Human Giant

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  • Aziz: There's something you left off your resume. Why don't you call us back when you're not Asian.

  • Aziz: (Aziz as John Satan) Pre your mind... Paul: (Paul as Scot devil) ...for a MIND EXPLOSION!

  • Aziz: You've got a time machine!?! Paul: Yeah! check it out! Aziz: Hold on, you went back and got Chrystal Pepsi? Paul: Yeah, I went back to '93 and got the last case of it. Aziz: '93! So you got to see your dad one more time before he had that heart attack and tell him you love him. Paul: .....Oh, no, I guess I kinda spaced on that one... I just love Chrystal Pepsi! I mean, it's awesome! You can see through it!

  • Rob:I don't know how they did that. They brought my father back from the grave and he had my card. There's no way my father was in on that because he was f****** dead. That was a cool trick!

  • Rob: Whales, you swim in my piss!

  • Aziz: Come on man, I got a full beard!

  • Aziz: Fiddling knobs, touching keys, having fun with a full grown man.

  • Rob: Blood Oath!

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  • The sketch, Shutterbugs, was created before the show was made but included all of the main cast and director Jason Woliner. It consists of 3 episodes.

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  • To Catch a Predator To Catch a Predator is a series of hidden camera investigations by the television news magazine Dateline NBC devoted to the subject of identifying and detaining potential child sexual abusers who attempt to contact children over the Internet.

  • Face Melting Ark This is a reference to the ark in "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark" Where an Ark containing the Wrath of God would melt the face of anyone that looked inside it.