How I Met Your Mother

Last Forever

Season 9, Ep 23, Aired 3/31/14
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  • The Final Episode Where we find out after all this time why he told the story of the mother

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  • Couldn't Imagine A better Ending .. I wish it lasted forever

    By HudaM1, Apr 05, 2014

  • Awasm

    By Asit, Apr 04, 2014

  • You've just got to ask: what was the point?

    By bearcatjb, Apr 04, 2014

  • So lame

    By caplaogia, Apr 03, 2014

  • Fair with development

    By MiguelAranha, Apr 02, 2014

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    • Barney: So Marshall, how's your job going?
      Marshall: My chair is reasonable comfortable for short periods of time.
      Lily: Marshall has decided to say only positive things about being back in corporate law.
      Robin: So you hate it?
      Marshall: Much of what I do does not make me cry.
      Lily: But the job's only temporary. Marshall was offered the judgeship once and he turned it down for me, so karmically, that phone has to ring again.
      Marshall: And even if it doesn't, today when my boss threw his egg sandwich at my face, some of it got into my mouth. It was tasty.

    • Lily: So here's the deal with the deal. Robin's my new best friend. Nobody bang her.
      Ted: Hey, hey, hey, she only rejected me three times. She's still very much in play.
      Lily: I'm serious. There's only one way I'd let either of you have sex with her. (Barney gasps) Not that. It's never that. I really want this girl to stay a part of our lives. So the only way you're allowed to hook up with her is if you marry her.

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    • cenashantanu Apr 03, 2014

      I think u guys did not notised that the end was supposed to be like this,think like this ted is in his 40s single & robin also if u recall the episode 17 of season 7 'No Pressure' u will slightly understand the end & why ted gose to robin at the end please tell me if i am wrong

    • Romano338 Apr 01, 2014

      The mother was the center of the show and became a background character. Ted and her is clearly a rebound thing (Ted is down because Robin is getting married, she is down because of her ex-BF) and now we learn that she is just a pretext for Robin to have kids with Ted. What a crappy crappy end.

    • PauloFernande2 Apr 01, 2014

      "Life is a journey, not a destination"

    • CrazyAsian1080 Apr 01, 2014

      This was how it was always suppose to end. At least it was always a possibility.

    • hvanhagen Apr 01, 2014

      i'm soooooo disappointed right now. probably the worst finale ever (including the shows wich ended with a cliffhanger)

    • Cadd-9 Apr 03, 2014

      Have you seen Dexter´s Finale? So Himym is only second place in worst endings

    • Syragar Apr 01, 2014

      I must say, I have to agree. I think I would have preferred it if the show ended without the final episode. I liked the direction it was going... until tonight.

    • Torzhestvuyushe Apr 01, 2014

      Agreed. I almost feel like that episode was tacked on at the end because so many people thought he should'v been with Robin. So they found a way to make him be with Robin after all. It just felt cheap.

    • _spedwards Apr 01, 2014


      Ok one thing I didn't understand. Near the end of the finale, when he [Ted] is talking with his kids, he mentions that the mother [Tracy] has been gone for 6 years. I seem to have missed something. Could someone please explain?

    • PauloFernande2 Apr 01, 2014

      She died in 2024.
      Ted tells the story to his kids in 2030.

    • hvanhagen Apr 01, 2014

      she got sick. and is dead since six years.

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