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    Aired 12/27/07

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    Aired 12/14/07

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    Passport to Pain

    Aired 11/30/07

  • S 1 : Ep 13

    Silat: Martial Art of Malaysia

    Aired 11/23/07

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  • Jason Chambers


  • Bill Duff


  • Patrick Leigh-Bell


  • Stephen Land


  • Eric Futrell


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  • Hosts Jason Chambers and Bill Duff set off around the globe in search of the birthplaces of different forms of martial arts and combat styles. Chambers is a mixed-martial artist and professional fighter, while Duff is a former professional football player and wrestler. The two hosts will go through extreme exercises and challenges in preparation for a battle against a professional fighting master in the arts of Karate, Muay Thai, Judo, Eskrima stick fighting, America‚Äôs MMA (mixed-martial arts), and Kung-Fu among others.moreless

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    • Jason Chambers: (after his Muay Thai match) It was fun, I got a couple of bangs, a couple of bruises. But man that makes me feel alive, when you get hit in the face and I'll have a few nice welts tonight, I loved it.

    • Bill Duff: (referring to Muay Thai fighters he is training with) Not one of these guys is going to back down. I don't care if they're 12 or 20, they are gonna step in and they're gonna want to try and take on the big white guy from Jersey.

    • Jason Chambers: (talking about native Muay Thai fighters) Do to the physical punishment of a Muay Thai match, most fighters retire by their mid-twenties, some having fought as many as 150 fights, compared to about 40 career fights for a boxer.

    • Bill Duff: (talking about his upcoming Muay Thai fight) I'm a little bit nervous, a little stressed thinking about the guy I've got to fight, a champion. I'm sure he is as tough as nails and he probably chews on dirt and spits it out, but I'm not gonna back down from him.

    • Bill Duff: (talking about the power of a knee strike) Unlike the kick which relies on rotation to create power, the knee gets its power from leverage. Pulling our opponent down and then driving the knee up can deliver up to 2.5 tons of force, enough to lift a car.

    • Jason Chambers: Crushing concrete, like knocking out an opponent, is all about area of impact. A typical brick can support about 675 pounds of static load, the human hand can generate just about that much force. But by concentrating it in a small area, the edge of the palm, it's enough to turn that brick into rubble.

    • Bill Duff: (explaining the power of the elbow) Basically it works like the point of a knife. All of the forces magnify by being concentrated in a small, hard area. Even if the elbow doesn't deliver a knock out, it will almost always leave a nasty cut.

    • Jason Chambers: For centuries the Thai people have used Muay Thai to battle their enemies, which is why the World Military Academy in Thailand still trains every cadet in the basics of this ancient martial art.

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    Trivia (3)

    • In Thailand, Muay Thai fighters must be at least 15 years old to compete and they can win up to $250 per fight.

    • Goof: Where is the Liver? In the third Computer Model Demonstration (CMD), the attacking model kicks with his right leg and connects to the left side of the opponents body. A caption underneath that says "Strike to the liver". However in the fifth CMD, the attacker kicks with his left leg to the right side of the body where a caption reads "Strike 2 to the liver". So where is the liver? The liver is on the right side of the body underneath the ribcage.

    • In the last fight, the first knockout of the season occurred.

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    By tonyubzsantos, Mar 13, 2013

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    By xDavidNgz, May 06, 2012

  • Great Martial Arts...

    By jeyk1983, Jun 09, 2008

  • Good show if your looking for some spice in your documentaries this show was it.

    By danharr, Oct 09, 2009

  • Fight Quest is better.

    By hippy_91, Jul 08, 2008

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