I Love Lucy

New Neighbors

Season 1, Ep 21, Aired 3/3/52
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  • Episode Description
  • Lucy becomes afraid that one of her new neighbors is threatening to kill her and convinces the others that the neighbors are trying to kill them...which gets them into big trouble.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Lucille Ball

    Lucy McGillicuddy Ricardo

  • Desi Arnaz

    Ricky Ricardo

  • Vivian Vance

    Ethel Mertz

  • William Frawley

    Fred Hobart Mertz

  • K.T. Stevens

    Mrs. O'Brien

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (15)

    • Ethel: Now Lucy, are you sure you heard right? Lucy: Cross my heart and hope to--oh!

    • (Ricky is about to leave to go to the basement with Fred to check the furnace) Lucy: Ricky! You're not gonna leave me at a time like this! When you come back I might be gone. Ricky: Well if you go, leave me a note and tell me where I can find my clean socks.

    • Ricky: (taking the phone from Lucy and hanging it up) Now look, honey. Calm down, will you? Let's talk this thing over. Now wait a minute. Lucy: A lot of talking you're gonna do with a silver wire wrapped around your neck!

    • Ricky: Now look, honey. Why would those people wanna give us a rub down? Lucy: (correcting Ricky) Rub us out!

    • Lucy: 10 o' clock in the living room and all's well! Ricky: 10 o' clock in the bedroom and all's well! Fred: 10 o' clock in the hallway and all's well! Ethel: (muffled) 10 o' clock in the kitchen and all's well! Lucy: Kitchen inspector, will you report to the living room? (Ethel enters with a turkey leg in one hand and her gun in the other) Ethel: Yes sir. Lucy: Ethel are you eating on duty? Ethel: No sir. Lucy: What's that? Ethel: Oh uh...well I'm not very good with a gun so I thought if somebody tried to sneak in the back door I'd beat them to death. Lucy: Ethel, I hope they get here before you eat your club away.

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    Notes (3)

    • The original opening sequence had changed in this episode. In this new sequence, the animated Lucy and Desi are in a field plastering a Philip Morris box with the star names and the title.

    • K.T. Stevens (Mrs. O'Brien) and her husband Hugh Marlowe were among Vivan Vance's closest friends.

    • Hayden Roarke (Mr. O'Brien) would end up playing Dr. Bellows on I Dream of Jeannie 14 years later.

    Trivia (1)

    • Pieces of the front apartment door were rigged on strings to pull out when the door was shot by the guns.

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