iGot Detention

Season 1, Ep 19, Aired 3/22/08
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  • Episode Description
  • Carly's show's 50th airing is coming up but Sam gets detention. Carly and Freddie do bad things to get in detention to shoot the show from there. Meanwhile, Spencer drops his phone into a large coffee cup built by him.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Miranda Cosgrove

    Carly Shay

  • Jennette McCurdy

    Sam Puckett

  • Jerry Trainor

    Spencer Shay

  • Nathan Kress

    Freddie Benson

  • Tim Russ

    Principal Franklin

  • Fan Reviews (22)
  • Another fun episode!

    By hobieparnell23, May 01, 2012

  • iGot Detention- ehh Fair

    By SammyMaltese, Jan 18, 2012

  • ok

    By mnman, Oct 10, 2011

  • Mediocre

    By baskok, Mar 03, 2011

  • 50 is the new 25!

    By GeorgeJobson, Jul 15, 2010

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (32)

    • (on the iCarly webcast) Carly: Okay! We're just about done! Sam: I'm Sam! Carly: I'm Carly! Principal Franklin: And I'm Ted!

    • Carly: What are you doing here? Principal Franklin: Well, I was at home, watching the iCarly Fiftieth Web Show Spectacular. Congratulations, by the way, my kids and I love your show. Carly: Wow! Sam: Awesome! Principal Franklin: While I was watching, I heard Mr. Howard call me a weak, spineless fool. Mr. Howard: No! No, no, no! I-I said, sweet, stylish...cool!

    • Mr. Howard: You're all really in trouble now! I am talking suspension! I am talking expulsion! Deportation! And you can all start with five hundred push-ups! (Principal Franklin walks into the room) I don't care what Principal Franklin has to say about it! Principal Franklin: You don't? Mr. Howard: No! I- (turns around) Oh! Oh dear! Prin-Principal...(laughs nervously)

    • Mr. Howard: (walking into the classroom) HA! A video camera, turtles, burritos? What is going on in here?! Carly: (meekly) The iCarly Fiftieth Web Show Spectacular. (Sam presses audience screaming button)

    • Carly: (talking to the cap cam) Just hang on. Freddie has a way to get rid of Mr. Howard. Mr. Howard: Hey, no talking to that boy's hat!

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    Notes (3)

    • The Duration of this episode is '23:36.'

    • This is the first appearance of Mr. Howard.

    • This episode contains the second appearance of Rip-Off Rodney.

    Trivia (9)

    • When Carly, Sam, Freddie and Spencer are in the the giant coffee cup, you can tell that there is actually no coffee in there, because when everyone dunks their cups in and brings them back up, no coffee is dripping from the sides of the cup or is spilling out when they constantly wave them around.

    • In this episode they celebrate iCarly's 50th webshow, But in the pilot they say they will air a show every week, so if they did do one episode a week then that means they have been doing iCarly for nearly a year.

    • Carly says that there are three minutes left of school and the dismissal bell rings about only one minute afterward.

    • If Carly got detention by slamming her locker door, Freddie could have simply slammed another locker door and gotten detention before school ended.

    • The principal tells Mr. Howard that he heard him say "weak, spineless, fool," but he only said "weak, spineless" and fool wasn't added at the end.

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    Allusions (4)

    • Carly and Sam telling Mr. Howard that physical punishments are against detention procedures is a reference is a Washington state law, banning Corporal (Physical) Punishment in state schools. The law was put in place in 1993 by the school board in Washington, where the show takes place.

    • Skybucks Coffee This is an allusion to Starbucks Coffee.

    • pearPhone This is an allusion to the popular phone, the Apple iPhone.

    • Scarlet's Web This is an allusion to the book and movie Charlotte's Web.

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