Salvage & Reclamation

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    Bit of a let down after a long drought...

    By sandbur, Nov 28, 2010

    I don't know what it was. I think my overall feeling was that the chick was out of place. This is supposed to be a kick-a$$ hero and he doesn't need an albatross from the past. He doesn't need a past at all. That's what makes him "Chance". So, henceforth, lose the chicks. There is no "every 8th episode we need to have a love interest" rule, and let's not try to make one. Let's just continue to kick some butt in a completely fantastic, stretch-your-imagination kind of way.

    Even Guerrero was muted. The spark was absent and there was very little substantive connection between any of the episode's participants. Bottom line: I didn't even find this one believable in a comic-book-unbelievable kind of way. Bummer after all these weeks of waiting... :o{moreless

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