The Best Man

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    WOW the best premiere of How I met Your Mother till now. This episode exceeded my expectations so much that my expectations of this episodeworn tfair to the episode or the show. (Beware Some Spoilers!!!)

    By hell693, Dec 06, 2011

    After an amazing season 6 i didnt expect the show to get better than that but it did it got way more better than the season 6 premiere. this episode began with Barney and Ted at Barney's wedding and Barney was nervous about the girl he chose (which i think is Robin because i like them together and they have been in love way more than Nora and Barney) then they start remembering Punchy's wedding which got way out of hand in the end. Also Future Ted tells us thatMarshall is the one who ruined Punchy's Wedding but ofcourse they didn't show us how he did it until the end of the episode. I dont want to Spoil anything else because some of u guys sent me somemessages asking me to stop spoiling everything so for you guys i wont spoil too much if i didnt already. Anyway cant wait for more HIMYM and im expecting a great season so writers, creators, producers, and actors keep up the good work.moreless

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    The Wedding Zinger (Spoilers)

    By pretty_sure, Oct 31, 2011

    I think this is a was a good start the new season. It had humor, heart, and a couple twists.

    I'm so happy that Marshmallow and Lilly-pad are finally having a baby. I've been hoping for it since season 1 and its finally arrived! I was a little confused by Ted, I've seen every episode and I have yet to see Ted not be obsessed with finding a girl to spend his life with, and my favorite part of the episode was Robin and Barney's dance number. It was epic.

    Overall I felt this was a very good acted episode, and and an ok written episode, my only problem with it is that they left us with a cliffhanger from an episode that hasn't even happened yet.

    Other then that, A good premiere.moreless

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