How I Met Your Mother

Weekend at Barney's

Season 8, Ep 18, Aired 2/25/13
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  • Episode Description
  • After Ted and Jeannette part ways, Barney steps in as matchmaker using the supposedly-destroyed Playbook. Meanwhile, Marshall gets some unexpected attention at an art gallery opening where Lily is battling to make a good impression.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Cobie Smulders

    Robin Scherbatsky

  • Alyson Hannigan

    Lily Aldrin

  • Jason Segel

    Marshall Eriksen

  • Neil Patrick Harris

    Barney Stinson

  • Josh Radnor

    Ted Mosby

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  • Rinse and Repeat

    By tarafan2, Oct 11, 2013

  • Slow filler.

    By amazing_race, Jul 12, 2013

  • help me pleaze

    By erlingwinjum, Mar 04, 2013

  • light at the end of the tunnel

    By luanmorina, Feb 27, 2013

  • If this were a sandwich....

    By jimlfixit, Feb 27, 2013

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    • Barney: New is always better

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: February 25, 2013 on Citytv

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    • The wine bottle Ted holds and announces as being some Cotes du Rhône is rather a Bordeaux bottle : design of the bottles are really different and can't be mistaken.

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    • cuculhain Feb 26, 2013

      The dream sequence at the beginning was pretty good, and he really did look like Bernie, but that was the best part of the episode until the end when the red boots were burned to a crisp. It felt like they wrote this episode just in case they got another season, then when they did get one more, they filmed this. And dropping Skittles at an inapropriate time would cause Marshall to never buy them again?!? He's held a meeting in cut-off suit pants, left the house in his boxers, has performed basd stand up comedy on multiple occasions and use to have a funk band comprised of lawyers, but Skittles hitting the floor was so embarrassing to Lily that he never buys them again?!? lame.

    • OdumC Feb 26, 2013

      Wow. they totally cheapened their best proposal yet with Barney having a playbook still and his whole speech about lying.I was seriously expecting that to break them up (considering the last "page" she found was "The Robin" and it turned out to be a total lie) for season 9 to be about Barney trying to repair the damage. glad they didn't go that route as it's been 8 years, let's meet the Mom already.. but still, a bad episode Barney's supposed growth.

    • OdumC Feb 26, 2013

      Also, I was wanting to see more of Weekend at Barney's. he looked JUST like Bernie and a spoof would have been hilarious.

    • MaKTaiL Feb 26, 2013

      Loved the episode! It's nice that Ted's Red Boots are finally gone. It is a mark for great things to come.

    • sandorxian Feb 26, 2013

      Another horrible episode. What a big surprise that Marshall made a fool of himself at the gallery and who could have guessed it would involve the candy, and that it would happen during the minute of silence? Sigh...

    • kanniballl Feb 25, 2013

      They better have a solid explanation for Barney have the Playbook... like he's going by Memory or a rough draft from his first days in a suit (after his hippie days). Because frankly, his burning of the book as an act of devotion to Robin was one of the biggest character-growths he's undergone since the beginning of the series.

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