I Dream of Jeannie

The Birds and the Bees Bit

Season 2, Ep 29, Aired 4/10/67
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  • Episode Description
  • Having found out that once a Jeannie is married she will lose all of her powers,Tony proposes marriage to Jeannie,and she willingly accepts.Tony informs Roger,but he has reservations about the marriage.He tells Jeannie about his feelings,that the marriage would be a disaster,however Jeannie thinks her marriage to Tony will be a happy one.To find out for sure,Jeannie contacts Haji,the master of all the Genies.He appears,and is introduced to Roger.Jeannie wants Haji to shows her,and Roger(in his crystal ball)want the future of her married life with her Master will be.Though he is not happy with Jeannie wanting to marry Tony,he reluctantly shows her.In the few years of her marriage to Tony the is an exemprary one.Even without her powers,Jeannie is a model wife,Cooking,Sewing,making her own clothes,and even planning on building another room to the house.Tony himself is promoted to a Colonel.After the fantasy sequence ends,Roger admits that he was wrong,and that this would the greatest thing that could happen to Tony.Now convinced that this marriage will be the perfect marriage,Roger is wholeheartedly for it.Haji knows that for Jeannie to marry a mortal,her parents would be heartbroken;so he will not tell them that she married one.He bids Jeannie farewell,and vanishes.He would soon be summoned back when Roger,and Jeannie inquire about the children they'll have.Again in the crystal ball we see that the Nelsons house.Their son Tony Jr no powers,but the daughter is as magical as her mother use to be.Jeannie attempts to hide this fact from Tony but in the fantasy sequence she fails,and as a result Dr,and Mrs.Bellows see Tony Jr flying around in the air with his fire engine.Now Tony will not be able to explain this,as the fantasy sequence fades.Knowing that before they get married Jeannie must tell Tony about their futre children,and again Haji bids farewell.But,will Jeannie tell Tony,or will she chance it,and try to keep that future from repeating itself?moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Barbara Eden


  • Larry Hagman

    Major Anthony "Tony" Nelson

  • Bill Daily

    Major Roger Healey

  • Allan Devon

  • Abraham Sofaer


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  • Notes (4)

    • This was the first episode of the series written by Sidney Sheldon under one of three pseudonyms. In early 1967, he decided his name was featured on the show too much (as creator, producer, writer, and copyright owner), and registered three aliases with the Writer's Guild so that he wouldn't have to see his name on screen so often. Thus, "Allan Devon" was the first of his "alter-egos" to write a script for the series.

    • The second of three appearances of Haji.

    • As was later revealed in the reunion movies, Tony and Jeannie did have a son named T.J. during the years between the end of the series and the films. However, they never did have a daughter. Also, just as predicted, T.J. never did inherit his mother's powers.

    • One of the few episodes directed by Larry Hagman.

    Trivia (1)

    • In this episode Jeannie says she will lose her powers if she married Tony. When she did marry Tony toward the end of the series she still had her powers.

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