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  • Brian Unger: (on The Odd Couple) Having the last name Unger created a lot of hell for me and my brothers. People would relentlessly call us Felix until my brother beat the s**t out of someone with a bat, and no one ever called us Felix again.

  • Michael Ian Black: (on wife swapping) There were key parties, where everybody puts their keys in a bowl, and then you win a new car. Right?

  • Bil Dwyer: Even at the age of ten, I was too sophisticated for Hee Haw.

  • Ellen Cleghorne: (on Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.) It was like, "Okay, you got your period. Here's a tampon, don't get it on your clothes. Get out and go to school. End of story, thank you very much."

  • Hal Sparks: (on bell-bottoms) They started out with the best of intentions, "My ankles need more room," and they ended with, "Why am I wearing a skirt from the knee down?"

  • Mark Hoppus: I think [Dirty Harry] cared about the common man, and what he really wanted to do was clean up the streets of San Francisco, and he did that by shooting a lot of people.

  • Brian Unger: (on Deliverance) The tourism industry in the Appalachian region is still recovering from that movie.

  • Announcer: (on Deliverance) Burt Reynolds and Ned Beatty visit a magical land of banjos… and sodomy.

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Trivia (32)

  • Wonders of 1970: the computer mouse, pocket calculator and floppy disk

  • Foxy Ladies: Goldie Hawn, Elizabeth Montgomery, and Jane Fonda Macho Men: Jack Lord, Frank Gifford, and James Brolin

  • Roller Rink Anthem: "American Woman" by Guess Who

  • Roller Rink Anthem: "American Pie" by Don McLean

  • Foxy Ladies: Tina Turner, Candice Bergen, and Jill St. John Macho Men: Sean Connery, Rod Stewart, and James Brown

  • Wonders of 1971: Hamburger Helper, the Egg McMuffin, and Starbucks

  • Wonders of 1972: the hacky sack, frozen yogurt, White Zinfandel and the Atkins diet

  • Foxy Ladies: Barbi Benton, Nadia Comaneci, and Gloria Steinem Macho Men: Bob Griese, Steve McQueen, and Bobby Fischer

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