How I Met Your Mother


Season 9, Ep 19, Aired 3/3/14
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  • Episode Description
  • Lily and Robin have a fight on the morning of the wedding and Barney could not decide which suit to wear.  Meanwhile, even after Ted forbidden his friends to watch a certain movie, they could not resist.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Josh Radnor

    Ted Mosby

  • Neil Patrick Harris

    Barney Stinson

  • Jason Segel

    Marshall Eriksen

  • Alyson Hannigan

    Lily Aldrin

  • Cobie Smulders

    Robin Scherbatsky

  • Fan Reviews (6)
  • Mother dying reference just a red herring

    By lilytherese, Mar 16, 2014

  • Living Only in Stories

    By AriSky, Mar 05, 2014

  • Is the mother dying?

    By plaknas, Mar 05, 2014

  • still boring...

    By jacksalsky, Mar 05, 2014

  • A couple of smiles but that's about it

    By Romano338, Mar 05, 2014

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    • TONYALOI Mar 04, 2014

      Anyone else think that the mother is going to die of cancer? In tonight's episode Vesuvius when she says what mother wouldn't be there for her daughters wedding Ted almost loses it. I believe this is because she has terminal cancer and will not live to see her daughter marry. Why else has he been telling the kids this 9 season long story and mother never shows up. Not sure of this but it makes sense.

    • felipepinheiro353 Feb 15, 2015

      Now that we all know that the mother died (my eyes is kind of leaking right now) your prediction couldn't be more accurate.
      i'm watching the whole show for the THIRD time and only now i realize that in the 19th episode (Vesuvius) when the Mother tells to Ted "what kind of mom miss her daughter's wedding" and Ted seems to be a about crying his eyes out...he almost told us that she was going to die.
      when i first watched it, i thought she was already dead and it was memories he was reliving ...but i got clearer in the third time..hahaha

      It was way too sad the she has gone... i mean, 9 whole years waiting for the Mother to show up, and when she finally came, they "slap" our hearts out of our chests by killing her....

      Anyway... it was a "good" prediction buddy.

    • stefanoirvine5 Mar 05, 2014

      she appeared in an early season to older ted telling the kids about them meeting saying hes taking too long or no she isnt dead

    • fanboy34 Mar 09, 2014

      I'm not sure which episode you're referring to here, but, I don't see how it contradicts the OP's theory which I support. Nobody is saying she doesn't live long enough to birth the two kids obviously; just that she will apparently get a terminal diagnosis at some point after they are born yet before the daughter is likely to be marrying. Actually, some kind of brain/memory issue would match up with a few things as well but, no matter.

    • fanboy34 Mar 04, 2014

      It doesn't have to be cancer exactly, but yes, I thought they made that pretty clear with the Farhampton Inn dining room future scenes and the closing song's lyrics. It puts the overall HIMYM story arc into perspective back to the first pilot episode and the long-unasked question of why the kids are getting this long detailed story of Ted's journey from a lone Ted. Clearly they lost their mom before they ever thought about asking about how their parents met and fell in love. Maybe the Bob Saget narrative was prompted by some upcoming big event in future Ted's life like a second marriage to... maybe a future divorced Victoria.

    • TONYALOI Apr 01, 2014

      Good guess with the second relationship. I'm glad it was Robin and the kids wanted him to do it.

    • suniljain2 Mar 04, 2014

      Or one of their mothers didn't show up to their wedding. Which would make more sense.

    • TONYALOI Mar 06, 2014

      I thought of that as well. They also said they were an old married couple and then We made it. Again just a prediction.

    • fanboy34 Mar 09, 2014

      So the alternate theory is supposed to be that the Mother's mother had died and hadn't made it to her daughter's (Ted's wife's) wedding to him. I don't buy that for the way Ted reacted in comparison to the wife if it was HER mother. I know he's a sappy guy, but if that was a red herring, it stinks to high hell.
      Then the other evidence - of why on earth they returned to the inn at such an unnatural time that they are the only guests and in such a maudlin mood - still remains.
      Face it, the writers have never been strictly tied to a fixed canon with every detail of the show's characters. Robin once made a remark about Americans and guns, then later on we learn she's this pistol-packing babe herself. She also played the poor and under paid lowly reporter (taking cash from Barney to say stupid things on the air) and now we find out this season that her family is stinking rich.
      We've had tragic and semi-tragic bombshells on this show before: Lily/Marshall the long-term couple breaking up so she could go to study art; Marshall's dad dying suddenly; Also, Robin's infertility.
      We will soon know.

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