I Are Legend

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (5)

  • Weasel: You can't be a zombie. The zombie are un-dead, and you are not. Red Guy: Really? I always thought zombie means something else.

  • I am Weasel: Baboon! What time is it? It's the time when our show starts!

  • I.R.Baboon: I.R. always wanted to dance naked! I am Weasel: Go ahead! There's nobody to stop you!

  • I.R.Baboon: I.R.Baboon! I am Weasel: Baboon? Baboon! You are alive!

  • Red: I'm a zombie.... Booh!

Notes (4)

  • This is I am Weasels third cross over.

  • The Red Guy's role: Joins I am Weasel and I.R.Baboon as they thought they were the only creatures left.

  • This is the real final finale for "I Am Weasel" as Weasel tells everyone watching him to stop watching his show, and he gets his wish.

  • Cow and Chicken, as well as their parents, made a cameo appearance as they were watching Weasel on their TV! Teacher and her husband also appear.

Allusions (1)

  • I Are Legend: An allusion and parody of the 1954 science-fiction novel "I Am Legend", by Richard Matheson.