The Magician's Code, Part Two

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  • 9.5

    best episodes of the season

    By vespa4, Mar 03, 2013

    i loved it, i was hoping barney and robin would end up together so YAY!

    But when marshall was saying at the end just before you meet the Bride:"Its been a long road but i guess it makes sense..." I thought the bride was going to turn out to be Victoria which would have been awesome! :D

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  • 10

    Pretty funny and really interesting!

    By amazing_race, Nov 01, 2012

    The whole absolutely great magic trick was just hilarious and I just loved that whole thing!

    But there were some huge twists at the death! Very interesting stuff indeed! Not that I disliked Quinn - I actually liked her a lot - but this was still a great way to conclude the season, and I can't ewait for the next season!

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  • 8.5


    By The_Loc_Nar, May 27, 2012

    In what was supposed to be a surprise ending, I wasn't surprised at all. Which was somewhat of a letdown for me.

    Before the ending, I realized one simple idea: Ted is supposed to meet the fabled mother at Robin's wedding, and this makes perfect sense. For all 7 seasons, Ted has been hung up one way or another, with Robin. Victoria called it on the money in season 6 when she said Ted always goes back to Robin. It is *only* with Robin's wedding that Ted will ever be able to get her to the point, in his mind, where she is completely unavailable. Once that happens, Ted can finally be open to meeting the right girl who will become the mother.

    It would be nice in season 8 to see a bit of Robin and Barney's life together as a married couple - there are some great story ideas that could come from that. And with Robin out of the picture, we can finally see Ted take up with the lady who will soon be the mother - a lady he would never have noticed or acted upon if Robin had still been available. I am looking forward to the next season!moreless

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  • 7.0

    Secret Crush

    By pahcket, May 22, 2012

    Everyone is wondering ... OoOoiee i wonder how Barney is gonna break up with Quinn so he can be with Robin .... Well.. i think there is gonna be a reappearance of Robin's secret crush from "Hopeless" episode. i'm kinda disappointed with how the story is going... i was a Robin-Barney fan back in season 4 however when Barney met Nora i wanted Barney to go with Nora.. especially when Robin rejected him for Kevin. That basically made me an unofficial Robin fan. But i knew Nora and Barney couldn't have possibly been together because Nora didn't really love Barney but more so wanted to change him ... also they didn't have alot of onscreen scenes together... whereas Quinn loved and accepted Barney regardless of what he is.... i guess Quinn was the woman who changed Barney and that was her purpose in the show.... to be honest I'd rather Ted go with Robin but.... no its Barney and Robin ... soo sad ... im glad Ted is back with hope in his journey to finding "the one" but as for Robin ang Barney... not sooo glad :( hmmm i enjoyed this episode however the ending i knew it was gonna be Robin soo yea i was just hoping for more Barney-Quinn eps :( sad facemoreless

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  • 8.5

    Possible Spoiler Alert...

    By lukef1982, May 22, 2012

    Does anybody else think that the mother could be Barney's sister...... well half sister? There was an episode where Barney's father showed him a photo of his brothers and sisters.... the oldest is in college and lives on campus.... she cold have quite easily have been in the class on Ted's first day as a professor.... its also not unreasonable to assume that Ted would meet her for the first Time at Barney's Wedding...... Thoughts?

    The episode itself , i thought was great... finally something related to the main story arc has happened... i believe i'm also in the minority an believe that Barney should have married Quinn..... but i think there is something not quite right with the wedding as Ted refers to it as "The wedding day that went terribly wrong" so maybe Barney and Robin don't get Married!!

    Either way should be an interesting Season 8.....moreless

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    Season 8, cant wait!

    By Eastanator, May 21, 2012

    First of all, best show in the world,


    Season 7 felt more like we were waiting to find out barneys bride than teds. Ted needs to stop relapsing to his past relationships and start moving forward.

    In season 8 i see barney getting highly serious with quinn, and so will robin with her new mystery partner (possibly the guy from season 6) and towards the middle them both leaving theyre partners for eachother.

    I know everyone wants the show to wrap up, but im really hoping for a ninth season!!

