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    Shindig was better.

    By crazyrhythm, Jun 02, 2010

    This was meant to be NBC's answer to Shindig. Every week, pop acts performed their current hits (or at least lip-synced them), while the Hullabaloo Dancers hopped around the stage. A different host took care of things each week. Despite all the noise and flash, this show never produced any real excitement and was canceled after one season.

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    Such a short life for a fun show

    By rockerreds, Mar 30, 2006

    Hullabaloo was really something different-a music show that attemped to bridge generations and mostly succeeded.I strongly disagree with crazyrhythm-Shindig,while enjoyable,was really a throwback to the 50s:a blaring,unsubtle revue.Hullabaloo on the other hand caught the spirit of the time(zeitgeist,for you sophisticates),the transition from the Frankie Avalons to the Animals.It contained a fair amount of humor,and significantly made all the performers sing live(little or no lipsynching).It combined middle-of-the-road performers(Jerry Lewis,Paul Anka,etc.)with cutting edge acts,like my all-time favorite group,The Byrds in their first national television appearance,looking outrageously scruffy.Also,it was shot in beautiful color.I only wish it had lasted longer than its year plus.moreless

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