I Dream of Jeannie

Is There an Extra Genie in the House?

Season 1, Ep 18, Aired 1/22/66
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  • Episode Description
  • Roger has run Jeannie ragged with his whims. But angering Tony (because he exhauses Jeannie) is the least of his concerns. Seems one night he's kept Dr. Bellows' niece out on a hot date until the wee morning hours, making his superior officer really upset. Jeannie would like to arrange to get another Genie for Roger, but Tony forbid it. While Roger is supposed to be out of town, the owner of his flat lets two cheap stage-magicians move in. When Roger returns he thinks he has now two Genies…moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Barbara Eden


  • Larry Hagman

    Major Anthony "Tony" Nelson

  • Bill Daily

    Major Roger Healey

  • Hal Cooper

  • Charles Tannen

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  • Quotes (2)

    • Roger: Those happen to be my two genies you’re gonna to get rid of it. Tony: Now, if they all stay around here, we’ll all get in trouble. Roger: Wait, how come you can have a genie and I can’t have one? What are you, some kind of Indian genie giver? […] You’re forgetting one thing. I have two genies and you got one. If you don’t behave I’ll take yours away. Tony: Yeah? Try it. Roger: (to Myrt) Go ahead, blink her out. (Jeannie gets afraid) Myrt: (muddled) Blink her out? … Blink her out? (Jeannie tries to hide behind Tony) Roger: Give her the old “One, two three”.

    • Tony: (to Jeannie) One genie in Cocoa Beach is quite enough.

    Notes (5)

    • This episode's title sequence is the first to credit Sidney Sheldon as creator AND producer; previously, he was only credited as "creator" in the opening titles, and "producer" in the closing credits. Thus, with this episode, his producer's credit was eliminated from the closing credits for the rest of the season.

    • Mr. Billings, Roger's apartment superintendent, was played by Herbie Faye, who'd later appear as a race track tout in "Tomorrow Is Not Another Day". He did not receive screen credit in this episode.

    • Bernard Fox, of course, would later go on to play everyone's favorite witch doctor Doctor Bombay on "Bewitched".

    • Judy Carne would later gain fame on "Laugh In". In fact, she would later make a later appearance on this show with fellow cast mates Gary Owens and Arte Johnson, as well as the show's producer George Schlatter all playing themselves.

    • This is Emmaline Henry's first appearance on the show. She, of course, would later go on to play Dr. Bellow's wife Amanda, who would be just as nosy and even a little more neurotic than her husband.

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