when Marshall and Lily got engaged Ted saw Robin across a crowded room and I said “oh yeah you just know she likes it dirty,” but Ted really liked her so we played “Haaave You me Ted?” They went to dinner, he walked her home, should have kissed her, didn’t, lame. So he stole the Smurf penis, went back to her place, should have kissed her, didn’t, lame. He threw three parties, they kissed on the roof but decided to be friends, lame. Then Ted wanted to take Robin to a wedding, she couldn’t go, he went alone and met Victoria. Didn’t kiss her either, lame. Not a great closer Ted. Then he finally kissed her, they started dating, she went to Germany. Ted kissed Robin, lost Victoria, Ted did a rain dance, got Robin. Ted and Robin broke up, Robin moved to Brazil came back with a Latin stud. Ted got jealous, got a tramp stamp, not really relevant to the story I just like mentioning it as much as possible. I hooked up with Robin, Ted and I stopped being friends, Ted got hit by a bus we made up…Robin and I started dating and I got fat her hair fell out. We broke up, Robin dated Don, I dated Nora. I cheated on her with Robin, I dumped Nora. Robin dated Kevin but not for long and then I met you and you took my Grandpa’s watch, but I fell in love with you anyway and you let me fart in front of you and I asked you to marry me and you said yes so we came over here to meet little Marvin and that’s everything. Also I went on the Price Is Right and I won a dune buggy.”

    Notes (2)

    • Air date: Portugal: December 25, 2012 on FOX

    • International Airdates: Canada: September 24, 2012 on Citytv; United Kingdom: January 31, 2013 on E4; Germany: April 17, 2013 on ProSieben

    Trivia (3)

    • When Barney is telling Quinn his whole history with Robin, he says Ted was hit by a bus, but in the episode 320 : Miracles, Barney is the one who was hit by a bus, not Ted.

    • Robin didn't go to Brazil, actually she went to Argentina (Buenos Aires), at the end of season two

    • The final song played while Ted is at Farmhampton is "The Funeral" by "Band of Horses".

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    • Nielborn Sep 25, 2012

      I thought she played bass...

    • Nielborn Sep 26, 2012

      Right, yeah but a bass guitar is still a bass only it looks a bit more like a guitar

    • sodapopgirl721 Sep 26, 2012

      he always said she played bass GUITAR. remember the guitar he saw in cindy's room?

    • MikeSpyrou Sep 25, 2012

      Anyone know the name of the song during the last minutes of last night's episode?

    • NicolasVandevor Sep 25, 2012

      Band of Horses - The Funeral

    • WillReed Sep 25, 2012

      Will someone please tell me who is the "i" and who is the "mother" in this show?

    • fanboy34 Oct 16, 2012

      I'm 90 percent sure you're right. But, continuing to toss stuff out there, does the fact that the entire gang have doppelgangers play into the identity of "her" at all?

    • FallingDown1986 Sep 30, 2012

      At one point Ted asks: "am i a bad dad"... and then there's the ep. where he talks to a stripper and he says "and thats the true strory of how i met your mother", so your theory is out, fanboy34

    • fanboy34 Sep 27, 2012

      Actually, if they want to get cute, "mother" could be the two teens' mom but NOT Ted's wife. He calls them "kids" but we don't know that they're his offspring or that "mother" is their biological mother etc. I still say it could be a woman we have already met and disregarded. Ted tells stories in a disjointed way, ever notice?

    • patsully Sep 25, 2012

      That would be waaay too easy.

    • RyanMassie Sep 20, 2012

      This comment has been removed.

    • WillReed Sep 24, 2012

      That sounds like a kind of cheese.

    • JoshuaFrattar Sep 24, 2012

      69% Cobie Smulders...Really??

    • RyanMassie Sep 20, 2012

      4 days away. can't wait

    • JoshuaFrattar Sep 24, 2012

      Bob Saget? Yeah, I agree.

    • WillReed Sep 20, 2012

      Didn't know you were a big fan. I like all the actors except the lead guy. They gave the guy with the least charisma, the lead roll.

    • efonsecajr Jan 10, 2013

      Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) is great.

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