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  • 7.5

    Fans Hung out to dry ...

    By cloudestrife11, May 28, 2013

    Great show, great cast , (Huge Thomas Jane fan!) and pretty good story of a guy down on his luck, using what he has to make things work. Really liked this show, Really sad it is no longer on ....

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  • 4.5

    after watching 7 episodes, the TV show name is the only drawcard.

    By jxx888, Oct 06, 2011

    The tv show is very slow, and takes about 7 episodes to acutally get into the swing of things. the start of each episode is to long and strung out. The story line is average, with the name of the series "Hung" being the only drawcard at this stage. I guess the producers wanted women to watch the series. Unless the writers vamp up the series, to have a more of the steamy and erotic scenes that the Series Name suggests, then I dont think i will continue to watch the series. Story line is also a little predictable, with Ray falling in love with his pimp and the sexy blonde client. Despite 7 episodes i have viewed, i still cant get "hooked" on HUNG. Its a matter of time as to whether i continue to watch or TURN OFF....Hungmoreless

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  • 8.5

    Thom Jane's much appreciated TV vehicle

    By Neksmater, May 29, 2011

    This show follows the curious world of male prostitution through an out of luck divorced middle aged burn out baseball coach named Ray Drecker. While some of the show is kind of a drag once each episode picks up it reveals its true potential. The real winner is the chemistry between Ray and Tanya, the supposed pimp, and how neurotic and handicapped she is from drawing high end clients like their other handler Lenore. Well into Season 2 and hoping for a Season 3 pickup Hung needs to trim the fat of exposition but other than that it is a seriously entertaining comedy.moreless

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  • 9.0

    A man decides to become an escort after his house burns down, which is the final straw in a series of bad luck events.

    By JayMc416, Sep 18, 2010

    At first I thought this was just going to be a semi-risque show about a guy who decides to enter the world of escorting. As I was watching I started to see that that was not the case, the adventures of Ray's life have been going south since his high school graduation, between working for mediocre money, an ex-wife who married for money, and neighbors who are on his back over trivial concerns. In high school Ray was the all star athlete and as that old adage goes some people do peak in high school, but that is not all that this show is about, there was a hint of the economy sucks and the world is going to end.

    Yet here is this guy just trying to figure out how to make it in this world when after listening to some guy tell him how to get rich quick he learns from the slightly crazed women in his life that he only has one marketable skill he is well endowed. Hung plays off the current economic situation well by adding a lot of dry humor and innuendos, and not to mention features Thomas Jane a real powerhouse actor.moreless

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  • 8.0

    Very good HBO

    By LadyInque, Aug 03, 2010

    Now HBO, at least for me, always has the best tv shows like The Soperanos, The Wire, Entourage, OZ!, True Blood, Big Love, In Treatment, Sex and The City and muy list just keep going...

    The point is this Tv show is awsome treating a subject that is known for centuries (prostitution) its hilarious, has humour and is really a good combination of great cast Thomas Jane is definitly a good actor, Anne Heche is also a great one everyone is good here and the show its like people say "Every day you watch an episode next day you will want more and more..."

    Well done HBO another awsome tv show!!

    XO XO


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