    I cannot wait any longer for the new season but i know itll be fantastuc. (:moreless

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  • 7.0

    Mehh it was ok

    By A7533, May 19, 2012

    I love how mature Barney is now and Lily and Marshall becoming parents. But Victoria AGAIN?? its getting boring now and i LOVE HIMYM but we all know the mother isn't her and its going to end badly. It's great that Robin's the bride but am kind of wishing that it was Quinn.

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  • 7.5

    Can't decide if I liked or hated it

    By sodapopgirl721, May 18, 2012

    (Spoilers ahead).

    This episode was good, but I don't know, I still like the season 6 finale better. For the stuff that happened in this episode, its very clear it's either going to work out or not, so my feelings are undecided.

    First, the Ted and Victoria stuff. Now don't get me wrong, I always liked Victoria, she seems like she'd be a good match for Ted.

    But, but, BUT. She doesn't attend college at Columbia. Ted doesn't meet her at Barney's wedding. And to our knowledge, she doesn't play bass guitar.

    So Victoria can't be the mother. So.... what is going on, exactly?

    I get why Ted would want to run off with Victoria. His best friends just had a baby and she is the only girl where the bridge hasn't been effectively burned (I did like in this episode that Ted and Robin are close to being back to their normal rhythm, with Robin listing off the things wrong with his long-term relationships, Zoey's being other than the obvious "and wore a lot of stupid hats!" "Hats were in that year!" Ted protests). But Future Ted has told us that Robin was the last girl he said I love you to before The Mother, so this whatever with Victoria can't last long. Will she be gone halfway through the season 8 premiere?

    The Marshall and Lily stuff was adorbs, I knew from a mile away they were gonna name the baby after Marshall's pops and the picture Robin got of them all sleeping together was great.

    Now the Barney stuff. I know I'm in the minority, but I wanted Barney to marry Quinn. I actually wouldn't have minded if he married Nora, but Nora is too nice and classy of a gal that at some point or another, the point that she was a good girl would become too much for her or Barney. But Quinn was twisted and wily and a good match for him. But I had a hunch that if they took the time to show us him proposing to her that she wouldn't be his bride, because then the surprise of who-is-Barney's-bride would be gone (also, why would she want to talk to Ted before getting married?)

    Again, I'm in the minority, but I didn't want Barney to marry Robin. Partially because despite the hurriance baby, I think Barney would be a good dad and wanted to see him and Quinn have little blonde babies together, but also because Barney and Robin seemed to have run their course. I mean it really feels like there's nothing left to say there. (but I know no one else feels that way).

    I'm wrong in that instance anyhow, so we'll have to see what season 8 brings.moreless

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  • 7.0

    ....I could be wrong but...

    By zeddyp, May 18, 2012

    Didn't the writers promise to at least show us the mother at the end of this season?

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  • 2.5

    And again and again and again...

    By anbis82, May 17, 2012

    So this was just another episode of twists and turns to drag the story out. Where is the fun in that?

    So Barney proposed to Quinn, something I've actually been waiting for ever since she showed up, she did seem like the perfect fit for him. The proposal was a bit over the top, but it was Barney, so what...

    And then Robin got Ted to call Victoria because she was the one who could have been the one he is looking for. Because that's so Robin and so Ted to revisit his failed relationships and cling to them. Absolutely pointless, but I guess we need to kill some time. Good for Ted, Victoria wasn't married yet, bad for him, she showed up in her wedding dress. Because of course, it was her wedding day, but she had been wondering about him all these months and wanted NOW to leave her soon-to-be husband for him. Yup, absolutely believable...

    There was this promise to get back to Barney's wedding in this finale and to reveal his bride. So they actually did and bummer, it was not Quinn, but Robin. Because Barney and Robin have been such a great couple, meant for each other or whatever. I guess I was never a huge fan, especially with all the drama involved, so whatever...

    I just felt this episode was a huge letdown, especially as a season finale. A huge disappointment. All these looks into the future, teasing developments, they kill it. Barney and Quinn will be done eventually, Ted and Victoria don't have a future either. What a waste of time...moreless

    6 10

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