How To Marry A Millionaire

(ended 1959)
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  • S 2 : Ep 13

    A Husband for Julia

    Aired 8/20/59

  • S 2 : Ep 12

    The Comic

    Aired 8/13/59

  • S 2 : Ep 11

    Love on Approval

    Aired 8/6/59

  • S 2 : Ep 10

    The Seal Who Came to Dinner

    Aired 7/30/59

  • S 2 : Ep 9

    The Golf Tournament

    Aired 7/23/59

  • Cast & Crew
  • Barbara Eden

    Loco Jones

  • Lisa Gaye

    Gwen Kirby (2nd season)

  • Merry Anders

    Mike McCall

  • Lori Nelson

    Greta Hanson (1st season)

  • Doe Avedon

    Mike McCall

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  • show Description
  • The syndicated show was in production from 1957 thru 1959 and there were 52 black and white film episodes. The comedy about 3 girls searching for millionaires to marry was based on a play by Dale Eunson and Katherine Albert and the 1953 movie of the same name. The show was produced by National Telefilm for 20th Century Fox.

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  • Quotes (1)

    • Greta: Loco, if anyone ever offers you a penny for your thoughts . . . TAKE IT!

    Notes (56)

    • Merry Anders who plays Mike McCall had a role of a model in the original movie version of How To Marry A Millionaire

    • This episode was a reworking of the movie script.

    • Lori Nelson was the 1st one listed in the credits,Merry Anders was 2nd and Barbara Eden 3rd.

    • An original unsold Pilot was filmed in early 1957 with Lori Nelson (in the role of Greta Lindquist),Doe Avedon (in the role of Mike Page) and Charlotte Austin (in the role of Loco Jones).The original Pilot was not successful and didn't air.Lori Nelson was the only one who was called in for filming the Pilot again. Doe Avedon and Charlotte Austin were replaced.The characters of Greta and Mike had different last names in the original unsold pilot.Greta's last name was Lindquist in the original unsold pilot though when they filmed the pilot for the actual show the character's name became Greta Hanson though Lori Nelson still played the same role only the last name of the character was changed.The character of Mike Page was played by Doe Avedon in the original unsold pilot though when Merry Anders was hired for the role in the actual pilot that became the show the character was renamed Mike McCall.The character of Loco Jones was played by Charolette Austin in the original unsold pilot and it was supposed to be the Marilyn Monroe role though Ms Austin was a brunette not a blonde.Although Loco was the character's given name in the actual show the original unsold pilot mentions Loco Jones real name is Rita Jones.Joseph Kearns who went onto play one of the building managers in the actual show had a role in the original unsold pilot though he wasn't playing the building manager he played a man who worked in the Wall Street stock holders building where Mike worked.Also Norma Varden who guest starred in episodes of the actual show was in the original unsold pilot of How To Marry A Millionaire playing a wealthy woman.

    • The show was based on a Play by Dale Eunson and Katherine Albert and the 1953 Movie of the same name How To Marry A Millionaire with Marilyn Monroe,Lauren Bacall and Betty Grable.

    • The show was filmed in Black And White Film.

    • The show was produced by National Telefilm for 20Th Century Fox.

    • The show was syndicated and shown by 115 TV Channels.

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    Trivia (1)

    • Although actor Gavin Gordon plays the role of Mike's boss "Mr Kammeren" in the episode the credits list the character as "Mr Hayworth" though in the story and episode the character is called "Mr Kammeren".

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