I Love Lucy

Ricky's European Booking

Season 5, Ep 10, Aired 12/12/55
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  • Episode Description
  • Ricky's band is going on a European tour but he can't afford to take Lucy — who's not about to take this lying down. Her plan: raffle off a TV set to benefit "Ladies Overseas Aid." "We're ladies," Lucy tells Ethel (who's scheming to go, too). "We want to go overseas. And, boy, do we need aid." The Pied Pipers perform the theme from Ball and Arnaz's 1956 movie Forever Darling.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Lucille Ball

    Lucy McGillicuddy Ricardo

  • Desi Arnaz

    Ricky Ricardo

  • Vivian Vance

    Ethel Mertz

  • William Frawley

    Fred Hobart Mertz

  • Bart Braverman

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  • Quotes (15)

    • (Fred is playing with blocks alone.) Lucy: Where's the baby? Fred: Napping. He got bored.

    • Lucy: All we have to do for our needy cause is think up a good phony name. Ethel: I don't suppose we could call it "Two Bundles for Britain". Lucy: No, it has to sound real. How about Ladies Overseas Aid? Ethel: Well? Lucy: Look we're ladies, we want to go overseas, and boy do we need aid.

    • Ethel: Raffles are always held for needy causes. Lucy: Ethel, at this moment you and I are the two neediest causes I can think of.

    • Ethel: What we need is a good local raffle where they're giving away two trips to Europe, and we've got all the tickets. Lucy: Ha ha. Hey, why not hold our own raffle? Ethel: What? Lucy: The money we take in will pay for our trip. Now what could we raffle off? Ethel: Your brain, for thinking up an idea like that.

    • Lucy: How much do you get for selling blood? Ethel: Lucy, you couldn't get $2,800 worth of blood out of a herd of elephants.

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    Notes (6)

    • There is also a plug for the Ball-Arnaz film "Forever Darling" when Ricky is seen singing the theme song of the movie with the Pied Pipers in a recording studio. This clip is cut from syndacated versions.

    • Hazel Pierce, Lucille Ball's stand-in and an extra on the show, was the raffle winner with ticket number 2825.

    • The reason the Ricardos and the Mertzes sailed to Europe was because American Export Lines paid Desilu Productions $12,000 to be put toward set building costs. They donated uniforms, deck chairs, and life preserves to give the set a more authentic feel.

    • When Lucy gets excited and curious about her going to Europe, she asks twice "how much will it be" but she mis-spoke the line both times.

    • Song: "Forever Darling"

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