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    How I met disappointment...

    By Deffz, 2 days ago

    I never understood the appeal of this show and I've watched countless hours of it. First Ted and Robin the 2 main characters are the most boring and wooden characters on the show. The cast is amazing with Harris, Segel, and Hanningan yet the focus for 90% percent of the show was on Radnor and Smulders. If you would have put Segel and Hannigan in the main or Harris and Hannigan in the main the show would have been a lot better than finishing in the top 50 never finishing under 42 for the season. It's mind blowing a show with such bad ratings lasted this long.moreless

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    Very dissapointing

    By RohanWillcock, Apr 12, 2014

    you divorced Robin and Barney, You kill off the mother, for Ted and Robin to finally get there shit together, there was no happy ending, it was just sad and pathetic, what didn't account for was in the earlier episode where Ted, Marshall, Lilly are at a 20 year school reunion and they are what you say "hitting a sandwich' when Ted turns to them and says where's my wife. Explain that one?

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    A Sad and very disappointing ending!!

    By Shakira82, Apr 06, 2014

    I agree with the people who say that it's disappointing to have seen this end of HIMYM. Make Barney and Robin divorce when barney proposed to her so romantically etc..... and then the "mother" talked about the 9 years who finally WTF?? it just shows that the all show was for nothing! if they had made Ted go back with Robin without tracy at the end it would have been the same, Tracy's character is a waste with this ending......... i am Very disappointed!! and to think that some people compared it to Friends was awesome!!! till the last emotional episode...moreless

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    A Legendary goodbye to the fillas

    By altaleh, Apr 06, 2014

    What an emotional ending for the past 9 years .. Thank you for the amazing times and feelings you gave us guys.

    I really like how things turned at the end .. it was really emotional and into the hurt to end it that way. This show really shows how important friendship is and how you need to fight for the people you love.

    Thank you HIMYM for the legendary time :)

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    By tyson97, Apr 05, 2014

    I was really disappointed with the depressing ending to what has been one of my favorite shows of all times. First, they made us get attached to Tracy and

    made us believe how Barney and Robin were perfect for each other. And then, they just simply threw all this out the window, they killed Tracy;

    and Barney and Robin got divorced. All the time they spent showing how Barney had grown as person after he started dating robin and not to mention the

    legen-dary way in which he proposed to her and the way Ted let go of Robin and met the love of his life ,its like it was all a waste.

    The ending was the complete opposite of what it should have been.moreless

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    It will last forever...

    By rocknemesis, Apr 05, 2014

    The ending of the show though it seems prima facie an absolute disaster it was the most proper ending of an unforgettable show. To elaborate, not only did it have an auspicious ending but it also had a perfect moral about friendship; bringing at the same time nice memories of the past seasons and depicting the change in every character's life. The show was all about the tremendous importance of friendship in life and the fact that entertainment has no limits. The fact that the ending was the same as the beginning means that life is unexpected.moreless

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    mixed feelings

    By tomerzameret, Apr 05, 2014

    I watched the 2 last episodes twice. First time it was deeply disappointing and havey for a comedy finale. On the second time it was more understood because when u think about that the mother never was the issue. Still I think that the last season focusing on robin wedding was to long.

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    Good Bye

    By Brunno, Apr 03, 2014

    Last Forever <3

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    By gusnaan3, Apr 03, 2014

    Watched as the final episode of the series this blew. After spending 20 odd episodes focussing on the Barney/Robin wedding (not to mention the entire season 8 also) to flush all of the development of the characters and the arc of the story in 20 minutes was gutting. If you are going to kill off the mother and have Ted get back with Robin I would at least have expected a bit more time and effort to explain. The writers built up the idea of the Mother for at least two series, they cast a great actor who lived up to her part and made me care for her and Ted together, then with a wonderful ending in sight they killed her and reverted back to 2005 as if the last few years never happened WTF!!! If viewed as a standalone 1 hour show I enjoyed much of the finale. Standout scenes would be 1. Ted meeting the mother under the yellow umbrella 2. Barney meeting his daughter 3. Lily and Robin in the empty apartment. I just wish that the ending had better reflected the changes that the show went through since it's beginnings. The ending felt tacked on and forced. Bahmoreless

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    How I met your mother. Yeah right!

    By scyfymum2, Apr 03, 2014

    I used to really like this show then it just got bad (had it's moments but still) then the ending WTF was that!!! The only part I liked was Barney with his daughter. That scene was beautiful! They totally disrespected the mother by trivializing her. How I met you mother was the show title yet at the end it was not about her at all. There was nothing to show for Teds loss or the kids or the gangs reaction to her at all. Let's face it Lilly had a lot to do with every girlfriend of Teds' good or bad. I could go on. This show should have ended a couple of seasons ago but to end it like this only made it worse.moreless

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